8 Tips On How To Survive in the Liberal Workspace

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Unfortunately, there is no industry or profession that is safe from cultural Marxism or SJW(Social Justice Warriors) lunatics. It doesn’t have to be your boss who is liberal, it can be just one person who will actually fuck you up for good by reporting you to HR on how you “treat women” or how you are “racist,” etc.

Even if the company CEO is the biggest racist or women hater in the world, he would still have to fire you simply because he puts his professional life before his ideology. If it isn’t like that, he would not be a CEO.

And you already know what kind of risk is attached to having an employee who is just not accepting the liberal doctrine.

Today’s workspaces are built for women. The dynamics are full of fake smiles and backstabbing, and women are simply better at it. Men are certainly catching up since they have no other option than to behave exactly like that.

The picture looks grim; feminism is firmly entrenched, and males are disadvantaged and under the spotlight simply for being men.

Every man should strive to become his own boss and not be dependent on anyone. A masculine man should be self-employed and have a steady income stream. However, most men don’t have this luxury. Most men have to go to job interviews and work for somebody else by following the rules. Unfortunately, the rules are written by feminists and liberals.

That is why this guide is going to help you survive in such an environment.

I had 2 years’ experience sitting in your typical modern western office, so this is my friendly advice to you.

1. Be efficient

Let’s face it, most offices filled with women are everything but efficient. They love to talk about their sex life, about their bosses or how they struggle to keep their diet. And the best part is that everyone in the company knows what they think of each other because they are all gossipers.

Use this to your advantage. Be quiet and get the work done as soon as you can. This is your best bet to actually have some security. No matter what happens, if you do good work, your job is probably safe.

2. Don’t try to date women on your job

To put it simply, don’t shit where you eat. Gaming girls at work bring a lot of risks. In the #MeToo era, simply flirting can cause you a lot of trouble. She can accuse you of sexual harassment very easily. Who do you think people are going to believe? Women can smile and show signals to you, but when you approach they turn into evil witches that want you out of office. Control your urges.

Even if she doesn’t report you and you fuck her, what do you think is going to happen when you want to stop seeing her, or if you want to fuck her college friend? You think that will go without drama? Hell, if she even says the word “rape” you are out of your job for good.

Tread carefully.

3. Never express your political opinion

keep your mouth shut

Those people are retards. They can’t control their emotions and they will bring politics as a topic. They will blame Trump for everything and talk about women rights and other nonsense. Just keep your mouth shut. No one needs to know what you think, discussion at that table won’t change a single thing in the world. Actions matter, not words. And you know well how you will raise your children and who you vote for and what you would do in case there is a civil war, but they don’t need to know any of that.

If you start arguing with them and telling them “what it is,” you are in trouble because now you are a target. Even if you do something as get fir or ripped, they will have their suspicions. Don’t let them poison you with their ideas, but don’t reveal your cards just yet. Now is not the time for that. Just try to change the topic and talk about something else.

4. Don’t use social media accounts

Facebook and Instagram, aside from being timewasting machines, are actually very efficient for digging dirt. In your first week, people at the office are going to ask if you’re on Facebook. Just don’t give it to them. They are not asking so they can be your friends. Females thrive on drama and dirt and they want yours.

Not liking anything controversial isn’t enough, Instagram can show photos of others based on what you liked. Don’t let liking frog memes cost you your monthly paycheck.

5. Do red pill activities outside your work

Lift lift lift, you can't hear this enough at The Red Pill

Acting like a beta at work can have consequences. You can go crazy and you can even forget about the red pill. That is why you always have to remind yourself how reality works, and you have to relief some stress. Lifting is one of the best things that can relieve you from stress and actually make you a better person.

Go swimming, train in the gym, start boxing or maybe write an article that will help, so you don’t become the person you act to be at work. Being a man in your free time keeps you from becoming an office drone and keeps you psychologically healthy.

6. Expect the worst

Even if you follow all of these instructions, you can still be fired. So, have some savings. A minimum of 2 months’ salary should be enough if you lose your job. Keep your resume updated and keep in contact with your references.

Another good thing is to get a certificate in another area, just in case. Let’s say you love to go to the gym. Try to get a certificate to become a personal trainer. It doesn’t have to be something you want to do for the rest of your life, and it’s not the highest paying job, but it’s there if you need it.

7. Educate

Learn as much as you can. Download as many courses as you can about your job on the internet. And then start getting certificates in that niche. Put it up on LinkedIn and show it to your boss. And then, ask if the company itself has some courses that they can pay you for. A lot of companies pay their employees’ course fees, so they can get better at the job. Use this. Use your company as much as you can and don’t be afraid to ask for it. Actually, be persistent.

I can’t tell you how many certificates I got that was paid by my ex-companies. They even pay for the hotel you stay in, so it is also fun. Don’t only think about what you can do for your company, think about what your company can do for you! What to do when there is nothing to learn? Move on.

8. Always be on the lookout for a better job

If you live in the USA, this comes easy. You can change 4 jobs in a year and finally find what you want. And even when you find your perfect job, always ask yourself if you can do better, ask if you can find a job that is maybe closer to you or that pays you higher.

If you read red pill philosophy blogs like this, you probably think the same way I do. 9 to 5 jobs are a means to something better, not the end goal! MBA diploma is not worth it any more. You just pay the bills with it and learn from it until your own business grows enough for you to become a free man.


You have my condolence if you are working in an SJW environment. In this world that’s ruled by globalists, it’s hard to avoid those “politically correct” ideas in use, but nothing is permanent.

I hope these tips can help you stay successful and undercover.


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