About Us


Reborn Masculinity is a blog for heterosexual men, founded by a group of writers. It is for all men that want to become the best versions of themselves and understand gender differences.

The new feminism era is a threat, not only for America but for human kind. Every day, more and more people see how feminism isn’t natural and is even dangerous. Gender roles have switched and our culture has become a feminist culture. Our government has become a feminist government. Media, Hollywood, you name it.

This blog is a wake-up call.

What is our mission?

Bitching about feminists and women won’t help us. The only response to this madness is action. We men were always focusing on how to solve problems. How to take responsibility. That is why we made it this far. The moment we started to relax and blame others was the moment we started to lose.

Becoming the best version of yourself is the only answer.

When you see behind the curtain, you need to swallow the truth. No matter how bitter it is, no matter how mad you become on the society that lied to you, you need to keep going. Understanding sexual dynamics followed by getting in shape, mastering your inner game and becoming successful, is truly the only path for us. We are born to fight, not to find excuses and wait for that “perfect opportunity”.

Our first mission is to wake up every man who starts reading this blog. To make them swallow the truth. The second mission is to help people that already know the truth but are having a tough time exploiting it. Our mission is to let you peek behind the curtain, but it’s entirely up to you to open the door.

We are here to show you that it is okay to be masculine. It is okay to listen to your natural instincts. It is okay to admit to yourself that you have been lied to.
Men in their thirties and forties have discovered that sexual dynamics has changed. Men who are in their twenties are realizing that what their parents taught them, TV and school, is so much different from reality. Nice guys don’t get what they want. Being nice is not paying off.

Mastering the game

Most blogs and YouTube channels try too hard to sound politically correct when they talk about game. They are afraid people will start calling them misogynists. What they don’t understand is that if you are a masculine man that knows what he wants and is going to get that, you are already a threat to all Social Justice Warriors (SJW). And no matter what you do, no matter how much you suck up to them, they will still hate you.

Here, at Reborn Masculinity, we don’t give a damn about their accusations.  We are just focusing on giving the right advice to men – that’s it! That is why our blog is different than most of the others when it comes to mastering the game.

Having good social and seductive skill with women is one of the strongest weapons you can possess. Since feminism is nothing but a sexual strategy (It puts women into the best position they can be to find the best DNA and garner the most resources), we believe that the game is also a sexual strategy, and mixed with red pill knowledge, a very good one.

How do we know what is a good game? Since every person is different, we have more writers so you can choose who suits you best. Discussion on Reborn Masculinity is there to exchange experiences and to define a good sexual strategy. On that path, we will expand our focus to psychology, parenting, and evolution.

This blog is not only useful for getting laid but continuing relationships, raising children and maximizing your own happiness. Defining the strategy outside of just picking up women is a very important factor.


The discussion is necessary for getting closer and closer to objective reality and to see if our beliefs line up with the testable results we can replicate. Success can only be maximized by maximizing your knowledge of the factors surrounding your success. Sleeping and ignoring the evidence that life throws at you will only make you weaker. I am a firm believer that life will throw lessons at you. If you fail to come out of it or to see it, you will face that similar situation again, until you actually learn how to deal with it.

Acknowledging everything no matter how bitter, good or painful it may seem, is important in making decisions that will lead you to become the best version of yourself.