How To Approach Girls During The Day (Top 6 Tips)

Woman dressed in a Serbian way walking down the street during the day

I remember the first time I saw a guy approaching girls during the day, I never thought getting ten numbers from different women would be that easy. Yes, I saw it on YouTube, I saw guys on camera approaching women, talking to them, flirting and ending up getting their number, but you can’t understand it until you see it with your own eyes.

Engaging in a day game is like releasing yourself from the chains of society. Most people don’t even think about possibilities like that. Most men don’t realize that you can approach a hot girl and she will be okay with it. And not only that, you can also date that girl. Most guys turn their head to see her ass when she walks by, but not you. You don’t satisfy yourself only by looking. You have the balls to approach her and do something! That is the freedom every man deserves.

Anyways, here is my advice to you, whether you are on an advanced level or just starting out:

1. Connect with others, find a wingman

I was lucky enough to meet a guy that does day game regularly while I was in high school. Seeing him get a girl’s number on the street blew my mind. He would stop a girl, introduce himself, chat a bit, and either of two things happen, he gets the number, or he doesn’t. He showed me what’s possible, and from then on, I was unstoppable.

You, on the other hand, were probably not as lucky as I was to meet a guy like that. That is why I advise guys that don’t have a lot of experience to connect with men familiar with the game and practice with them. That way, they will see what is possible. I can tell you how it is, someone else might tell you that. You can watch a YouTube video, but it’s different when you see it live. And it’s even better when you do it yourself!

2. Dress nicely

Woman attracted to indifferent man

When it comes to a day game, the first impression is everything. She doesn’t have much time to see what your status is, so why don’t you help her? Dress perfectly well, in your style. I don’t tell people what to wear because everyone has his style, but a nice shirt would be great for a start. Remember, women pay attention to details, so think about buying a new watch or a badass belt.

3. Fear is your main enemy

Most guys don’t have the balls to approach a girl during the day. For 90% of men, the idea of approaching a woman on the street and flirting with her is about as frightening as being expected to defuse a bomb without training. It’s a damn hard thing to do, I get it.

Stopping a girl also brings a lot of social pressure. You are going to worry about what people would say, what people would do, etc. Finding the wingman for this is almost impossible so you will have to do this alone.

And the best part? You will have to fight with this fear every day! It will become more natural if you do this regularly, but the fear never disappears.

That is why this skill can help develop your personality in ways you can’t even imagine. It will make you free from social pressure and help you with your communication, not only with women but with everybody. It will give you tremendous confidence in dealing with people in your job, college or anywhere else.

But first, you need to beat your fear.

4. Social momentum

If you are having a hard time approaching women, you will have to develop a social momentum. You will have to slowly build confidence for that day. There are only two kinds of momentum, the short momentum that represents your momentum for that day (you have to build it again the next day), and long-term momentum which you build for a more extended period.

a) Short momentum

For short momentum, it’s essential how you start your day. Let’s say you go to the grocery store and you see a quiet girl working there. Now, you want to ask her something, but your mind quickly shuts you down with some excuse. You don’t want to sound weird, so you give up.

Start with small victories. If you can’t ask her what you want, how will you be able to stop hot girls who look like models on the street? Every time you want to do something and your mind tells you not to due to social pressure, you have to do it! Why? Because whether you will approach that girl that will pass by you in a few hours or not depends on how you start your day. The battle begins at the start of the day.

That is why it’s vital to talk to everyone you can. Put yourself in that mood until it becomes entirely normal for you.

Pro tip: Try to spend not more than 3 minutes between approaches. I promise you will feel powerful in no time. This is the fastest way to enter the state.

B) Long-term momentum

If you approach girls every day on the street, after a while, it will become normal. No, the fear won’t disappear, it will still be there, but you will learn how to deal with it. You will have to deal with approaching anxiety every day. But once it becomes a habit, things will become easier.

And when you build long-term momentum by approaching girls every single day, your success rate will skyrocket!

5. Don’t overthink rejections

We all get rejected. The difference between winners and losers in day game is that losers usually after rejection think something like this:

“She rejected me because I’m short.” “Sorority girls are sluts anyway.” “She thinks she is the queen of England, I hate girls like her.”

Winners think like this:

“It’s a good thing that I approached her, I’m getting rid of my ego, I’m building momentum.” And then winners approach another girl.

Learn the differences between these two mindsets and you will be okay.

6. Pay attention to her

You should focus on the girl so much that you can notice every little detail. You should know if she smiled, touched her hair or maybe made a step backward.

Obviously, if she takes a step backward, that means you should slow down. If she is all happy and giggly, you should proceed and try to escalate. It’s as simple as that. Just make sure to slow down when you need to, and don’t wait an eternity to try to touch or even kiss her.


Day game is the best way to meet women, but it is the hardest. You will get rejected a lot, and you will have bad days. Nightclubs are so much easier, but you won’t progress as much. Night game won’t be that hard, and you will not have that much pressure like when you approach women during the day. Have it in mind that pressure is a great thing to conquer, when you overcome your fears during the day you’re doing yourself a favor. Talking to a lot of strangers will boost your confidence in almost every sphere of your life, it will change your life from the core.


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