How to beat laziness and lack of self discipline

Clock that represents the time we wasted because we don't have self discipline


There are brakes only in your head. When you really want something, you will always find a way to do it.


Laziness, lack of self-discipline, those are not brakes, you simply don’t want that hard enough and then you find excuses to not execute. When you find something you really want, you won’t  be having those problems. Every time you say that you will do something tomorrow, you need to reconsider do you really want that. I always ask those ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ guys this: “ If a really hot chick calls you right now, and say that she wants to have sex with you as soon as possible, would you tell her: Nah, let’s do it tomorrow?”

It’s not the same in a sense of instant gratification. It takes time for you to build something worth. But my point is that you need to be passionate about that change in your life. And telling yourself ‘Il start tomorrow’ is like saying ‘I am not passionate enough for this to do now, let’s try tomorrow’.

There is also another stuff that gets in your way, you need to cut off all things that are standing in your way. Do whatever it takes. But remember, passion is one thing without you can’t succeed. Passion will guide you to have self-discipline and motivation.

There are a lot of lazy people coming here that aren’t satisfied with their game, social life, looks, money, life in general. If you are not happy with your life, change it. “Just do it”

Change it radically, throw yourself into a fire, test yourself, see what you are made of.

Start from the beginning, save some money, pack one bag and change places, people, friends. Get out of the box.

For a man to start using his potential, he needs to be pushed from the comfort of everyday life. A lot of times it happens circumstantially, a big accident in one moment changed their life drastically, and for the rest of guys, they just need to push themselves away from a life that actually becomes one big habit.

A man works best when he is under big pressure, fighting to survive. That’s when he finds out from what he is made of and who he is.

Want to know what is at the root of all concerns, fears?

Fear of death.


Modern society is built that way so we are protected from death. We drink, smoke, buy, sell, plan, invest, go out, full around like we are going to live forever. We won’t. Every one of us knows he is going to die.

But how many actually understand that, how many of us are actually aware that the most valuable thing that we possess is time? Very few. Most people wait for some magical thing to happen, they think that “everything is going to be ok” and before they know it, they are old and hypnotized by a daytime TV.

This post is not about negativity, depression, stress and stuff like that. This is about reality, about raising awareness. We didn’t get this life, we borrowed it for a certain number of years, and no one knows when we’ll need to get it back. No one knows what’s after this.

And when a man becomes fully aware that he won’t live forever, then he gets a feeling of urgency, will power, strength, self-discipline, to use his time the best way he can. Then, there are no brakes, fear, reconsidering, retreat, hesitancy. Then you start to live.

There is one great philosophy called stoicism, they think that at the root of all human problems is fear of death. To truly live, you need to die first.

If you are lazy, go test yourself for HIV. Smell death in the air, go see the people diagnosed with cancer. Watch old people. You will value more your life and time.

We all have limited time and a person that understands that doesn’t have a problem with motivation or laziness. That person is alive. There are so many examples of people that after near-death experience did great things.

So the first thing you need to do if you lack self-discipline, feel depressed, not motivated enough, or if you simply value your own life, is to start measuring the time for everything you do, and stop wasting any more days, hours, minutes, seconds on stupid things.

You should experience outstanding accomplishments, you should achieve your goals. And that, my friend, can only be done with time management.



  1. Great article, I laughed at that part when you talk about a hot chick calling you for a blowjob. Keep writing man, I enjoy this blog.

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