Top 7 Benefits of Public Speaking

microphone in front of large audience. someone is ready to give a public speach

Public speaking is an art! Whether you are just starting to speak in front of a group of 10 people or you’re an established speaker, you will always have ways to do it differently, ways to change your style and bring some new energy.

While being an extremely fun and challenging thing to do, it also has multiple benefits. All of these benefits can help you in other areas of your life, business, picking up girls, self-confidence in general, etc.

So, let’s see what kind of benefits you get by engaging in public speech.

1. It Beats Fear

Let’s admit it, public speaking is terrifying. It makes people freeze, the fear is so strong some people pass out. Now, a lot of people would rather go to the dentist for 15 straight hours without pain relief than do some public speaking. No matter the survey, people have ranked fear of public speaking as number 1, or close. Some people say that this type of fear goes toe to toe with the fear of death, and I agree, it is one of the most powerful fears I’ve ever encountered.

What we are really afraid is the loss of status, we think that we are going to fail, and people will not only laugh at us but maybe start booing and throwing stuff at us. If that happened 1000 or more years ago it would be a very bad sign, it would probably mean that our life would be in great danger, that’s why our subconscious is so afraid of standing in front of a large group of people and speaking up.

But, who are we if we don’t face our fears? I’ve always believed that the fastest way to self-development is to beat your strongest fears. If you are afraid of heights, force yourself to bungee jump, if you are afraid of being hit, start boxing, if you are afraid of approaching women on the street, do exactly that, approach women, etc.

Beating this big giant fear of public speaking will give you the power to beat smaller fears. You will stop caring what other people think, you will stop caring if you said something wrong to someone, you will stop caring if someone is going to attack you based on what you said. All of these subconscious fears are going to disappear when you do public speaking.

And yes, it will change your life, you will be freer to approach women and speak to other people in general.

2. Builds Up Charisma

Your charisma will go up. You will get the chance to influence people and get their loyalty. You will learn a lot about psychology and mass following. Who are the best speakers in the world? Politicians and cult leaders.

Since your job is not only to show up and say something but to bring some energy and be fun, you will develop your own style and charisma. This will improve your game. And if you need help on this, try watching Anthony Robins or that movie “Fight Club.”

3. You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Say

Public speakers can talk for hours and hours without running out of things to say. And there you are, afraid of approaching women because you don’t know what to say.

Guess what, public speakers also don’t know what to say. They do have points and stories that they planned to tell, but once that is over they are fully making things up. And it’s working. Why? Because when your brain is not afraid, it naturally gives you ideas of things to talk about and keep the conversation going.

When you freeze out of fear, your brain simply is too busy thinking what is going to happen that it won’t be able to present you new ideas.

4. Public Speaking Transfers Energy

Like we said before, you need to be interesting and fun if you want to be a good public speaker. Every good public speaker has a sense of humor, and a very good public speaker knows how to keep attention on him. It’s his job, to be fun and not boring.

How do they do that? Well, first of all, they say a lot of fun and interesting stuff, even if they don’t have anything interesting to say, they still make boring stuff interesting. They speak with so much energy it amazes me. They speak about ordinary stuff with the same energy other people would speak if they saw aliens.

How can this help you with girls?

It can help you tremendously.

It’s not what you say but how you say it – have you ever heard this line? You can tell her a story about how you ate a very big burger and speak about it with such passion she will get attracted to you, attracted to the way you speak. Pimps realized this a long time ago. So, they have a “technique” called a million-dollar mouthpiece. They figured out you can divorce the emotion from the content. In other words, you can talk about anything, but as long as you present it to be cool, and have that strong emotion, she is going to feel good about it.

Public speakers need to transfer emotion to the people watching, it’s not an easy job and it takes practice, but once you master this, your game results will skyrocket, I can promise you that.

5. Fast Thinking

When you practice public speaking, there will be times when the audience will challenge you. They will challenge you with a difficult question, with a negative attitude or simply by throwing some stupid comments. Your ability to think fast and find the right answer is crucial.

And you will develop that, no doubt. Your adrenaline and fear will force your brain to come up with a strong response to those who try to put you down publicly. This is also helpful when you get in situations similar to this.

6. Become a Leader

A man standing on rock feeling freedom

Leading interactions will become an easy and natural thing to do when you are in a group. You will dominate and lead the whole group. It’s easy to set yourself as the leader of the group when you are not afraid to speak your mind and when you have developed charisma due to public speaking.

7. Public Speaking Develops your Speaking Subtext

When you are speaking publicly you have to be loud. You have to “speak up” as they say. This means that you will naturally work on your voice. The deeper your voice the better it will be. If you come out timid and shy you won’t impress anyone. That is why you have to work on not only what you say but how you say it. Working on your posture also helps but being louder will make you sound better. Too many people are not using the full potential of their voice.


Fear of public speaking is one of the strongest fears a man can have. Beating and conquering this fear or becoming a good storyteller can be beneficial to you in many ways. It gets you out of your comfort zone and makes it easy for you to lead interactions and speak up.

It can also help you out with your confidence in social interactions which means that you will get better at job interviews, dating women or simply making new friends which are all important for your social life.

Public speaking is an art and it’s not as easy as it seems. Everyone should work on beating that fear of speaking in front of large groups and social pressure. After you beat those fears, approaching a woman on the street will be a piece of cake for you.


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