How to Dance at a Nightclub

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One of the few things I remember within my first years of going out to nightclubs is that the dance podium was my temple, but I didn’t know how to dance at a nightclub. I love music and enjoyed listening to a rhythm and I didn’t have to talk with girls which was a big plus for that kind of game back then.

Most guys when they get drunk enough, they would just chill until the perfect opportunity arises and to try to grind girls hoping they will get a kiss or get laid. Now, if grinding is your thing I don’t have anything against it. The problem is when you think that you are a decent dancer when you act ‘cool’ at a nightclub and that every girl will find you attractive because of that. I was in that mindset also. I thought that acting all cool would help me get girls. It worked sometimes, but very rarely.

Unfortunately, I notice so many men standing close to a group of women looking like they just went out of prison. Without a smile and strongly focused on their moves.

Maybe all that media propaganda pointing to  “white people can’t dance” have fucked up with guys minds. Like only black folks have a sense of rhythm. I saw a lot of white guys trying to dance like black folks just to impress the girl. So sad.

The best thing people that don’t have much experience in dancing can do is to accept the fact that they suck and use it as their weapon.

If dancing is just not your think and you want to get laid in Nightclub without is, check this guide out.

Step one, act simple and ridiculous – the more silly the better

Just don’t think about your dance moves and use the dance podium in a nightclub to have fun and laugh. Try every stupid cliché dance there is (the cha cha, the can-can, the robot, the teapot) and just be self-amusing. Just be careless.

You can read some advice that you shouldn’t look stupid because it would drive women off. But that dance actually shows a lack of neediness and strong confidence. It shows that you don’t care what others think. Girls will just start to laugh with you and imitate your moves. The approach would be easier just because of that.

Find a wingman to dance at a nightclub with

This is an obvious one. It’s definitely easier to dance with somebody than all by yourself. It’s just more comfortable your group are in dance monkey mode together. When girls look that all of you dance stupidly they might be more confident to “join the party”. Having a great time with your friends is a huge demonstration of a high value. It represents feeling good in your own skin and women wants to “steal” some of that emotion and attention that everyone is giving to you.

Escalate like there is no tomorrow
Girls waiting to get picked up

Girls don’t care, they just want to have fun. They are desperately looking for an out, out from their miserably pathetic job life, where they slave away selling t-shirts at Nordstrom rack. She would do anything to escape her boring life even for a few hours and get a dose of sexy masculine excitement.

Your number one task when you go out should be to have the most fun in the club. Laugh, dance, relax. Stop thinking if you are going to score that night.  Most girls are boring, that’s why you are the one responsible for making a good atmosphere. Have a party with your friends, joke around. Try to include women into the equation even if that means making fun of them or being a little mean. The best pickup line is when you go to a girl, grab her, smile and take her to the dance floor like a boss. Bring life to her, make her feel excited around you and miserable when you are gone.

This is not easy because your focus should not be to have fun because it’s attractive. Your focus should be to feel good. Don’t try to look fun, just let go. And then when you feel good you can approach and lead. The best nights are not when you think it’s going to be good. Best nights happen when you hesitate at first because you think it’s going to be boring.


Now you know how to dance at a nightclub. Learn more about club game here.


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