Fast Escalation Is Attractive

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I see a lot of newbies struggle with this. They don’t understand how escalation works, so they waste time. For me, if I spend more than 10 minutes talking with a girl it usually ends with a kiss at least. I open my cards very early so if a girl isn’t interested she will show it and I’ll just stop wasting my time on her. If I put my hand on her shoulder after 10 minutes and she put my hand away, I might try one more time later and then either she will leave because she doesn’t feel comfortable or I will leave to go approach another girl.

So my first advice is – stop wasting time

Girls are mostly time wasters. You will meet her, talk, have fun, laugh but most girls just want to have a great time and use you for that. If you are not attractive to her she won’t just say it, she will pretend to be interested just so you stand next to her and peak her emotional state.
Luckily, I found a solution for those women – fast escalation!


The approach

Approaching women sucks, I agree. Every night you have to beat the fear and laziness inside you to approach. Especially in night clubs. Everyone hates it, but it’s something you have to do if you want that girl. First few approaches are really a pain in the ass, 4th and 5th are easier and the rest is actually fun. The problem is that tomorrow you start from 0 again. Approaching girls is not the topic of this post so I will just say this: The whole point of this step is just to approach. How you will approach is not even important.

Being physical with girls
Touching hands

Let’s say you approached a girl and you started talking. Good. Now, you need to escalate. Remember, fast escalation is attractive. It means “I am confident enough to try to escalate fast because I know I am attractive”. It also means that you know what you want and aren’t afraid to get it which is extremely attractive. Fast escalation is king.

Escalation is a point where you find out if she is just a time waster or actually interested in you. Lay your hand on her shoulder or on the lower part of her back. Remove it quickly. Wait to see how she responds. If she responds in a negative way, to try again later. I also have a habit of taking her hand. If she pulls her hand from me, I try again later and if she rejects me again, I just go to some other girl. The hand test is magical. Physical rejection is not actually a rejection. She didn’t verbalize it so your ego should be fine. She just pulled her hand back, that’s all. If she doesn’t pull her hand back it’s time for the next step.

The kiss

If you are waiting for that ideal moment to go for the kiss, you have just watched too many Hollywood movies. She is already reacting well to you being physical. I usually take her hand, stare at her and say something funny or even ridiculous. It’s enough to say “hey”. Or you can go further and say “I’ve never made out with a Lawyer before”. Now, if a girl wants to kiss you, you can say whatever BS you want. If she doesn’t, there is no way you will convince her.

A kiss is just the result of enough sexual tension. The newbie makes the mistake of leaning in for a kiss without building any tension. Tension is building through eye contact, touching or talking about sexual things.

Once you’ve kissed her, it’s time to take her home. Now, the key here is to give her an excuse to come to your place so she doesn’t feel like a slut. Ask her to come to your place for “afterparty” or tell her that you want to show her city sight from your balcony. Whatever you lie or say she will know it’s a lie and just an excuse to come with you for a good sex. It’s really easy as that. Be persistent about pulling, I can’t count how many times I scored just because I was persistent.

Pro tip: Fast escalation is attractive, however I wrote about one trick to increase your attraction here.

That would be it. Good luck.


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