How To Fight Boredom And Depression

Fight boredom or it will kill you


Motivation is bullshit.


I mean, not those motivational speeches, or videos, they are great. But that whole story about motivation, wanting to get the best you can or not, depression… Should those conversations even take place today? Sometimes I ask myself if the motivation was a subject of conversations 1000 years ago? People were highly intelligent at that time, 1000 years is a small period for some bigger evolution.

The thing is that people today are intoxicated with one of the biggest diseases – boredom.

The only empire in human history that was infected by this disease was Roman Empire in his greatest rise: they had everything, people had their slaves to work, everything was about bread and circuses. They got lazy, bored and of course they weren’t ready for barbarians like that, so they collapsed.

Boredom is available to the masses just in the last few decades. People in past centuries were working for 14, 16 hours a day, and the remaining time was for sleeping or taking care of family. Only short circle of man knew about boredom, nobles, and kings. Today, she is spread wide since there is no need to work that much, life is much easier, people have more time that they don’t know what to do with it.

On the other hand, there is more fun now than any time in human history. Let’s be real, when did humankind have so many options to distract themselves from problems and keep their thoughts busy with movies, music, video games, TV, sports, manifestations… And that is exactly what fucked us.

This is what I am talking about: I remember we all played Tetris when it came up. That was real chaos, everyone went crazy for that. Then something better came up, funnier, better. Then something even better. And so on to the eternity. Now, here is the problem with that… A brain that is infected with boredom can’t get back to Tetris, to the first shape of fun. It will always look for something better, stronger, something with more adrenaline, more fun. A true addiction.

Same thing with lifestyle. Besides MTV with perfect people and similar bullshits that media serve us, we all want to be surrounded by hot chicks, a lot of money, houses with pool and great parties. That’s why I stopped watching TV 4 years ago because it’s poison to the human brain. You lose a sense of what’s real and what they say it’s real. They sell you stories that everyone can be whatever he wants, and we are swallowing all that, which brings them money. Everywhere you look you can find movies about ‘From Zero to Hero’ and they are convincing you that it’s destiny for all of us.

fight club quote about purpose

It’s all built that way that you think it’s possible to come to success easy, overnight. That’s intentionally like that because that way they can sell more things to us. (Just pay attention around yourself, and you will see what I am talking about.)

And then when you get back to your everyday life, it’s normal to at first feel disappointed and later feel apathy.

Fight boredom by finding the purpose


You are looking for pleasures in small things, like a good movie, alcohol, average porn, while not knowing that by that little pleasure you are closing doors to something bigger, to your life purpose. Because, if you would focus on something real and cut off all small pleasures, everything would change. For example, you focus on building paper airplanes. It would become boring after one hour. But, if you were persisted and continue to do it, after a few days you would see a lot of options to make different planes, with so many levels you never dreamed of. In time you won’t even look at that as work, but pleasure. The work itself would be a reward. Then there wouldn’t be any depression or apathy.

Of course, paper planes are only an example.

Who want to succeed, he will. Who doesn’t, he will find an excuse. We can’t all be successful, only a small percent of us. But it depends on us who will get in that percent.




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