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I’m on my way to help you explore one of Italy’s most famous city delights. I presume it’s impossible to wander the land of fashion, leather, and government-funded orgies without having sexy thoughts. That’s why I will lead you on the right track of how to get laid in Florence.

As some of you may already know, Italy’s a country of aphrodisiacs: Your idol Casanova himself got appetent on dark chocolate before taking his prize. Whatever you’re preferring – be it dark coffee, truffles, Chianti, oysters or salami – chances are, it will get you in the mood for loving. 

Today, Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. In the past, Florence was one of the wealthiest cities in the era of medieval Europe.

It was the birthplace of the Renaissance and is still making a huge influence in the fields of art and culture. Besides that, Florence plays a very important role when it comes to Italian fashion: As a matter of fact, it is ranked in the top 15 fashion capitals of the world. This means that you will have to pay attention to your dressing style.

This extraordinary city attracts millions of tourists each year with its culture, monuments, architecture, Renaissance art, numerous museums, and art galleries. These are some good news if you are into those freak kinky artsy girls. They will be everywhere around you.

Florence Girls

Florence girls posing for picture

Women in Italy have always been considered beautiful. Their beauty standards revolve around them genuinely taking care of themselves by nurturing their hair and skin, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet thus enhancing their natural beauty. In other words, they care about their body.

With the curvy figure an average height of 5’5, Italian women are setting a standard for European beauty since they are considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Regarding all that, you can expect Florence girls to look especially good. Since they live in the fashion capital, they’re all extremely active since it takes physical activity to maintain the high status of sexiness and irresistibility. 

Florence women, just like Serbian women, are pleasant to foreigners since they have a genuinely good nature. Even though, they are not the most open ones when it comes to flirting: Most of them are shy and scared due to social norms. They can be pretty closed at first so things should be taken slow when getting to know each other.

But like in Cinderella, only in reverse, things change for better when the twelfth bell rings: As soon as night comes girls in Florence let their wild side out: they are pretty much party animals and they enjoy all the things that night brings them. If you are good at the club game, this city is definitely worth visiting.

How To Get Laid In Florence

Girls in Florence usually stay single for longer, and divorce on a whim. You could say that the fashion culture is partly responsible for the phenomena since it’s making the women much more “independent” than they would otherwise be. 

This makes a perfect opening for you if you’re looking for quick fun since their way of life is partially infected by feminism.

Of course, even if they consider themselves independent, they expect you to pay the bill. Make sure you stack up some cash even if you are just looking to hook up. 

If you want to smitten girls in Florence fast, you need to be persistent enough to take her bitch shield off. They want to look like ladies. Which is a perfect chance for you to try to use the old saying – “Treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady.”

Your chances as an American are quite good since girls suppose you have more wealth and class than their locals. 


Even while they’re just grabbing a cappuccino or going for a jog, Italians look good. In a country of people who take good care of their appearances, morning-after hair and hoodies are not a good choice while gaming. Girls in Florence love well-groomed, fashionable men.

Nightlife in Florence 

As we already pointed out, girls in Florence may play hard to get during the day, but they relax as the night falls. Offering a hot atmosphere accompanied by exotic loud music with good looking and fun people in the mix, nightlife in Florence is everything you could ask for. Overall atmosphere makes the chances of hooking up at nighttime extremely high, especially for those who look good and dress up well.

Since drinks at the club can be expensive locals usually drink together at a bar first, and then continue the party at a night club. It is a good idea to follow in their footsteps since you can meet a girl at a bar, take her to the club for a dance, and later to your place to get laid. As for picking a place to stay in Florence, AirBnb is one of the budget-friendly solutions, since most girls don’t frown upon going home with guys that are staying in one.

Best nightclubs to get laid in Florence

First on the list is the famous Tenax. Locals consider it to be the most popular club in Florence. One thing makes this club stand out from others in the city, and it’s the quality of music. This makes it a bit more expensive place to party at compared to some of the other clubs in the city, but the good time you shall have there is definitely worth it. You’ll be able to meet many locals who are looking to party, as well as sexy young ladies who are interested in meeting new people.

The next one is YAB, proudly bearing the title of Florence’s most glamorous club. Compared to other clubs YAB has a dress code: They want to make sure that their guests have a good time while looking good. Wearing stylish clothes can significantly boost your chances with girls in Florence. If you find it worth the effort you are heading for success by going for a night out at this place. 

The last one is Space Electronic and it provides exactly what its name says: A dark dance floor and loud electronic music. This is a great place to find a young energetic girl, probably a college student, who is willing to experiment, and maybe try some new things with you.

Picking up girls during the daytime

People on Florence Street during a day

The daytime game in Florence is pretty good since women are used to men hitting on them all the time. They usually value that confidence and take it well. It is better to know in advance what to say and talk about as girls in Florence are not the most open ones at the beginning.

The cheesy trick of having a relaxed approach while pretending to be a lost tourist actually works. If you make a good first impression, she might even offer to be your guide. 

Italian women are usually very concerned about what others think of them. This is why you will have a tough time kissing her in public or in front of her friends. But make no mistake, as soon as you end up alone, start being as physical as you can. Look her in the eye and grab her hand. If the reaction is not negative, continue with that.

You will be amazed at how easy they are when you manage to isolate her.

Some of the good places to meet girls in Florence during the day are:

Centro Commerciale San Donato – a newly built neighborhood just outside the city center where most college students come to shop and study;

Gavinana Commercial Center – a shopping district with two squares and trendy shopping malls; and the University of Florence.

Risks while Gaming

Besides several angry beta boyfriends, you aren’t going to face many risks while gaming in Florence. 

This beautiful city has so much to offer: from breath-taking sights to beautiful women that may leave you breathless – if you get lucky that is. Play smart and enjoy all the delights.

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