How to Slay Young Girls in your 50s

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No one has ever beat time, we are all going to die and we can’t stop the aging process. We have all accepted that, or at least we think we have. So, you are going to get into your 50s, and that day is closer than you think.

Now, most people have that “why to bother” mentality. Why would you avoid small pleasures for something that isn’t certain like health? Yes, you can have a perfect diet and still get cancer and die. It’s possible and you have no guarantees. But you don’t have guarantees about anything in life. Nothing is certain except death, life will surprise you a lot of times.

For me, “why bother” is a loser mentality. It’s a selfish mindset. You want to eat and drink crap just so you can feel better at that moment, not thinking about yourself 20 or 30 years from now. It’s selfish and stupid as fuck.

You choose whether you are going to be a fat, broke loser that’s divorced, in bad shape and who can’t get laid or if you are going to be a boss in your 50s and slay girls that are 20 years old. Yes, it’s possible. We live in today’s world where girls aren’t ashamed of dating guys 30 years older than they are. Feminists try to shame them, but liberals and globalists have created a world where everything is allowed. As you can see, it also has a positive side.

The benefits of being healthy and in good shape in your 40s and 50s are multi-dimensional. Not only will you feel more confident and stronger, but you will also be able to pull up girls in their prime (in their 20s) if you know what you are doing.

I could write this post around techniques that suits older men, like negging women for example. But instead I wanted for you to see what do you need to do now in order to look younger in your 50s? It’s definitely possible, many guys proved it and I will tell you how they did it. Let’s get into it.

1. Stop Doing Stupid Things

Stop doing drugs and drinking. Seriously, nothing ages you more than drugs or alcohol. It’s not only that you will be unhealthier but people that do drugs look like crap when they get to a certain age. Even if they get face operation, even if they are millionaires, like actors for example, they still look like crap if they do drugs.

This is your worst enemy if you want to be healthy and in good shape when you get older. And on top of everything, it costs you money.

2. Diet

There are so many theories about diet. Whether fasting is good or not, whether you should eat carbs, etc. The best way to know what to eat is to test it. Stop eating carbs for one month. How do you feel? Still feeling like shit? Well, maybe carbs were not the problem.

But, it’s more about what you shouldn’t eat than what you should eat. Stop eating pizza and fast food. Seriously, stop it. Don’t grab a snack of pizza or chips and stuff like that.

One thing that has been proven to slow down the aging process is fruit. Eat a lot of fruits every day. And I mean a lot of it! They give you energy and vitamins you need to have.

You can try different diets but remember to take a lot of fruits every day. Only that will help you tremendously to feel better and look better when you get older.

3. Exercise
Lift lift lift, you can't hear this enough at The Red Pill

We all know exercise is good for your health overall. But, when it comes to anti-aging, high-intensity interval training is the best. Hearth pounding exercise. The problem with doing stuff like aerobics, especially long-distance running like marathons and ultramarathons, is that a lot of those guys end up looking prematurely old, aging themselves.

Instead, what you want to do is something really vigorous, and there are many kinds of exercises but one I’ll suggest to you today is doing some kind of sprinting and not just a little jogging but sprinting up hills. Any chance you get – run as fast as you can and what happens is if you do this properly, you can release up to 500% more human growth hormone into your body which will help you look younger and slimmer.

4. Joga

Do you know how old Jared Leto is?

He was born in 1971, so that makes him 46 years old. You and I probably aren’t going to look like this in our late 40s, not even close to being fair, but we can see what this guy is doing and try to do the same shit. Now, in one interview he said that all he is doing is Joga and a lot of sleep. Maybe he doesn’t want to reveal his secret, but he is doing Joga for sure and it’s definitely helping him.

The problem with this is that there are a lot of yoga things. It takes time to research all that. But I won’t give you any recommendation since what works for me may not work for you. Start with some beginner guide to this and see how you feel after 2 or 3 weeks.

However, one thing I can recommend is face yoga. Strengthen your facial muscles so you can look younger when the time comes. I do it in the morning, and it helps me start a day fully energized.

5. Sleep

simple hammock

Yes, sleep is very important. It’s another thing Jerad Leto mentioned. Getting enough sleep is imperative to stress-reduction—key in minimizing the appearance of pesky lines and wrinkles. And there are plenty of beauty products on the market today lulling you into a more restorative and restful sleep.

One thing that helps me is that I don’t let a single spark of light enter my room while I sleep. Since then I have more quality sleep than ever before. It’s really crucial to rest every day. Not even making money is worth losing your health. So, forget about that stuff some gurus propose, like doing only 4 hours a day. Why would you spend 16hours a day working for money that you are going to give to doctors? It doesn’t make any sense to me.


6. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Do you know that Japanese people hold an umbrella to protect them from the sun? In Japanese culture, having pale skin is attractive and considered high status. No wonder Asians always look 10 years younger than us.

The sun reduces skin elasticity and causes a person to age prematurely. It can also damage and kill skin cells. If you are exposed to the sun too much your skin gets dry and that’s how wrinkles appear.

Start treating your skin the way it deserves. Protect it, protect your own body from damage. Wear sunglasses, that is my first advice. Even if the sun is not very strong, wear them. People think they look like assholes in them, but should you really care what others think? For you, it’s not about fashion but about health and good looks.

Another method to protect yourself is to use sunscreen. You can find everything from tinted and oil-free to anti-aging and even natural formulas to work for each individual, so be sure to choose the one that will work with your skin type, concerns and tone. I use completely natural ones, but if you are spending a lot of time in the sun, you should consider a mix of mineral and chemical sunscreen for your face. There are lots of brands out there, read ingredients and don’t be cheap or lazy on this.

7. Do Cold Showers

shower head

We all know the benefits of a cold shower. It makes your day easier to start, it makes your body used to stress and shock and your immune system stronger. I could give you the benefits of a cold shower for days, but did you know it’s a great anti-aging technique? The main mechanism by which cold fights skin and overall body aging is the boost in circulation, which ultimately results in a boost in cell metabolism and detoxification.

It also increases brown fat cells. The brown fat cells, which have a dense concentration of mitochondria, are one of the key elements in the determination of the aging process in human beings. A greater percentage of brown fat cells lead to youthfulness while a decrease in the same causes aging.

Oh, and did you try to sleep after a cold shower? I know, it doesn’t make sense that you would sleep well after stress. But, every time I took a cold shower before bed, I slept like a baby.

Even if you are not into cold showers, whatever you do, don’t put hot water on your face. Avoid hot water on your face every time you take a shower. It’s very damaging to skin cells and causes inflammation.


8. Using Anti-Age Skin Products


Now, this is a tricky one. One important thing to note: DON’T USE ANTI-AGE CREAMS IN YOUR 20s.

Actually, don’t even use it before 35. They can only damage your skin. They are mostly scams anyway. If you choose to use one, use some completely natural skin cream. But you if you follow rules in this guide, you really would not need it at all.


9. Water


The number one thing that gets your skin looking older is dehydration. Your skin cells need water to be elastic. This is why you should drink a lot of water, and also wash your face every day for a few times.

It may sound stupid but drinking a lot of water makes your body healthy and energized. There are some pH 8.8 waters, which are great since most of our food has low pH so when we drink water with high pH we get that balance we actually need.

10. No Stress

relax and prevent stress

Let me ask you guys that worked in big companies, did you ever see a system administrator looking good for his age? Very rarely. Why? Because it’s a fucking stressful job. Whenever the system crashes, for whatever reason, it’s their fault.

And they better learn how to fix it in short notice or they will get fired and another guy will come that knows how to fix it. They also get grey very fast. It’s same for police officers or people that went to war. People get back from war looking 10 years older.

Each chromosome is like a DNA library with two protective caps on the end known as telomeres. As telomeres become shorter, their structural integrity weakens, which causes cells to age faster and die younger.

This study shows that stress management can lengthen telomeres, which actually means that stress is one hell of an aging factor.

The best way to deal with stress? Mindfulness meditation. Meditate in a way to “empty your brain.” Think nothing but your breathing. This is the only way meditation should be. Empty your mind and focus solely on breathing. A study reveals how meditation causes specific molecular changes in the body. It is the first time scientists actually proved that there is a deep change in our system when we practice mindfulness meditation.

Depression also makes you age, so tend to socialize a lot. Never stay isolated for too long if you want to be healthy and live longer.


Whatever success you are having now, whatever amazing things you experience, it’s not going to last if you don’t treat your body and skin the right way. Nothing lasts forever, that is true, but why would you limit yourself. Why would you only get girls and have fun in your 20s or maybe 30s? Why wouldn’t you put some effort and prolong that period of your life to your 50s? We will all get there, and you will ask yourself what on earth were you doing in your 20s and 30s when you catch yourself with a beer in your hand watching football all alone and miserable.

Don’t let your future self be miserable. Don’t let your future self be out of pussy. Be able to get laid even when you get older.

Care about your future self, you owe him a lot. And the effort that you put will return to you multiple times because all those things I mentioned today are good for your health!

We are all going to die, but why can’t you prolong your best years for 2 more decades? Take care of your body and your future self will be grateful to you.


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