15 Best Tips for Getting Laid in Colombia

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As many of you know, there are beautiful women all over the world and plenty of men travel to other countries to meet them and get laid.

Well, Colombia is one of the more popular countries in Latin America and the world for having very hot women.

After all, there are a ton of websites on the subject of dating Colombian women and because of that, this article is going to focus more on day game. So let get started.

If you travel to Colombia, what are some of the best day game tips for getting laid in Colombia?

1. Be Near a Shopping Mall

When it comes to day game in Colombia, you have to understand that a lot of Colombian cities are in a way centered around the shopping malls in the neighborhoods.

For example, when I was living in Barranquilla, I almost always met a woman for a date near the shopping mall.

Same thing in Bogota and Pereira.

For whatever reason, a lot of Colombian women are simply more comfortable starting the date at a shopping mall.

It’s a public space with some security guards and plenty of people around.

All around much safer.

Plus, you can take your woman to a number of areas near a shopping mall such as a nearby café or park for example.

Plenty of them doesn’t even have anything to do. Not shopping or anything. So they might decide to hang out at a shopping mall just because.

So make use of that and do a lot of your day game near the shopping mall.

2. Go Outside Medellin for Best Results

A lot of men that I know that have traveled to Colombia usually go to Medellin to start getting laid with Colombian women.

Here’s the thing though – Medellin is well overplayed when it comes to foreigners.

It is common for Colombian girls in Medellin to assume you are a sex tourist simply because you are a foreigner in Medellin

As many of them have seen the same thing over and over – foreigners coming over just to bang in Medellin and leave.

However, this stereotype is not as strong outside of Medellin.

And keep in mind that the women in places like Cali or Pereira are also incredibly beautiful as well so you can find easier and also very hot women in other cities outside of Medellin.

Bogota city

3. Be Mindful of the Size of City

When you are in Colombia, you need to remember that cities appear to be much smaller than what they actually are.

For example, in a city that has 500,000 people, it’s going to feel like a city of maybe 100,000 to 200,000 people. In a city of 100,000 people, it will feel like a city of 30,000 to 50,000 people.

Why is this?

Well, cities are much smaller in general and people walk everywhere.

So when you start dating in certain cities like Popayán, you have to be careful.

Because while you can get hundreds of numbers and bang plenty of Colombian girls in a city like Barranquilla or Bogota without anyone noticing…

You will get noticed in a city like Popayán because word will get around and women that you already met will spot you with other women much easier.

This means that day game is much more effective in bigger cities.

Personally, I wouldn’t do too much day game in a city that has less than 200,000 people in Colombia.

This basically breaks down into the following cities: Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Soledad, Ibagué, Soacha, Bucaramanga, Villavicencio, Santa Marta and maybe Valledupar.

Anything smaller and you need to be more careful with how many women you are approaching and dating.

4. The “Do you Speak English” Opener

This is a common technique done by foreigners most often in Medellin. Foreigners don’t use it only here, but also when they want to get laid in Ukraine for example.

Basically your opener to women in the street is “do you speak English” and everything else flows from there.

I would not recommend this opener in Medellin as it is already well overplayed. And I imagine that there are already some women in places like Cartagena or Bogota that know about it.

However, outside of those cities, this approach can work and be more effective as there as fewer tourists all around.

5. Speaking in Spanish will be more impressive

Okay, ready for a harsh truth?

Can you score without knowing a word of Spanish? Of course.


If you are going to get laid on a regular basis with Colombian women and do day game, you really need to learn Spanish to a conversational level.

It’s not that difficult – you can learn it in 6 months. We are not talking perfect Spanish here, but you will be able to have a conversation.

Get a textbook and do as much practice listening and talking as possible.

Because if you don’t speak Spanish, your options are much more limited. First, it looks unimpressive to women down here that you didn’t even learn some of her languages before showing up.

Second, the only chicks you can go for are “gringo hunters” and upper-class chicks that learned English in private school. And those chicks tend to be more arrogant in general.

So definitely learn Spanish as it is crucial to having dating success here.

By being able to speak Spanish, she will be much more impressed and find you a lot more intelligent.

6. Direct Game Works better

When approaching a woman here, use more direct game.

In my experience, the direct game is much more respected. Colombian women, just like Bangkok girls, respect a man that can be confident and have the balls to approach a woman in the street like that.

Out of all the day game I have done, I always noticed that indirect game doesn’t work very well.

From the women I have talked to, day game is much more attractive to them and a bigger turn on.

Girl drinking cocktail

7. Get Whatsapp

If you are going to be doing day game in Colombia to get numbers, you need to get Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is basically an app that you can put in your phone to talk with women.

You can call them and do texting without any cost to it as long as you have Wifi. Plus you can share photos and do video calls as well, which helps you be a little more intimate when talking with them afterward.

When you do use Whatsapp to collect numbers, make sure to just tell her to give you your phone number also. As said before, be direct and do not ask for the phone number. Be more confident and have your phone out as you tell her that you will make plans with her later that day or week.

8. Be mindful of Area Codes for both of you

When adding women into your phone, you also need to be mindful of area codes. When using Whatsapp, sometimes I have problems where I cannot find the women on Whatsapp because I didn’t use an area code.

This is especially true if your phone is from the US and you have an American phone number.

So make sure to add her area code in front of the number that she gives you.

Also, giving her your phone number as well can work also. In my experience, Colombian women have less issues finding me on Whatsapp than when I am trying to connect with them on Whatsapp.

9. Go to Non-Touristy Areas

When going to the bigger cities of Colombia like Medellin, Bogota or Cartagena, sometimes it’s a good idea to visit the shopping malls, parks and other public areas that are not at all touristy.

Places in neighborhoods where no foreigners really ever visit.

One of the reasons for this is that your value as a foreigner is even higher in those places. Colombian women will wonder “why is he in this area?”

Just do your research ahead of time though – make sure the place isn’t dangerous and you will be fine.

And by the way, this tip works well if you choose to do day game in Medellin. Women in the non-touristy areas of Medellin are a lot less suspicious of foreigners in general and more open to your approach with their guard more down.

10. How Long Are you Here?

When you approach a Colombian woman and start talking with her, make sure to know how to answer a certain question of hers…

A lot of Colombian women will ask you how long are you in Colombia for.

Now, if you say only a week or two, obviously this backfires against you as she doesn’t see you as someone here long term.

It can also make her suspect that maybe you are a sex tourist if you are in Medellin.

So just say that you don’t know how long you are in Colombia for or that you will be here for a while, at least a couple of months.

11. Why Are You Here?

Additionally, it is common for Colombian women to ask what are you doing in Colombia.

After all, the country still isn’t the most popular when it comes to tourism in Latin America so they will wonder why you chose Colombia to visit.

In this case, you should say that you are working or living in Colombia and that you really enjoy the culture.

This makes it seem like you are more interested in the country, which will be impressive to her, and that you are more of a long term deal.

You shouldn’t go into too much detail though – keep her wondering for more details about you so she is more interested in you and wanting to learn more.

12. Be Flirtatious

Colombian women are much more passionate and they love to flirt in my experience.

So you should flirt with the women here as it does work well for you.

In this case, you should again know some Spanish to at least a conversational level so that you can pull this off well.

Just don’t overdo it though because it will be a turnoff. Colombian women are like women anywhere and you don’t want to overly compliment her or anything like that. It will come across as desperate and she will see you as lower quality.

Just some flirting but not too much.

13. Dress Better

Colombian girls appreciate a man that can dress well. Those flip flops and shorts that you might want to wear will not work down here.

You should dress in something that is fitting for the weather and still looks good on a man. For example, if you live in Barranquilla or on the Caribbean Coast in general, it is very hot. So you do need to wear lighter clothing for that part of Colombia as it is very hot.

However, in other parts of Colombia, like Bogota, Medellin or Pereira, it can be windier than and not anywhere near as hot as Barranquilla or the cities near Barranquilla.

So you can dress even a little bit nicer in those cities that are colder.

Colombian girl smiling and drinking cocktail

14. Go to Local Universities

Finally, local universities make another great place for a day game in Colombia. You basically have two options here.

First, there are universities that basically have an open campus. You can go to these places and approach women without a problem and just start up a conversation.

Second, you have campuses that are closed and you will need proof that you study there to enter. However, the cost to study in these places is extremely low compared to the US and easy to enroll in – especially if you are a foreigner.

So just sign up for some Spanish class and enjoy the access to more private universities that also have sexy Colombian women that you can approach also.

Between the two, I also find that women in the more private universities tend to be more open to being approached and more receptive to foreigners in general.

15. Instadates Work

In some parts of the world, instadates work and don’t work in other parts of the world.

Where I’m from originally, instant dates are not always possible as women have places to go to. They might be visiting family or maybe they have to go back to their job. And for example, hooking up in Cancun is all about instant dates.,

Either way, in Colombia, instant dates are much more of an option. The reason for this is because a lot of Colombian women don’t have much going on in their lives – especially if they are younger.

Keep in mind that Colombian women finish college at an older age and less often than American women do and that they generally don’t begin to work as quickly.

A lot of the younger ones still live with their partners until well into their late 20s so there is not as much need to work as much.

Therefore, you will find more Colombian women in the street that are free for an instant date.

Final Thoughts On Having Sex in Colombia

In short, daygame can be an amazing experience in Colombia as there are plenty of sexy women that are receptive to a foreigner approaching them in this country.

Just make sure to dress well, learn some Spanish, be a man in approaching them and getting laid in Colombia will become easy!

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading and take care!


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