How To Get Laid In Las Vegas

Girls standing like statues in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is definitely the best city for having the time of your life. People from all around the world go there to have a fun, gamble, spend money in nightclubs and – have sex.

Getting laid in Las Vegas is not hard, but the city itself is unique, it has a set of factors and challenges that you have to deal with and if you don’t know what strategy to use and where to look – it can be very frustrating.

Despite the reputation of Las Vegas, most guys can’t hook up with girls because all they do is get drunk at nightclubs and then try to approach, but ultimately go home on their own.

Of course, you should not expect Las Vegas girls to jump on you just because you are both there to have fun.

It’s true that it’s easier to meet women here and that one night stands in Las Vegas is socially accepted, but ultimately you need to change and adapt your game in order to be successful.

This article will help you get the most out of your trip to the sin city and maximize your chances of getting laid.

Plan Your Travel Upfront

The fewer friends you go to Las Vegas with the better. A group of 8 dudes is just not suited for this city, getting a girl this way will be hard. 3 or 4 guys is enough if you are not solely focusing on getting laid. But if you are going there for the sole purpose of approaching and getting as many women as you can, having one wingman or even going there alone is not a bad option.

Pro tip: If you need a wingman for nightclubs, you can find him on RSD forum, the thread called “rsd inner circle Vegas”.

When you are looking for a place to stay, try to find a place that is close to The Strip. The strip is a small area with all the best clubs.

The best place to stay is straight up XS, (in the Wynn resort). Why? Because the club with the same name is actually in the same building. You won’t find a better place than this. The XS club is known for high-quality women.

If that’s a bit expensive, stay at Hooters Casino Hotel – it’s a few minutes away from the Strip.

Go Out Early

The thing with girls in Las Vegas is that their buying temperature is always high, which actually means that it’s completely normal to stop a girl in broad daylight and ask for her number. It’s just as socially acceptable as if you did it in a nightclub.

Having said that, women will be very open to at least talk with you if you approach them as a man (strong body language with eye contact).

It’s true that the sooner you go out to approach women the better momentum you will have later, but this is a mindset you should have in any other city except Las Vegas.

Here, in this city, you are not getting out early to approach women so you can get into the social mode and become an approaching machine later, you are doing it to get laid!

Women walking down the Strip don’t care if it’s 10 PM or 10 AM, it’s totally the same for them when it comes to going home with a guy.

There are pool parties half of the year, there are girls in skimpy clothes walking around the strip. It’s almost too easy to open them on the strip. Of course, there are lots of creepy guys, so sometimes girls get scared and you have to beat that initial awkwardness.

Numbers Are Useless

A lot of new messages showing on a phone screen

There is no place on earth like Las Vegas when it comes to getting phone numbers from girls, they give it almost too easy.

But girls here, just like New Orleans girls, are extremely flaky, there is just too much going on here, too many distractions in every sense of that word.

This is why I will tell you a secret why most guys fail to get laid in Las Vegas.

They get satisfied with a number.

I’ve seen this so many times, folks take their numbers and so their ego just gets satisfied with a number so much that they don’t want to “ruin” this little victory with trying to pull her and risk getting rejected, so they leave with a number and rationalize by saying, “It’s all good, I have her number, I’m going to text her and meet with her later”.

And what happens? Girl flakes on them. Not only this one girl but 90% of the girls whose number they got. And that’s when they realize that they should be more persistent and try to pull those girls home.

Don’t get into this trap, this is an ego thing. You calm your ego with getting a number because you feel validated, but what it actually does is throw you one step back from your goal.

Don’t take her number. A number means nothing. You can throw that number in a can as soon as you get it.

Instead, try to take her home, try to isolate her from her friends, try to get laid and be fucking persistent with it. It doesn’t matter if you go out in the morning or to the nightclub, because like I said, in Las Vegas, it’s a party 24/7, and for girls, it doesn’t matter if she goes home with you at 7 PM or later.

The only time you should ask for her number is when you are 100% sure you can’t take her to some private place. Then, you can ask for her number and send her a text later, but don’t expect much out of it.

Las Vegas Girls expect to have one night stands

You can go on a business trip to Las Vegas and still be aware of what this city is known for. It’s known for one night stands and having fun. It’s no coincidence that Nevada has very high divorce percentage (according to Statista).

Las Vegas is like one big bubble where everyone can do what they want and then when they leave that bubble it’s like nothing happened.

Girls come up with crazy stories to rationalize what they did in Vegas. Whatever they do in Vegas, they don’t consider it cheating. They feel Vegas is like the Bermuda Triangle, all the sin you commit stays in the city.

This is why every girl that goes to Las Vegas expects to at least have an opportunity for a one night stand. They want to have that “Las Vegas” adventure at least once in their lives. It’s on their checklist.

Your job is to make their fantasy come true.

How To Hook up in Nightclubs

Las Vegas at night

As I said earlier, you should go out early and try to pull, this should be your plan A. If that doesn’t work, you should go for plan B, and that is nightclubs.

Have it in mind that most of your pulls won’t be with a girl you meet in a nightclub, but when it’s that time of the night, it’s your best option.

Las Vegas is known for a high percentage of hot women in one place. It’s weird but only hot girls come to clubs on The Strip. So, you will definitely have a tough time picking up Las Vegas girls to approach first.

Another characteristic of Las Vegas nightlife is that girls are perceived high value more than in any other place in the US. This is just how things work. Women have all the benefit. A classic 7 will be perceived as an 8 or 9. Girls are given free drinks and access to any given table and the DJ.

Well, how do you deal with that?

Volume. Approach as many girls as you can. And what to do with bitches that act kinda interesting and nice but want you to wait and play games? Leave them. Approach another girl and act like the girl you were with is from your social circle. You will have more value when you approach a woman that thinks you came to the club with some Las Vegas girls.

But why would you shorten time spent with a girl that is kinda interested? Because of the “Las Vegas” frame we talked about earlier. There is a higher percentage of women willing to have a one-night stand than in other cities, you just need to find them.

This is why you don’t have time for girls that give you the yellow light, you only have time for girls that give you the green light.

Running volume is key because your biggest limitation in Las Vegas isn’t the number of women you can approach, it’s time that you have before the party ends.

If you want me to translate that into a number, you should approach at least 20 girls in 4 hours in the Night Club.

Now, I know this might be difficult. That is why you need to build momentum early on. Ever felt unstoppable, fearless to approach women? This is the state of mind you want to get. I wrote a whole book on that one, you can check it out here.

Key to Picking Up In LA Is To Filter Fast

There are girls that came to the Sin city with their friends, so they just want to dance and chill, and for other girls, it’s about hooking up in Las Vegas. Your goal is to find the second group, and the best way to do that is the mass approach.

The best way to find out if a girl is down to fuck is to answer the following questions?

– Is she willing to leave her group?
– What is her logistical situation?

In other words, you have to know how difficult it would be to pull her, who she came to the club with, what is she doing later, etc. Answering questions like this will give you a bigger picture of what obstacles you need to get over to get her into your bed.

Now, that being said, you also need to lead and pass shit tests. The key is to isolate, and there are a few examples:

  • She complains that she can’t leave her friends.

“It’s okay, we are gonna grab one drink and be right back.”

  • I can’t leave the club now.

“We are going to get just one drink, we will be back in a few minutes, trust me.”

And so on..

The point is that you say whatever you need to help her rationalize leaving with you. It can be stupid as it sounds but it works. Just don’t be reactive, say whatever and continue like she said nothing at all. Try it a few times but if you see there are slim chances for you to pick her up, move to the next girl.

Pro tip: Look for women that live outside the US. They are easy to pull and have sex with because they are even more in “fun mode” than their American counterparts. Especially Brazilian women.

Some of the best bars in Las Vegas to hook up are :

  • Marquee (Monday)
  • Omnia (Tuesday)
  • Intrigue (Wednesday, requires TAM card to get in free)
  • Light (Wednesday, attracts a Hip Hop groups, so bear that in mind).
  • Encore Beach Club (Thursday, require TAM card or equal ratio to get in free.)
  • Hakkasan (Thursday)
  • XS (Friday and Saturday)

You can find tickets for these clubs on their websites (price is 30$)

Pro tip: Taxi lines are a great place to pull a girl to your place, especially if a girl is alone. Talk with her for a few minutes and suggest her an “after party” at your place.

Another pro tip: When 3 am hits, I’ll often make my way over to Drais After Hours, the most popular after-hours club in Vegas. The club closes at 8 am, so you’ll have plenty of time to party until the sun rises.


Obviously, you want to look good in Vegas. Simply because if you are not dressed good, you show low status. And Las Vegas girls hate low-status men in Las Vegas. I made a good guide on how to dress like a man, so make sure you check it out.

What I suggest is semi-casual but high status. You don’t want to look too formal because at the end of the day you are going out to have fun.
And in Vegas, you always want to show high status. So the middle ground would be something like this:

Some nice jeans also:

Make sure you find some good sneakers (there is a white version as well)

In the end, you don’t want to try too hard but make sure you dress well because in Las Vegas there are only bums and high-status guys. Make sure you are perceived as the second group.


Las Vegas Sign at night

Las Vegas is known for one of the most fun places on earth. It is also known for a city where people go to relax, have fun and mostly – get laid. However, first, you need to take off the pressure and voice in your head that says “you have to pick up girls in Las Vegas” because it can only hurt you.

On the other hand, you will need to adapt your game if you want success. Massive approach during the day and night is very important. Understanding that most women are in “fun mode” as soon as they land here also helps.

But you have to remember, key to getting laid in Las Vegas is logistics. Having a good location will help you tremendously.

Have courage, approach women a lot, use things I mentioned in this article and give women in Las Vegas adventure that they were looking for.


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