Getting Laid In Punta Cana – Complete Guide

Three Punca Cana Women in bikini

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) is a stunning resort town located in the La Altagracia Province which is known for its 32km stretch of crystal clear waters and pristine beaches. It is famous for numerous activities such as zip-lining, windsurfing, kayaking, and sailing. Adrenaline packed activities combined with lavish resorts make Punta Cana one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. 

It’s needless to say that this outstanding town attracts a great number of tourists, especially between March and May. They usually come here for vacation to enjoy nature’s beauties, and in some cases, it includes the Dominican women too. If you are eager to get laid in Punta Cana you’ve come to the right place!

Punta Cana Girls

Few Girls At the beach in Punta Cana

You will find girls of all ethnicities at this place since girls in the Dominican Republic are mainly multiracial. More than 70 percent of Dominican girls are of the mixed European heritage, followed by a much smaller percentage of white (16%) and black (10%) chicks. Even though their look cannot be generalized because of variable races, you can expect a large number of hot girls in Punta Cana, along with a lot of gorgeous tourists from all around the globe. 

Ladies here are energetic and exciting. The majority of them are open-minded and willing to interact with foreigners. Here you’ll find girls of all skin tones strolling around with amazing beach-bodies. Needless to say, these ladies are fairly attractive, a necessary spice in the tropical paradise such is Punta Cana.

Getting Laid In Punta Cana

Being a foreigner is a novelty in this country, so use it to your advantage while hooking up with Punta Cana girls. Whether it is the daytime or nighttime, your game should be entirely direct and straightforward, since the casual culture of the city will validate your actions. Approach ladies by offering them to dance, and eventually ask them out on a date. 

The same rules can be applied to sexy tourists chicks since they and locals will have more or less the same attitude. When it comes to language, the majority of the tourist girls will be English speakers as well as the upper-class Dominican girls working in Punta Cana. Even though you don’t need Spanish to get laid, you’ll get huge bonus points when dealing with local girls, and it will also be beneficial during a longer trip.  

All in all, the chances of hooking up are excellent because of the casual, beach culture of the town. Just visit the right places, and use all the opportunities this place has to offer when hooking up with ladies during both day and nighttime. 

Hooking up during the nighttime

The nighttime is ideal for hooking up with Punta Cana girls, thanks to the numerous nightclubs and beach bars. Beach clubs are ideal, whereas if you want to pick mature women you should go to bars. While visiting the beach clubs, you can hit on both local and tourist girls, which increases your chances of getting laid quickly. 

Nightclubs and beach clubs are spread all over the city and are excellent spots to get laid. However, to make sure your game goes smooth, you should stick to the clubs that are located in popular areas. That being said, the best Punta Cana nightlife spots are listed below:

Just outside of the Cortecito area, you can find a bar called Drink Point (Avenida España). This is where locals and tourists mix and mingle. Drinks are quite cheap here, so lots of Dominicans visit this place when they feel like chilling out a bit, or having a wild party. Whatever the occasion, you will find a lot of sexy ladies around here.

Next on the list is Imagine Disco (Av. Estados Unidos). This may be the best place to get laid in all of Punta Cana thanks to their open bar specials taking place Thursday through Sunday nights. The club is massive and has an original setting: its interior is based on a cave. You should come on Friday when they play Latin music. On the other hand, if you want to bang tipsy tourist chicks, check out the hip-hop nights on Sundays since night gaming can be especially good in high season.

If you want to enjoy the Vegas-style extravaganza show, party the night away at Punta Cana’s legendary Coco Bongo (Centro Comercial Downtown Punta Cana). This nightclub is well-known for its flashing performances and music that’s sure to keep you on the dancefloor. It features a high-energy, party atmosphere, and a world-famous show with numerous performers recreating scenes from famous movies. Enjoy unlimited drinks during a four-hour show while you sing and dance along to your favorite songs. While the spirits are high, ask some of the Dominicana beauties to join you on the dancefloor.

Last on my list is Oro Nightclub (Blvd. Turístico del Este). It’s a massive club and truly one of the most high-end spots in all of the Dominican Republic. Since it’s located in the Hard Rock All-Inclusive Resort, this spot is not for those with light wallets. Still, you can visit open bars here for most nights and you shouldn’t break the bank much more than at some other places. This is the place to go on Wednesdays since ladies drink free all night. Do I need to say more?

Day gaming in Punta Cana

Girls in Punca Cana During a Day

If you want your day game to be successful, you should follow the simple walk-and-talk approach: if you find a girl attractive, you directly talk to her. Since you will find outdoor attractions only here, you might eventually get bored if you are not ardent for natural beauty.

For start, I’d suggest visiting the beach areas open to the public. You should stick to the El Cortecito and Los Corales since there’s usually some hot ladies to be found here in the afternoons. You may have a chance to meet some chicks walking around in the early evening here too since there are numerous hotels in this area.

It may come as a surprise but tours are one of the best ways to meet women here. With a little luck, you could end up with a group of girls looking for a company. Be ready to approach any woman who isn’t with a man or family while on a tour trip.

One thing I suggest is that you start opening sets of 3 and more women. Tourist girls love to travel together in groups and you approach them in a friendly manner is a winning ticket.

Stay safe while approaching

When it comes to crime rates, the town is quite safe. Since their economy is based on tourism, tourists are rarely attacked or victims of violent crime. That does not apply to theft: you should watch out for pickpocketers while on the street. 

If you follow the information above, you should successfully get laid with sexy Punta Cana girls. 


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