How To Get Laid In Washington D.C.

Washington Girls Sitting In A Nightclub

This time around, we are going to write an article about getting laid in Washington D.C. This city is of global importance since it is the seat of numerous international organizations and the federal government of the USA. 

Washington is one of the most visited cities worldwide, receiving over 20 million tourists every year. Currently, it is the 20th most densely populated city in the USA.

A good time is ensured due to plenty of places to hook up with stunning local girls around every corner in the city. All you have to do is go out, be social and mingle, but more on that later.

Washington Girls 

Washington girls are sophisticated, educated, and very attractive. Next to beautiful white girls, in this city, you will find a large number of curvy ebony chicks, hot Latinas and spicy Asian girls with big butts.

Analyzing girls in D.C. I summed up eight different types you are going to run into based on their personality traits:

The first type is, so-called, type A personality. These chicks are filled with ambition, impatience, and competitiveness. During your first date, she won’t hesitate to show you how deeply she’s into you, how many kids she wants to have and the baby names she picked in advance. This type is very “serious” about their relationships or should I say, finding beta that will support her financially.

The second type of girl you are likely to meet is the Mrs. Degree girl. She is somewhere in her mid-twenties and may ask you to join her and her friends in a themed pub crawl and could even profess her love to you before the night ends. 

The third type of girl is the granola chick. She is a bit of a special snowflake: Proud to be spiritual, spontaneous, and creative. Typical crazy artist bitch. You could try and suggest to her that two of you have a private class of naked yoga, and see where it further takes you.

The fourth type would be an intern girl. She is mesmerized with the idea of dating a man who works for an influential company. These girls will judge you only based on your wallet. Stay away.

The fifth type of girl you are likely to meet is the power girl. She has a demanding job, a lifetime subscription to dating apps and is overall a hot mess. 

The sixth type is the infamous wannabe girl. She wears pearls daily and has an unnatural blonde hair looking like it was professionally coiffed. Britney Spears syndrome.

The seventh type is the overscheduled girl. Hanging out with her is super fun and she is very cute but she probably won’t be available for a date till five Fridays from now. That’s unless you are in the top 5% with your Sexual Market Place. She is very flaky, and you can be persistent if you have time, but I suggest you hard next her since usually she is an energy drainer.

The eighth kind of girl is the crazy one. You are likely to meet this bad girl at a party and don’t expect anything ordinary from her. If you are a risk-taker, go for this one.

Generally, Washington girls are welcoming to strangers, and are fun to be with. 

Getting Laid In Washington DC

Regardless of the type of women you fancy, Washington gots you covered: Slim, short, tall, chubby, curvy, black or white, this city has the very best set of girls for you to choose from. The easiest place to hook up with chicks is at the club, but there are other nice spots to pick up girls during the day or at night. Go to places like neighborhood bars, popular bars, hotel bars, cocktail lounges, shisha bars, dance clubs, and house clubs.

When it comes to the attitude of girls, expect them to be educated, or at least pretend to be. But don’t be filled by girls claiming they only get attracted to “intelligence”. She can have 10 PhDs but at the end of the day, she will still suck Chad off.

It’s not off the list that you may run into a crazy chick that doesn’t care about what you do and just want to get laid with you whether she goes for your money or she fancies your confidence.

Nighttime gaming in D.C.

The nighttime is the best time to pick up hot, versatile Washington ladies. There are numerous good places around town for you to choose from, ranging from dive bars to sophisticated singles bars to nightclubs. Since weekends are the Holy grail of gaming, I am going to lay out my suggestions bellow starting with Friday:

One of the coolest places to chill out on Friday nights is the rooftop bar of W Hotel (515 15th St NW). It has a laid-back atmosphere and if you want to meet ladies who are not the crazy party animals, this is a place to go to. It has a majestic view, a dance floor, cheap drinks, and no cover fee. If you want to get yourself a VIP table, make sure to come early because this place fills up pretty fast.

When looking for where to party hard on a Saturday night, look no further than The Park at 14th (920 14th St NW). There are numerous gorgeous ladies from all over the city partying hard at this place. Here you will find affordable bottle service, globally recognized DJs and an amazing dance floor. Bring your high energy to this place because it is often crowded with hot chicks looking to getting laid for the night.

The next place you should check out is Echostage (2135 Queens Chapel Rd NE). This is a great spot to hunt down a Washington girl who loves to dance like no-one is watching and isn’t going to be timid for an after-hours party at your place. This dance club is one of the best-reviewed in the city and is overflowing sexy girls in skimpy dresses on Saturday evenings. 

Hooking up during Daytime

The overall success of your day gaming in Washington depends on your approach. You want to dress smartly and smell nice to maximize your attractiveness. Summer is your desired season since you can meet a lot of women from different corners of the world visiting numerous tourist attractions in the city.

The majority of them are fun-loving and ready to hook up with desired gentlemen, all you need to do is to approach them and be social. If you don’t want to hook up with tourist girls, you can meet cute local girls at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City (1100 S Hayes St). Go there during weekends, particularly on Sundays, because the frequency of hot ladies visiting is the highest. It is a very good place for day gaming because a lot of local ladies visit this venue for their weekend shopping trips, and the part is that there are numerous coffee shops and restaurants around in case of a spontaneous date. 

Stay Safe

I suggest you to always carry a pack of condoms with you since you never know when you might get lucky. 

Washington is a big, urban city, so always be aware of your surroundings while gaming and keep your things of value close to you. Be extra careful with your smartphone since they are a very popular snatch-and-grab item on the trains and around the Metro stations.

Enjoy your stay at this phenomenal place, and if you follow my advice you won’t stay short-handed in this magnificent city.


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