How to get a girlfriend in college

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So, you’ve started your college days. It’s time to establish yourself as a cool, friendly guy. You want your college years to be like in some American comedy – party until your head falls off!

But you know it won’t be easy, so you are looking for advice on how to get your status up and find a girlfriend or multiple fuck-buddies. You need a good status for both.

This is a guide for guys that are in college and want to either find a girlfriend like a long-term relationship or simply want to get laid as much as they can. I will focus more on the first group, but guys that want to get as many chicks as they want surely can pick some good advice.

1. Find your perfect group in college

In college, there are groups. Everyone is trying to see where can they fit in.

With guys, it’s easy. Hobbies decide what group they are going to be in. If your interests are football, then you will find a group that’s talking about football every day. If you love to drink and go out, you will start hanging out with friends from college.

There are also other ways, for example, your roommate is part of some group, so he brings you along.

But instead of looking at guys who share your hobbies, you should open your eyes and look for a group of guys with a larger status and try to get close to them. It’s not hard to become friends with someone; all you need to do is focus on them, ask them a few questions and get genuinely interested in them.

I say the group with the largest status because that’s where there the girls will be. And you need to understand that quickly. In the first year, you create friendships and status. It’s a bit harder to improve your status in your third or fourth year of college.

And not only should you become friends with guys with the biggest status but also hot women. Be around, hot girls. Don’t get friend zoned but try to be close enough with them to know what parties they are going to.

2. Don’t try to seduce every girl in college

Word spreads quickly, and if you get rejected by one girl, every other girl that saw or heard that will also reject you. It’s the same in high school. That’s just female psychology. So be smart about it; try not to go full direct game on your female classmates.

Be sexual, be fun and outgoing but wait until you two end up alone to actually try to escalate.

3. Find a girlfriend in your social circle

How to create a big social circle? Be communicative and open towards people.

Especially women. Try to communicate with women as much as you can. Most guys are weird betas. If you can prove that you are not afraid to talk to a lot of women, they will assume you are a normal, confident guy. If you avoid contact with women, girls will think there is a reason for that.

Obviously, you can’t be good with everyone. And you shouldn’t, but at least when it comes to women, force yourself to sit close to them and start some fun conversation. Don’t be shy; that’s the rule No. 1.

Actually, this alone might be enough to find a girlfriend in college.

So, whenever you get a chance, talk with girls. Be open, friendly, tease them a bit. Play games with them.

4. The easiest way to find a girlfriend in college is to look good!

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Hit the gym.

This is very important. Good looks mean status in college. No one cares if you have good grades; your MBA is worthless anyway. But girls care about how you look because they are attracted to muscular men, and they want to be seen with good looking guys because that will increase their status.

If you are short or fat, start lifting up. And college is a perfect time to start.

5. Find parties

In every group, in every college, there is that one guy who loves to party and has a lot of friends. Find him and become his friend, focus on him. I’m not only talking about Night Club parties but private, in-house parties. That is where the magic happens. That’s where you can shine and get girls’ numbers and actually get laid.

6. The exchange student program is great

Excursions are crazy. People get drunk there and hooking up is easier because of that. Also, think about going somewhere else as an exchange student because you don’t go alone but with a group of people from your college, so it’s always fun to have adventures with your own group.

7. Approach women a lot outside the college

If you want to have momentum in college and be in the state and relaxed – you have to get momentum outside the college.

If you approach 10 girls before your class, obviously you would be more relaxed and fun than if you sit at home. Never get lazy, always approach. Gaming girls outside college can only make you better.

Practice approaching women on the street, in the club so you can win in college. You can game girls in your city and no one will know you are doing that. If you start approaching girls like a madman in college, soon everyone will find out, and you will be “that guy who approached 100 girls in one day.” You don’t want to be labeled in that way.

Instead, practice game on girls you don’t know, so when the time is right, you can smoothly escalate and you will have an abundance mentality.

8. You start from your first day in college

We’ve already discussed this, but the race begins on your first day in the classroom. You have to think about how to fit in and create status from your first day in college.

Time will pass very fast, and if you can establish yourself as a party attractive guy in your first years, the rest will be easy.

Once you start getting laid in college, word will come out and girls will notice and talk about you, so you will have a better chance with every girl that heard you slept with or kissed Jenny.

9. Don’t wait for the perfect one

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If you get a number from a girl that is cute but not the one you were looking for LTR, still go out with her. Make her your fuck buddy. Not because you should marry her, but because she will give you preselection and other girls will see you with her. Make sure you don’t kiss her in college or in front of everyone because then you two are official; instead, let her friends talk about you to other girls.

When a perfect girl comes along, you will have an easier time getting her since you have already been with her colleague.

10. Have boundaries

If she flakes you, don’t speak to her again. Remember, every text you send her, all of her college friends are going to know about it. If she ignores you and you still send her message, she is going to tell that to her friends and then they will laugh at you. If this happens, just hard NEXT her.

Don’t be “persistent.” It can work if you meet a girl on a street or in a club but in a social circle, you will look like a loser if you still text her after she didn’t respond back.


Dating in college is like getting a job. In that sense, it’s similar to getting laid in high school. The more experience you have, the better. And if someone can guarantee for you or propose you, that’s even better. Really try to look at it as getting a job because it’s very close to that.

The college game is actually a social circle game. You should try indirect at least when you are not alone with your target but also don’t be shy, and attraction rules still apply. She will be attracted to you if you are confident, muscular and cocky. Just like anywhere else outside of the college.

That being said, it takes effort to build status in college but when you do, it will return your investment multiple times. Good luck


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