SeekingArrangement review: Is it Worth The Money

Relationship on your terms - SeekingArrangement review

Before we get into the SeekingArrangement review, let me ask you a question, what do you think about being a sugar daddy? Obviously, you have been thinking about this, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page. But I think there’s no man who hasn’t thought about how it would be to have a nice hot girl who is 10 or 20 years younger in bed a few times a month in exchange for little “financial help.”

And the best part is that there is no real commitment. You don’t have to send her texts all day every day. You don’t have to be romantic and there’s no drama. Just hanging out, enjoying your time with her and, of course, enjoying her body.

In other words, being a sugar daddy means dating a girl by your rules. It means that she needs you more than you need her. When you register for SeekingArrangement, you will see how much more women than men there is on this dating web-site and how they behave.

As dating in the US becomes more and more difficult, men are turning to new methods. Not only has sugar daddy dating become more popular in recent years, but sugar dating sites have become a big part of the online dating landscape. Interestingly, these sites are here to stay and are only going to grow bigger.

This review is for everyone that is sick and tired of regular dating sites.

And after using this site for years now, I have to warn you, once you get into this world and learn all the tricks and tips of being a sugar daddy (which I am going to teach you in this guide), it becomes hard to stop. You can stop for a month or two but it will always be at the back of your mind. And all you need to get back to it is something that will remind you of the many adventures that you had thanks to this site. So, this SeekingArrangement review definitely has the potential to change your life.

SeekingArrangement vs. Other Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

SeekingArrangement is No. 1 sugar daddy dating site


Back to 2011 when I first registered on websites similar to this one, sugar dating agencies had a terrible reputation. Of course, I had to learn it the hard way. And it’s not like I didn’t have any success with it, it’s just that they were full of fake profiles. Time wasters actually. Those women will chat with you but as time comes to arrange a date, she just says she’s sorry and disappears. A real pain in the ass. They were just wasting my time so I would spend more money on a membership.

Today, things are different. Those scam sites are nowhere on the map. Most sugar daddy dating sites are legit, and they are bigger than ever! With 10 million users, Seeking Arrangement is the biggest in this niche.

There are other websites like this that are also legit, like whatsyourprice, sugardaddyforme, agematch, misstravel and so on. But in terms of: number of registered sugar babies, design, and percentage of escorts on site, Seeking Arrangement definitely wears the crown. Whatsyourprice is close but it works like an auction, you have to pay to take a girl on a date.

There are also sugar baby dating websites that charge every message you send or if you want to exchange numbers with her.

Every time you want to test a site, ask yourself this: Do they let you exchange skype, phone number or any other contact information with a girl? Because if they don’t, that means that there are fake profiles and they don’t want you to find out they run fake profiles. At least not if you don’t pay for it.

Is Seeking Arrangement like that? Not at all.

After all, it was voted the #1 Sugar Daddy Dating website by Playboy… how many other sugar sites can boast of that sort of publicity?

Click here to sign up for a free online account at Seeking Arrangement.


Does SeekingArrangement Really Work?

Obviously, the first thing you want to know is if this dating website is legit or full of women that will scam you? That was my first concern after all.

Well, let me start by saying that from early 2015 I had about 50 dates. Most of that was when I went traveling outside the US. Most of the girls I dated were from eastern Europe but more on that later.

I didn’t use full membership for all that time of course, but ever since I signed up I never got catfished or even had any doubts that I was chatting with a fake profile. Sure, there were women who wanted 300$ just for a date, there were women who wanted 5000$ a month just for platonic friendship (laughing every time I remember that), but there were also women who wanted a fair, discrete and honest relationship and I’m here to show you how to find them and how to avoid women that think you are an easy target to milk.




What do SeekingArrangement reviews say?

As far as the website itself goes, seekingarrangement.com is founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade. This guy owns some other similar sites like whatsyourprice, misstravel, agematch.

The fact that when you search for other sugar daddy dating  websites on Google, Seeking Arrangement comes first almost always shows the site is Brandon’s favorite project. SA was mentioned in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and various other print outlets. The site has been featured on television’s ABC 20/20, ABC Nightline, CNN This is Life and other television programs worldwide.

There are also around 600 positive SeekingArrangement reviews on their site.

Almost everyone gave it 4 or 5 stars.

SeekingArrangement reviews



But what if you run into a girl that really wants to scam you?

The truth is, you really can’t get scammed unless you allow someone to scam you. That means:

– You can’t get scammed for money unless you send her that money.

-You can’t get blackmailed unless you give the information about yourself that can hurt you. Which means don’t talk bad about your boss, don’t show your facebook if you are hiding something, etc… Simple as that.

Seeking Arrangement offers you to do a background check with TCLogiQ. It takes time and they check if a person ever had trouble with the police, what’s their real income and stuff like that. People who successfully become background verified are indicated with a badge on their profile.

In terms of security, all communications with the site are SSL-encrypted.


Seeking Arrangement design

SA has perfect design. This is the first thing you can notice that makes this site really above other sugar daddy dating sites. It may not sound like something that’s important, but trust me, you will spend a lot of time on this site and it’s important that it has the perfect layout. Right from when you sign up for free, you will see a bunch of beautiful women waiting for you to contact them.

The site has its own blog with funny anecdotes and statistics.

It’s super fast and without any of the annoying pop-ups.

Relationship on your terms is not just a marketing slogan!

When I said there are 10 million users on this site, I forgot to mention that out of 10, 8 million are sugar babies. Now, think about that for a second. What does this mean? It shows us that good sugar daddies are in high demand here! And that women are actually competing with each other to get your attention! Not only with sexy pictures and long interesting descriptions, but they also tend to message you first sometimes.

They need money more than you need them, and there are more women that you can date than there are men like you willing to pay them.

All of this makes this site completely different compared to other dating sites. Forget about Tinder, forget about flaking, this is different and you will see how much they need you as soon as you start chatting with all those hot women.

The site is very popular in the US, but there has been an increasing number of women from Europe, it’s a matter of time before they surpass American women.

Statistically, in the US, state concentration of female sugar babies looks something like this:

Popularity of SA by country.

The Girls you Meet on Seeking Arrangement

preselection is the most powerfull tool

For all my time on this site, I have been able to categorize girls into 4 groups in this SeekingArrangement review.

1.      Delusional high-status ladies

About me of delusional ladies, screenshot







I always have a good laugh when I bump into descriptions like this. These girls are delusional, they think somebody is going to pay them $10,000 a month just for their company. They want to agree on “terms” before you even meet and she is basically looking for a rich guy that she can milk.

Good news is that there are not much of delusional high-status girls on this site but remember, speaking about $10,000 allowance in their profile description is a big red flag. It’s best to have a good laugh and block them. Just in case.

2.      High-status girls

screenshot of high status women on SA

These women also tend to overvalue their presence and body but not in a so laughable way. Winning and dining is a must for high-status girls. They are usually good looking girls that want a millionaire.

But most of all, they want to be on a yacht and take pictures for their Instagram, so they can show to the world how crazy and interesting their lives are. They just want someone filthy rich so they can feel like they are part of the “high-class” elites.

You can probably see her in a new car every time she gets back from a trip to Dubai.

My honest opinion is that those girls are not worth it. You can find better women in terms of quality on this site that are not looking for billionaires or big allowances.

3.      Student girls

screenshot of profiles of student girls

Now, this is by far the best and the most common type out there. The site claims that 42% of members are student girls from the US. That means that when you count students from all over the world, you get that most sugar babies are actually student girls struggling with their study costs.

Now, why do I say that this type of girls are the best sugar babies?

Ever since the student loan bubble started increasing, more and more people(mostly women) can’t continue to pay their loans to the bank, so they need someone to help them out. They would raise a big loan and then spend their earnings on makeup, cars, etc. They go out every week, they travel and live very good. Now, sooner or later this lifestyle is no longer sustainable and all of a sudden there is this big loan that needs to be paid.

Student using Sugar Daddy to get debt free

And you guessed it, this is where you come to help. So, they don’t need you to buy them new cars or clothes, they actually need you to help them with their student loan. This is far from luxury. You actually don’t need to spend a lot of money like you do with women that expect you to pay them a big allowance.

Now, this is considering the US only. But why would you limit yourself to only US students? Dont’t you know that in South Eastern Europe one year at college is around 800 dollars? Even in France and Germany studying is way cheaper than here in the US. That means that if you get a student girl from Europe to be your sugar baby, you just hit a jackpot! Why? Because they won’t ask you for much money since college is cheaper and as a matter a fact, in Southern and Eastern Europe, everything is way cheaper! And I will let you know how to find women in these countries in this guide later on.




4.      Milf looking for discretion

Screenshot of SeekingArrangement MILF profile

You will notice the number of 30 and 40-year-old women looking for adventure. Some of them usually need to take care of their children so they are looking for someone to help them with that.

Lebanese women(MILFs)

However, there are also a bunch of married women out here.

5.      Financial advice girl

screenshot of financial girl profile

These girls don’t want you to give them fish but to teach them how to fish. In other words, they want advice on things like where to invest, what are some popular products to sell, etc. They also appreciate networking and being a part of some kind of “elite” group.

These girls are probably smarter than a typical high-status girl and they know what they want.

Financial advice girls are popular among salt daddies, guys that lie about their worth and job to get laid.

6.      Travel girls

screenshot of travel girl profile

There are women, mostly students, that would love to travel with you and all you have to do is cover for her expenses on that travel. It’s not easy to find them, but with time and effort, you certainly will.

Actually, there is one more type of girl that you will find and that everyone talks about when it comes to dating sites like this. Escorts. No, there are not “a ton” of escorts on this site like some of you may think. Actually, most girls distinguish themselves from escorts in their bio.

Obviously, escorts are not going to tell you that they are escorts right away, so you have to chat a bit to figure that out. And I know there are a lot of guys that don’t mind some fun with escorts but for those of you that want to avoid them, the next chapter will help you with that.

Click here to sign up for a free online account at Seeking Arrangement.

How to Spot an Escort

escort lady

Founder of Seeking Arrangement Brandon Wade said that the site is able to weed out escort ladies and that the site is so advanced it automatically bans any girl presenting herself as an escort.

Even though one would be naïve to think that there are no escorts on basically every sugar daddy dating site, the only question is how to spot them? These are some of the signs you can watch for:

a) She won’t put much effort in chatting. They usually go with “hey baby” and when you ask her anything she will say, “Yes, I read your profile, lets meet.” “Yes, I am good with no allowances.” Yes to everything.
In other words, they are playing the numbers game with men to see who will get hooked. And they don’t want to waste time getting to “know you” but instead want to meet very quickly.

b) Obviously, she will want to discuss money as soon as possible. She wants to make sure you will pay her after sex or first date. Don’t worry, she won’t wait long before asking you directly.

c) She won’t read your profile before contacting you. This means that you should have a long “About me” and ask her if she read it.

d) She is too lazy to make a long description and meaningless profile.

My Seeking Arrangement Experience

Woman attracted to indifferent man

I signed up for Seeking Arrangement back in 2015. In that first month, all that I was doing was looking for profiles and trying to get access to private albums, which surprisingly a lot of women let me even if I didn’t have a premium account. You can also take a peek at some of them if you sign up now.

After that first month, I decided to become a paid member. To this day I’ve had more than 40 dates and I have been a paid member for about 4 months only. Pretty crazy, right? Well, it might be hard to believe but to be honest, I think other guys did better, especially older guys in their 30s and 40s. Those are a golden age for this site. Maybe even 50s. (check my guide on picking up chicks for older guys) But I’m 27 and still had success.

When I got my premium profile I got a few messages, something like this:

My first message on seeking arrangement

Looks spammy right? That’s what I thought.

But a few months later I met this girl on my trip to Europe.

There were also a bunch of “Hi” messages that didn’t go nowhere.

I also got rejected:

screenshot of my chat when i got rejected

My approach

After some time, I developed my personal messaging system on this site that I’m going to share with you.

First, I say something funny like, “So, I’m looking for someone to spoil. Do you know anyone?”

After then I usually ask her to tell me more about herself, how adventurous she is, what has been her experience on this site or just something from her bio.

And I usually finish with, “That’s great. You look interesting. We should have a drink together sometime soon and get to know each other.”

Or, “What’s your phone number/skype name?” If she lives somewhere outside my city and I plan to travel with her.

And that’s it. It’s just that simple. Works in most cases. Sometimes, a girl wants to chat more before she gives you her number but you will be surprised how many girls will agree to go out with you after those 3 messages.



Quite a girl that’s new to all this

This was one of my first dates. She was a young 22-year-old girl, totally down to earth and drama free. Unfortunately, I rarely go to her city now, but if that changes, I will know who to contact.

long message of a girl in my Seeking Arrangement adventure

A girl that Wants to Travel


Most of my dates were from travel. Like I said, girls from eastern European countries are better looking and less demanding in my opinion, so I focused on them. This is an example of my chats with those girls.

screenshot of my chat with a girl that loves to travel

Humble Girl from Hungary

This quiet girl was my best date in terms of money. She didn’t even mention it. Yes, I paid for both our hotel expenses and drinks but that would be all. Hardly different from your regular tinder date. I learned a lot about Budapest from her.

my chat with hungarian girl

Allowance Seeking Girl

Even if you adjust your search metrics to find girls that don’t ask for much money, you will get across these from time to time. I developed a radar for such girls over time, and I know that if a girl is forcing a monthly allowance before we even meet she is going to be a pain in the ass. So, I just hard next girls like this.

My chat with a girl that asks for allowance

Magical Brunette from Albania

This was by far the best girl in terms of quality for the money that I dated. She was like 9 on my scale and it didn’t cost me much. All I paid for were expenses at the hotel, food, and drinks in Belgrade (this city is pretty cheap) for a few days. Wonderful time. Even now, one year later, I smile every time I remember her.

She contacted me first, she was drawn that I was younger and near her. It didn’t take me long before she agreed to come 340 miles from her home to meet me. After my experience with girls in South Eastern Europe, all I can say is God bless Seeking Arrangement.

Screenshot of my chat with Albanian girl

Click here to sign up for a free online account at Seeking Arrangement.

Discretion is a Must Woman

I have never been a fan of married women, but for the purpose of Seeking Arrangement review, I decided to chat with these women and see where it gets me. She is traveling around the globe because of her job so she is trying to find a guy that fits her needs.

My chat with married women on Seeking Arrangement

The SeekingArrangement Game

"I love my sugar daddy"

When I first started with Seeking Arrangement, I treated it like Tinder. I was cocky-funny from the start. Tried to show some status right away. Little did I know that sugar daddy sites are very much different. They are mostly different in two things:

a) Girls are much more sweet, responsive, talkative. For your every one sentence, she writes a few.

b) Like I said earlier, the market is heavily skewed in your favor. It’s time for you to see how it is to be a hot commodity now. It’s your time to be seen as a prize.

This means that you already have status in her eyes. In other words, you don’t need the game. You don’t need to be cocky to show her who’s she dealing with. You don’t need to play any games or try hard. Those days are over when you join Seeking Arrangement.

In normal life, guys that are not famous or filthy rich, when they say something cocky, it may seem attractive to hot girls. You look ballsy and different from others.
But if a rich or famous guy that already has some status, goes to a chick and throws some cocky line to her, how will that look? It would look like he is the mean and arrogant prick that thinks he is above everyone else just because he has money. He already has bigger status then hers, so overdoing it is actually a mistake.

Having said that, don’t be cocky because you simply don’t need it. You are already seen as a prize. You are already seen as famous and rich on this site and you already have status. No need to build it up with your game. Just relax.

If you use tinder you will probably see some girls from tinder on this site. Notice how she all of a sudden is not tempered and rude, but she turns into a sweetest little girl. This is the time when you want to punch yourself for not discovering this dating website earlier, you would not have to deal with so much crap on tinder if you only knew about Seeking Arrangement!

Pro tip: One thing that actually works when you have status is humor. Be just funny from time to time instead of cocky and success is almost guaranteed.

The Terms

What happens if she mentions the $ part? Or the terms of the agrangement, monthly allowance, etc?

Well, it depends on what you want, how much money you earn and so on. But my friendly advice is to not discuss that much over the internet especially if she is in your city and you want to get a drink.

Terms of arrangement should be discussed after your first date. Period.

When you want to buy something you first want to know if you are going to be satisfied with it. There is no shame in that.

So, it’s best to answer something like this:
“I’m actually new to this and I’ve only been to a couple of dates so far but I want to pick one girl who’s fun and interesting. I think we should go to drink soon and get to know each other.”

Easy as that.

SeekingArrangement Review Q&A

Is Seeking Arrangement a legit and safe site?

We already talked about this but it’s good to do it again. This site was founded in 2006 by MIT graduate Brandon Wade. Among this, he also owns other sugar daddy dating sites like Misstravel, WhatsYourPrice, seekingmillionare, etc. And Seeking Arrangement definitely wears a crown among all these sites. It is the best and the most famous site when it comes to sugar daddy dating.

The company is legit and the site is real.

Is it safe to use?

Unless you send your bank account details and your pin number to a woman, you have nothing to worry about. The company is legit and pretty safe. They won’t send your information to third parties. There is even a background check to do and there are upgraded premium sugar babies.

This site doesn’t connect your profile to facebook, twitter or anything like that which is good if you don’t want to share your social media profiles.

How much should I spend on a girl?

There are so many answers to this but for me, the right one would be: As much as YOU want.

In other words, before you dive into this world you need to set certain rules for yourself. Ask yourself how much you can comfortably spend on a girl (monthly) and write it down. Are you comfortable with monthly allowance? How much do you want to spend on the first date? Set rules for this and write them down. This is for you, to know what your boundaries are and stick to them like your life is depending on it. Don’t agree on anything else.

How much should you spend? Only you know to answer that. There are people who don’t mind paying big allowances and there are guys who would never do that.

I’m just here to tell you that I never paid a monthly allowance to a girl. I have been with some girls where I paid for only drinks on the first date. Which is the same as if I met her on Tinder. That means that you can treat this site just like other dating sites and you will still have some success.

I also travel a lot so I paid for hotel expenses for both me and the girls that came. This happened a lot of times and it is the highest I go in terms of cash. And I’m pretty satisfied with my results on this site so far.



What are my chances?

The SeekingArrangement review would be pointless if I’m not honest with you. And there are people that say that age doesn’t matter here, etc. That’s just false. Best years to be sugar daddy are the thirties and forties. As you go up to your 50s your chances become slimmer, especially around student girls. Your chances are also slim if you are younger than 30. This is the hard truth.

Do you still have chances as a 20 or 60-year-old man? Sure you do, there are 8 million sugar babies on this site and only 2 million sugar daddies. In any way, it’s so much better than tinder or any other dating site that you will be truly surprised how receptive girls are and how easy it’s to schedule a date. But your thirties and forties is when the gates are really open.

What can I do when I join for FREE?

As soon as you sign up for free you get access to around 8 million sugar babies around the world. You can look at all the stunning girls on this site and use Seeking Arrangement search metrics to find your perfect profile, you can send them interest (favorite them) and even send them your first message!

But there is a problem.

They can read what you send them only when you upgrade your profile. And you can read their messages only when you upgrade your profile.

You can, however, send requests to see private albums of girls that have it. And let me tell you, even if you don’t have a premium profile, 90% of girls will actually let you have a peek at their private pictures, which are very hot by the way.

Unfortunately, if you want to meet and date all those hot girls, you need to upgrade your profile.

How do I upgrade my profile and what’s the cost?

It’s not even that expensive when you think about it. Especially when you consider that you can browse for profiles you like for completely free and then you can send unlimited messages to all those profiles when you upgrade. So, paying for one month only would be enough to chat and exchange skype or phone numbers with all the girls you want. Paying for 3 or 6 months is cheaper in the long run but that is for more serious guys I would say.

All you have to do is click to the button right beside your profile picture that says “Upgrade.”

Upgrade your profile on SA

What are the benefits of premium membership?

Aside from unlocking your conversations, with the premium profile, you will be able to:

a)      Hide your online status, join date and last login country.

b)      Boost your profile. Get more visits, messages and more girls will see you in their search.

c)      Filter your inbox. You can block whoever you want or put people on “ignore.”

d)     You will be able to keep notes on sugar babies.

Why should I join Seeking Arrangement?

That’s a good question. With all my experience, I can tell you that spending the next few minutes signing up for Seeking Arrangement is definitely better than spending it on watching TV, surfing through the internet, listening to music or wasting time on other things that won’t give you anything in return.

Seeking Arrangement changed my life. It changed not only my sex life, but it changed my view of women, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. For me, SD/SB relationships are much more honest and drama free than most other long-term relationships. And that is because everyone knows what their role is without pretending to want something else.

Not to mention that on this site, getting a date is much, much easier than getting a date on tinder, badoo or any other classic dating site.

How to Join Seeking Arrangement and Find Your Perfect Sugar Babie (step by step tutorial)

1.      Join the site for free

Joining the site is pretty easy. You just need to answer a few basic questions and then enter your email.

Register on SeekingArrangement

2) Upload a good profile picture

After you enter your email, you will need to write your username. Username is something girls will see in their search. It’s the name of your profile.

Now, it’s time to upload your profile picture.

Having a baby face is not going to help you much.

The women on this site are looking for strong men who can provide for them and who is intelligent. They don’t want a boy or someone who is broke. They want a winner, real man.

You should accept that and use it in your favor.

Best thing to do is to upload a picture that makes you…

1) Look older. Okay, not like you are 70 years old but definitely like you are in your forties.

2) You look as sincere and honest as possible.

3) You look like a winner, successful.

This is a good example:

profile picture example

It would be even better if he isn’t looking at the camera since most pictures are like that so you need to be somewhat different.

Upload some travel and adventure pics as well.

After activating your profile with an email, you’re gonna be asked some questions.

Questions when you register your profile

This is where you put your ideal type of girl so the website knows what girls to show you first.

After that they are gonna ask you questions like on any other dating website, are you a smoker, drinker, do you plan on having kids and also, what your relationship status is.

They are also going to ask you this:

Question about net worth

If you ask me it’s best to put “I don’t have a set budget.” And as for Net Worth and Annual Income, everyone lies about that anyway so you can just skip it.

Who Is This Guy

Profile example

1)      Heading

This should be something that will be eye-catching or maybe you should treat this as a clickbait title. Now, there is a list of the best profile headings, just choose one that you think is best. I prefer it to be somewhat funny.

2)      About me

This is the most important part of your profile. Here is where you save yourself time dealing with women that want to milk you and give nothing in return. Here is where you say what you will and won’t do. It should be serious when you talk about what you won’t do, but also kind of funny or mysterious. Take time, don’t be lazy, because investing time in this is worth it.

I put something like this:

“There are few things about me you need to know :

– I am an honest, sincere and hardworking guy.

– The two most important things in any kind of relationship for me is honesty and trust.

– I am not kind of man that will take you to my penthouse or buy you jewelry at Tiffany’s on a first date. I am also not interested in $10,000 monthly allowances and stuff like that.

– I travel a lot.

– I’m not looking for serious long-term relationship or marriage at this point.

I am relaxed and love to have a good time. :)”

3)      What I’m looking for.

This is probably going to be similar to 90% of sugar daddies. Drama free, funny, attractive girl that is honest and respectful, etc.

Point it out here if you are looking for some girl to travel with and stuff like that.

Start your Seeking Arrangement journey

Seeking Arrangement has one of the best search metrics you can get. Side by side with the one on Russian Cupid ( check out our Russian Cupid review if you are looking for Russian girls only).

There are a lot of criteria you can use to search for a girl, so let’s check them out!

Search metrics on Seeking Arrangement

As you can see, you can search for girls all around the globe for free. It’s not like tinder or Badoo where you have to change location and pay for it.

I never saw a female profile without a photo, it never appeared in my search. Also, most of the girls are very hot but you can still look for only slim or athletic.

Interesting thing is that some guys only look at premium profile girls or ones that have a background check, I think that is unnecessary since you are missing a lot, but that’s completely up to you.

Search by lifestyle expectation

Advanced search metrics

Yes, there is even an education and height filter. But most of them are not that important. The important one is the lifestyle filter. Here you can weed out girls who expect high or substantial lifestyle and make sure you only see girls that don’t expect to get big allowances.

There are also filters like this:

search by mutual interest

But let me explain why the next two filters are crucial for you:

search by location on seeking arrangement

You may wonder why did I put Skopje as the city where I want my ideal girl to be from? Remember when I said that students are actually best sugar babies because they don’t demand much? They only want to travel or get help with their studies.

Now, I have been in south-eastern Europe for some time, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Greece. They all have very, very hot women. And those women dream to visit the US. They grew up on Hollywood movies and they just want to see cities that they only saw on TV. Simple as that. They are not completely westernized, which is one of the reasons I choose them and one of the reasons they don’t ask for much money. But they are very interested in our country and want to be a part of western culture.

Also, you need to know that one year of studies in countries like this is around $800. Compare that to one year at our universities and you will get the picture. It’s extremely easier to help a girl with financing her studies when her studies cost $800 a year than when her studies cost $30, 000. And add to that the cost living in the US, which is 65% higher than in Croatia for example.

Now you understand why should you look at other countries when you choose a sugar baby to travel with or to travel to you.

Of course, if you just want a girl from your city to go on a date with, that’s also great but if you are a traveler, this is the best option.

Note that I put a distance of 400km from Skopje that covers part of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania.

Other great locations are Belgrade, Zagreb, Sofia and maybe Kyev (if you want to target countries like Poland, Hungary, Chezch republic, etc.).

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Tags are the last filter. You put the words that you want to find in the girl’s description. I just put “student” but you can put whatever you want.

tag filters on seeking arrangement

Upgrade your profile

There is one more thing left to do before you talk to hundreds of hot women. One last step and you will enter the world of being a sugar daddy.

You need to upgrade your membership.

Click on “Upgrade” right next to your profile picture and choose whether you want to upgrade to one month, 3 or 6.

Upgrade your profile and now you can talk to as many women as you want on Seeking Arrangement.

Final step

If you have upgraded your profile, congratulations, you have just entered the sugar daddy world, where you don’t need to worry if a girl is going to flake you, or make drama in your life, or shit test you into oblivion. Because now you can have relationships on your terms. You have more options and an abundance mentality.

Remember, she needs you more than you need her.

As soon as you upgrade, you are going to witness the first messages and interest pour in.

My inbox and visitors on Seeking Arrangement, screenshot

But I have to warn you, once you experience the sweetness of having this kind of relationship, it’s pretty hard to go back to normal dating. Because you’ll get used to having all those benefits.

Getting into this world is going to change the way you look at dating as a whole and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Because you will get only the best of the women you date, and they will keep their worst for someone else.

It is your time to choose, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!





  1. In a world where TLC is in short supply, it’s a precious gem that money cannot buy.
    68, over weight and out of shape, I guess a man of modest means, homeowner, has zero chance of finding an exclusive relationship with a dynamic woman. To me, intelligence is sexy, but if I had to choose between lovely legs and a deep thinker, it would be hard on me. What a predicament.

  2. I created a profile on sugarcoupling.com an American site that also launched in the UK, they give sugar babies an option of a regular profile or an Xfile profile (where you can add sexy erotic photos to catch a sugar daddies eye). I opted for the regular profile (nice smile) and got a good response but most wanted more ’ sexy ’ photos from me so i didn’t pursue it. My friend also created a profile but an Xfile profile and added topless photos, she was swamped with sugar daddies offering her considerable ’ gifts ’, with 2 offers of over £10k/month allowance for a regular 3 x monthly meets. As i understand it only gold members can see these Xfile photos, we both concluded that’s what sugar daddys really want, intimacy with younger women, they quickly lose interest in ’ nice ’ girls like me who aren’t prepared to show skin. The old adage ’ you don’t get something for nothing ’ comes to mind. I will now create a profile on seekingarrangement and see what response i get and report back.

  3. You are right about the number of the girls, but here is the thing – for those who believe that they will get both handsome men and money, it’s delusional and you should better give up right now. When I joined the site, I avoided exactly men like you. I would never date anyone younger than 50, the oldest sugar daddy that I had was 69. Girls, if you want real allowance and benefits, date these men! They are ugly but once you have sex with them, those are kind of people that will spoil you, not these fuckboys who just want to buy you a drink and don’t plan to see you regularly. I made hell a lot of money, but again, it came with the price of fucking extremely ugly but at the same time the men who treated me the best. The first time you see them is the hardest, but after you spend some time with them and get to know each other, they are deep, experienced, knowledgeable about a lot of things and looks won’t matter anymore. At least, that was my case. You won’t pay attention to the appearance as you will get used to it. Remember, ugly guys pay THE BEST because there is not a lot of girls who are willing to sleep with them, and they are those who will give you monthly allowance, see you regularly and offer you help you need the most, other guys are just waisting of your time.

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