Is It Easy To Hook Up In Denver?

Three hot girls in Denver

Denver, or Menver, as we call it, is the largest city and the capital of Colorado. When you think about Colorado, you think about the great outdoors. Aside from getting laid, Denver opens up a lot of opportunities for physical activities. 

There are so many fun things to do in this city that banging lots of Denver chicks actually comes as a bonus. You can try rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, and snow sports. It is also a great way to meet local women so they would be more willing to go to your place. The good news is that the rent here is relatively cheap.

But I haven’t even gotten to the good part. For all of you junkies, you know that weed is legal here, right? That means a lot of high girls will be feeling loose.

And don’t forget that being outdoorsy and fit is kind of a requirement for gaming in this city. There’s a lot of hot Denver girls here, and you’re almost guaranteed the best BJ you’ll ever have (more on that later).

One thing about this city that you need to know is that the girls are so easy that you’ll have a very high bang rate. Start looking at them like they are even more up for the one night stand than you are. Even if that is not the case.

Now, let’s look at what this city is really all about.

Get laid in Denver

One thing that you should know about the game principles here in Denver is that people will think you’re crazy if you suit up. Everyone wears North Face, so if you want to be popular with the girls, this is the brand to chose.

After all, trashy drunk girls you can find here could never appreciate a gentleman in a suit. You don’t want them to ruin your suit anyway.

But don’t worry so much about clothes, pay more attention to approach as many girls as you can.

Another thing that will serve as a good weapon is being tall since girls here expect you to be tall simply because most people in Denver are. If you’re white with some dark features, both Latinas and white girls will be more willing to go with you.

And there’s a lot of workout fanatics in Denver, so you might have to pay your way out of not being muscular.

On the other hand, if you have a beard, it will work in your favor for sure. Also, if you make those girls amazed by how good you are at snowboarding or skiing your chances of getting laid are going to raise.

It’s great to live in Denver, and picking up girls here is not that different from dating in other cities like Tampa for example. Plus, the crime rate is lower than in cities like New York, but you can get laid just the same.

Still, we call it Menver because the night-game isn’t so good as it used to be thanks to Tinder. So you could walk into a sausage fast on a Friday night.

The thing is that women don’t have to go out to meet men anymore, now that Tinder is popular. When they do go out, they are not always looking to get laid, and that could waste your time.

Still, doesn’t using online game make it even easier for you?

Denver girls

Cute girls on their Denver trip

Denver girls, just like girls in Houston, are actually unique, they are usually tall with strong nice facial features. If you are a fan of fake boobs, I have to disappoint you cause these girls aren’t even up for much makeup.

Still, they could dress slutier since there are not many booty shorts. They like weed and the outdoors, and what’s a better combination for a girl that will give you a good time.

You can use outdoor activities to make the first connection with them, and use recreational drugs to take them home when they are high. Be ready to try all the things you always wanted but never had the chance, cause these chicks aren’t scared of trying new things.

Watch out, though, cause there are some crazy stalker bitches that will be hard to get rid of.

There are also gold diggers that will drain you out of cash if you’re not careful. Another thing that might be a problem is that some of them are impossible to drag away from their girlfriends.

They take them anywhere with them, so if you’ll lucky, they might even take them to bed with you. But the problem is that it’s hard to separate one from the crowd, so, unless you know how to isolate her, you either go big or go home.

Another type of girls you’ll find here are the fitness freaks, which is great cause you’ll get a feel of a lot of tight booties. But in order to get those girls, you will have to be in good shape also.

Best bars to get laid in Denver

Now, let’s take a look at the bars you should definitely visit.

Suite 200 (1427 Larimer Street) is the place to be at on a Friday night. It’s full of hot local women, and the great thing is that this is the place you get to wear your suit to since it has a dress code.

5 Degrees (1475 Lawrence Street) is your choice if you’re looking for some young meat. Girls here are between 20 and 30+.

Shag Lounge (830 15th Street) is a bar for you if you’re on a budget cause drinks are here are cheap. The music is low, so it’s easy to just approach and start talking.

The Living Room (1055 Broadway) is a nightclub with dim lights and a wide range of drinks to chose from, as well as the young girls.

Tavern Uptown (538 East 17th Avenue) is something more casual, and you can watch a sporting event if you get bored of picking up girls. This is a place for chicks from the early 20s to 40s.

Ogden Street South (103 South Ogden Street) is also a casual place to pick up chicks. It has karaoke, so that gives you a chance to sing your way to getting laid.

Day game

A lot of Denver girls posing for a picture

All you need to do is smell nice, look smart, and go to shopping malls, cafes, shops, and parks. Make sure you look your best and stay confident.

It’s actually all it takes since these girls are as easy as it gets. With a little effort, it’s easy to impress them, and they will be willing to have sex with you. Of course, its numbers game as anywhere in the world. But don’t forget about online dating too, and make use of how popular Tinder is. Head out to Larimer Square or any of the busy malls that you can find in the city.


What Denver is famous for are two things. Outdoor activities and good looking easy girls.

Pick one of those (or even both) and enjoy in this wonderful city.


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