How To Hook Up In Houston

Four Girls in bikini in Houston

Houston, Texas

Houston is a magnificent, urban city that takes place as the most populous city in Texas and is ranked 4th most populous city in the United States. It is also home for more than 40 colleges and Universities. Another thing is, that it is a paradise if you are looking for hot girls. Hooking up in Houston is more than an adventure.

The majority of Houston’s female population is either students or workers. Ladies come here to work, study or to have a good time, and you are there to make sure that each type gets their fair share of pure testosterone delights. Hooking up with a Houston girl is sure gonna be a memorable experience and here is why.

Houston Girls

A large number of colleges and companies in Houston attracts many women from all parts of the country. This further implies that the possibility of finding a girl to have sex with is quite great.  Especially since both young and the mature ones are somehow brainwashed into thinking that by sleeping with a lot of men they actually get empowered. 

It is almost impossible to categorize women based on their physical looks because of the huge population. One thing that is crystal clear when it comes to Houston girls is that they love to look good. You should follow their example if you want to up your chances of getting laid with one of them.

Another thing to note is that they love to consume alcohol. So basically hooking up in Houston is much like hooking up in Tampa. Their favorite drink is beer so always make sure to order her some beer before anything else while on a date.

Your chances of hooking up with Houston girl depends on her standard of living and your willingness to pamper her, just like with girls in Denver. As long as you manage to please her with drinks or taking her out for her favorite meal, you have a great chance of getting her to bed. It’s just how things work here.

How to hook up with Houston Girls

Houston girls put a lot of effort into their hair so they will expect you to notice it. Tell her exactly what she wants to hear: How healthy and sexy her hair looks. Most Houston ladies prefer hair past their shoulders which gives them a soft feminine look.

Oddly enough women here adore their boots. They will find a way to fit their favorite boots with anything they wear, on any occasion. That’s why you should praise her boots. It’s a small step for your common sense and a big one for your game of getting laid. This can go in combination with some kino, by grabbing her leg.

All of these above are practically milestones you shouldn’t skip to successfully bed a sexy Houston chick. I mean kino, not complimenting her boots and hair. Be physical. It is an absolute MUST when it comes to hooking up in Houston. Put a smile on that face and some nice clothes on that stud-body of yours, pair it with charisma rest and be assured that you will get laid numerous times during your trip in Houston.

Getting laid during the night

Hot Girls in a Nightclub in Houston

During the night time, Houston is one of those cities where the party is always ‘on’. You will find no shortage of any kind of entertainment or beautiful chicks here. The city is packed with high-energy dance clubs, sports-lovers filled pubs, wine-lovers bars and so on. With such a variety of places to go out, you will definitely find a place that suits your tastes. 

If gaming is the first thing on your mind upon going out, nightclubs are your best choice. Expect them to charge cover and entrance fees so always keep some extra cash to yourself. Make sure to wear some decent clothes since clubs are serious about their dress code. 

In the nightclubs, you can find many single girls or a group of girls. When the party starts, your hunt begins: After 1 AM most of the girls will be drunk and dancing. Approach them then. It will be easier to start a conversation with a hot girl while dancing with her. Ask her to have a drink with you, and dance your night away until eventually, her guard drops down along with her panties.

Below I listed some of the best nightclubs and pick up bars for you to hook up with some gorgeous horny chicks:

Barbarella (2404 San Jacinto St) is known as one of the hottest clubs in the city. Many women of all ages come here to have a good time because of its energy-filled dance floor and quality music. It creates a perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy yourself while dancing and hitting on random hotties. A good time is ensured since you won’t have any shortage for girls here.

If you need a lively atmosphere provided by great music and an energetic dance floor you should look no further than Club Tropicana (3222 Fondren Rd). It is well-known among dance lovers and you can expect live music almost every day. Tropicana is famous for salsa music and sexy, toned girls that come here every night. This is a great place to bang dance-loving, good-looking, Houston women. If you are not here to dance you can find plenty of girls just sitting and drinking so shoot your shot.

Howl at the Moon (612 Hadley St) is a place that is famous all over the US. Its special feature is an event called dueling Piano in which two musicians battle against each other while the audience votes the winners. It’s needless to say that this place is heaven for music lovers and also for people who love to sit, have a drink and make some new acquaintances. Start a casual conversation.

Hooking up during the daytime

Even though there are plenty of ladies walking around the city, the crowd makes it quite challenging to approach them. The majority of the women in the city are either students or workers so they could be in a hurry when you try to talk to them. That’s why the best way to hit on ladies in the daytime is visiting shopping centers and malls. You will find hot single girls roaming around the mall, using free wifi, reading books, sightseeing or simply sitting on a bench. Go over and start a conversation, and when one of them takes the bait you can take her out on a date and invite her over later. 

Stay Safe while Gaming

Houston’s crime rate has always been low for a major American city, and according to that, the number of incidents has been declining for years. Still, it’s a big city so take regular precautions. Bear in mind that residents of Texas are allowed to carry concealed firearms after completing the training. 

My conclusion would be that you don’t need to worry about finding good-looking chicks since they are everywhere to be found, especially during the nighttime. If you are humorous, have a general knowledge about how to talk to and impress women, and some money in your pocket you will have no problem with getting laid here.


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