This Is Why You Are Exhausted

high enerfy and motivation

Motivation = Energy + mindset – leak of energy (focus on wrong things)

Every cell needs three things:

Nutrition, water, and air.

Nutrition: Eating good food. It’s very important to eat healthily and regularly giving your cells the necessary dose to function properly. The best way to see what you need to change in your diet is to measure your pH value in the body and see what you’re missing.

Don’t forget to go out and get enough vitamin D.

Also, magnesium is very important for having more energy on a cellular level. I suggest that you buy it. See more about it here.

Water: 80% of the body is water. You should drink 0.26 gallons (1 liter) per 55 pounds of body weight in a day.

Energy circle

The more energy you spend, the more you will get it, and the faster it will recover. In other words, you won’t have energy if you play video games or watch movies, sleep and do useless stuff like that.

When you have a lot of energy, you have enough for yourself, and enough to give to others. If another person is dragged into your world by your energy or passion, that is called leadership.
Start lifting, start spending the energy you have, and you will have more of it. The best advice here would be cardio in the morning because it makes people feel better and more energetic through the day.


After millions of years of evolution, we are used to going to sleep when the sun goes down, and to get up when it rises again. We now stay awake longer because electricity fooled us, and our body acts like the artificial light is the sun.

We secrete different hormones through different parts of the night.

Pro tip: Don’t forget about your testosterone level. It’s very important for every man.

Biologically speaking, the ideal time to get up would be between 5 and 6 AM.
If you get up at noon, you will feel sleepy and no matter how much you sleep, it won’t feel enough.


If you have an hour to spend, check this interview on the matter of sleep.





The way you think determines the way you live.


–          Learn to love yourself on a journey of becoming the best version you can be.
–          Read books, seminars, and biographies of successful people.
–          Visualization, when you are in deep sleep, can help you program your habits.
–          Surround yourself with the right people that will influence you positively.

It’s true that you become the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.

If you have a Facebook account, like pages that post inspiring quotes, pictures, posts or videos. Like for example Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy etc.


–          You choose what you will put in your head. Stay away from trash (TV, news, porn, negative people).
Things you should work on:

Self-discipline:  The ability to make yourself do the things you should do in order to achieve your goals.


Time management: Strategy of successful men that helps you to seize the day.


Goal: Clearly defining your goals and what you should do to achieve them, or to be more precise, what prize should you pay for it?


Passion: All this is wasted if you are not passionate about your goals. If you don’t feel a rush whenever you think about your mission, find something that makes you feel like that. Passion is the fuel of motivation.
Now, the path to achieving all these things is different for everyone, certain things affect everyone differently. In other words, you have to find your own way.


Leaking energy


Sometimes, it isn’t about how to produce new energy, but how to keep the one you’ve already got.

These are the two things that take your energy the most:


Wrong Focus:

You are focusing your thoughts on negative things, instead of positive ones. A lot of things have their good and bad side, and you choose which one you will see. It’s also important to focus on solving the problem, and not on the problem itself. Train yourself to ask what’s good about a certain situation, or what’s the best thing I can do here. Fight boredom with hard work.


Noise in your head (Information overload):

Can you imagine how much energy you use when your thoughts are racing 300 miles an hour, or when you analyze everything? If you have too much noise in your head, you seem like you can’t focus on the current moment and you are lost, so people interpret that as being shy, awkward and so on. But in fact, you are a smart man who has too much trash in his head.

What is the solution here?  You need to stop useless information from getting into your mind. So stop watching news that can’t affect you, stop watching movies and TV shows. Actually, stop watching anything that doesn’t help you to achieve your goals. Oh, and by the way, checking your Facebook every 10 minutes is a disaster for your brain, there is so much unusable information there. More on this subject here.

The point is to be present in the moment.
Another thing that can really help you to “take out the trash” is meditation. Twenty minutes every day is just enough.



Let’s repeat real quickly:

Good food, physical activity (lift, cardio), Biorhythm, mindset (how much do you love yourself?) lifestyle (surroundings). And don’t forget to ask yourself how much energy are you wasting on worthless stuff?


With all that fixed, you won’t ever have a problem with being “sleepy and without energy”.


Motivation is not something you have constantly; it’s something you build over time. And you always have to invest in your motivation, that game never ends. We live in a world of comfort, so if the situation (fear) doesn’t trigger us to work, we have to push ourselves to do it.

Now, don’t forget to use smart that extra energy after applying all of this.


Good luck.



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