I love women, do you?

Two girls laughing. I love them, why can't you?

I have seen this problem with a lot of guys. You see, I love women, but I don’t trust them. That is a huge difference. Let’s talk about why this is so important for your success with girls.

Let’s say you see a girl, and you want to meet her. Now, you see that she is really hot and think that everyone must want her. A perfect 10. So you decide to tease her and say something that would shock her, so-called “neg” in old-school pick-up community.

Some guy that found himself in this situation might think something like this:
“Look at her; she thinks she is the queen of the world. But she only has her looks. She pushed up her boobs so everyone can see them; she’s almost naked with that short skirt. What a validation seeking whore. I will neg her just so I can put her on the ground. Look at her, can’t believe what is happening with this American girls. They are all sluts now, she must be too.”

The point is not if he is right or not, but that while he thinks that, he was mad and full of hate.

And some other guy thinks like this:

“Look how hot she is. Golden girl, god’s gift to the world, beautiful creature. And now she can be mine. Thank god I can enjoy women like her. That’s why I am going to play the game with her because I love everything about her, she must be relaxed, funny and kind.”

And then they approach her.

Now, are your thoughts when you see a hot girl closer to the first one or the second one?

Well, if you think like the first one, you have a problem. You don’t like women as you might think. People with that kind of mindset usually are newbies that don’t get laid. If they could get this girl in their bed, all of a sudden she will become good, trust me. And if they find a girlfriend, they will always aks themselves does she love them. Because in fact, hate towards women is nothing but fear of being hurt again.

Like I said, there is no space for moral in this stuff. Maybe there are guys that get laid and hate women but what is the point? There is no need for you to waste time on pick-up if you don’t enjoy it.

Yes they are manipulative and you should be careful, but I didn’t say to trust them. That is a completely different thing. I love women because I also accept them as they are. Love comes from accepting. Accept them as they are and swallow that pill already!

Hatred towards women usually comes from self-contempt.

Those people don’t want girls in their life, but maybe new friends or maybe they’re looking for some deeper connection in themselves that they haven’t yet found. They need to feel validated through sex and are in a constant rush for approval. So they waste time on forums and blogs like this, because they don’t want a girl, but something else. God knows what.

Mindset Shift

If you think like the second one, then you are on a right path. You obviously love women and want to be with them because they are interesting beings. I love women and guys that love them don’t know what rejection is. They think rejection is just some game girls play with you. It’s like girls are saying “play with my mind more, this is not enough”, which is actually funny. If you want to know how it is to really love them and to be a seducer, lover, go read the differences between Pushkin love and Casanova’s love to women. Casanova loved them so much he went crazy. And it is the most important reason he was that successful.

As a guy that wants to be a player and move forward, the first thing that you have to do is to start loving yourself. And right after that, you need to learn how to love women. To love how she smiles, how she talks, smell and everything about her. Love that they are crazy, love that they can’t fight their biology if you want, but don’t be angry at them! You can’t change that overnight, but it will come with time if you put effort to change this mindset. It will help you with results, and it will make you enjoy the process.

Find a way to love them, to love talking to them and seducing them, it will be much easier. I was angry just like you, but now I love women, and because of that I enjoy pick-up much more.
In the end, you are changing your mindset for you to feel better, not for them.


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  1. Interesting article, I have saw so many guys with this kind a problem. They don’t know what they want. I guess they are just angry, but that’s okay, as long as they don’t get stuck there.

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