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From the moment we were born, there probably wasn’t a day in our life that passed without us being fed with blue-pill philosophy. We may not recognize it, but we’re influenced by what we see and the information that we get on a daily basis. Most movies, TV shows, music videos, and even commercials are constantly bombarding us with subconscious messages that are poisoning our brain in a way we can’t even imagine. We tend to ignore those messages because we enjoy what we watch, so we try to not pay attention to those little details.

It is a well-known fact that a lot of Hollywood movies have a main male character that is beta “nice guy”, stupid and irresponsible and a save everything woman.

Every romantic movie, the main guy is a needy beta who at the end always gets the girl(which is contrary to reality). We are being taught that a man can’t be happy without a woman. In every movie, TV show or even a soup commercial, a man is only happy if he has a woman by his side.

But those techniques are now old. Brainwashing today is on a whole new level compared it to 5 years ago. Today we have Netflix commercials openly encouraging cuckoldry, we have TV show for kids that promote that sick idea.

Now, someone might say, okay, let’s just turn off the TV or even YouTube and we can stop the bullshit that they promote to us. Well, that’s only partly true.

You see, media influences people, and other people influence you whether you like it or not. And I’m not just talking about a society as a whole but your family, friends, girlfriend etc. Most of them have some blue-pill principles that they believe in and that they are promoting to you, consciously or subconsciously.
Never underestimate the need to condition your red pill outlook.


Well, what is the solution?


SeekingArrangement is No. 1 sugar daddy dating site

Obviously, you can’t live in a cave. But what you can do and it’s necessary if you want to sustain your healthy mindset is to constantly remind yourself of how the world really works.

Constantly remind yourself that it’s okay to be a man and that women are not attracted to week but strong males, remind yourself that there is nothing wrong in having family values and expecting a woman to have the same. There is nothing wrong with being a “conservative” guy who wants to become a better version of himself. And, finally, remind yourself that American women are the worst possible choice you can make for a long-term relationship. They are usually highly hypergamous.


And what I mean by reminding can be something easy as reading this blog for example, or any other blog in the manosphere. You can also visit TheRedPill subreddit. But there is no better way to swallow this bitter pill called reality than seeing how innocent looking women whore themselves out for money. And the best place to see that online is this sugar daddy dating website called seeking arrangement!

As soon as you sign up(for free) you will see hundreds of women all around the world looking for their sugar daddy. Natural curiosity will make you set search parameters to only looking for women in your city and if you dig deep enough, familiar faces will pop up. You will be shocked at how much popular this website is in the female world (read more about it in our SeekingArrangement review.)

Another good thing is that almost every girl has her own private album which you can request access to, and they usually approve even if you are not a premium member!

You should register on this dating site and you should be logging in at least once a month to remind yourself of what kind of world we live in. Remember, never underestimate the brainwashing machine that wants us all to be emasculated. Never underestimate the need to condition your red pill outlook.

All of us have those days where we wish that the world is functioning like the blue pillars present it. We all wanted to live in a Disney world at some point in our lives. But, not living in reality is always dangerous. We have to constantly see how the sexual marketplace works, so it can snap you back into the real world. And this site will perfectly do that.


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