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The older I get the more I realize how easy it is to get laid. It wasn’t an easy journey, that is true, but understanding how easy it is to get a lot of women is actually shocking.

You can’t but ask yourself why did you stress so much about it. Why did you go out every week, drink and get angry when you didn’t score that night? From this perspective, it is very stupid to stress yourself over women. Simply because when dealing with girls, less is always more. Having a harem of women, or one night stand every week is overrated, people think it will make you happy. That is why we make a big deal over it.

But the truth is that you only need two things. Balls and confidence. Balls to approach and confidence to close, that’s it.

Having guts to approach is a tough one. At this point I don’t have any approach anxiety, I have approached maybe over 1000 women. But when I first started, it was hard. It was hard because you don’t know the real cause of your anxiety and how to deal with it. And every time I see a guide or book on “How to Beat Approach Anxiety” I start laughing. There is no formula for that, it’s different for everyone.

I had to mindfuck myself in order to start approaching. I had to put pressure on myself and always be in that nervous state until I approach. Once I even said I won’t eat until I approach 5 women. Now, you don’t have to go that way, there are other examples of my friends where everything came naturally for them.

The first important thing to do is to admit to yourself that you suffer from approach anxiety and stop making excuses. No, you are not approaching her because she is not your type or because it’s not your day, you are not approaching because you are scared. And it’s okay to be scared, fear is a very common thing, but it’s not okay to cover your fear with excuses.

Another thing I did is that I just asked myself how many girls and great moments am I missing. Every day I was walking by tens of hot chicks. And I always thought that I could approach them and have a great time with at least one of them. Every girl that passed by me on a street was a missed opportunity. This was my mindset. This is how I put pressure on my mind to actually go and approach. After that it was easy. Confidence really came with practice and I felt amazing. Right after I got my first number from a hotching I was unstoppable. I approached 20 girls everytime I went out with the intent of approaching women. It was amazing, I felt like I was already in the top 20% just because I had the courage to do things most men don’t.

And it became easy and the stress was gone.

This is everything you need to do, start approaching and learn from your mistakes. It’s fun. And after a while, it becomes easy and stress-free.

Now, the bad news is that when you get to this point you will get addicted to the game. You will have a tough time being faithful when the time comes to get married and all you’ll think about is approaching women.


The good news is that getting laid will be easy for you. You will never have to stay without sex for more than 2 weeks. And your life is going to become a lot more fun. Master day game and you master your dating life.

No, you don’t need to learn all the tricks and tips in order to be successful on the street. All you need to do is to be a normal, interesting guy that has the courage to approach a lot of women. That’s what the day game is all about.

Never Give Up

"never give up" quote

Another skill you will have to develop is to never give up. It can happen that you don’t get a single number 3 days in a row approaching more than 50 girls. If you think this isn’t going to have an effect on you, think again. Yes, maybe you are doing something wrong and you should fix it, but maybe it’s just bad luck. The most important thing is what’s going to be your reaction? Are you going to say fuck this “day game” thing, it’s not working anyway, people who say it’s working are liars and just walk away defeated? Maybe you will get angry at women and think that they only want guys with money and use that as your excuse.

Well, there is the right and wrong way you can deal with this, but an important question to ask is, are you going to continue? Whatever happens, no matter how much bad luck you have, you have to keep going, keep approaching, and keep practicing. The harder it is for you, the more rewarding it’s going to be when you actually succeed.

When I got burned out like that, I made a pause of one or two days and then hit the street again. Don’t make big pauses because you will get lazy and then everything you worked for will be lost.

Never Stop Approaching

You know what? Even when you get into beautiful LTR, you should never stop gaming. Why? Because no matter how easy it becomes for you to get a girl’s number and eventually get her in bed with you, remember it was damn hard to get to this position! Remember all your battles and what you had to go through in order to realize that all of this is a joke which then resulted in your great number close ratio.

You owe yourself to never stop this. Once you stop, it’s gone. It will be hard to do it again. I’m not saying you should cheat on your girlfriend, you shouldn’t do that, ever, but socialize with other women, stay in touch with your masculinity. You can even take her number and delete it right afterwards. Whatever you decide, you can just approach and not even ask for her number but test her reaction and let her go.


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