What does losing virginity means for men

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Losing virginity is a major event for men in many cultures including Jewish, Christian, old ancient culture such as China and so on. It was celebrated even in Pagan faith. But the question is why? Why did people consider a boy growing into a man only after he loses his virginity?

What is so important to lose your virginity, as that it changes our lives?

Whether we like it or not, virginity is every man concern until he finally gets laid. Obviously, this is a very important subject for youngsters.

It is still a sing o manhood and definitely a status changer. No matter how big loser or geek you are, if you lose virginity before everyone else, suddenly you become the only guy that can have sex and that can skyrocket your status among friends and girls in your school.

On the other hand, it can put a lot of pressure on guys. If everyone but you lost their virginity and you are the only one that didn’t have sex so far, suddenly you become weird, or loser, freak, gay, etc.

Being a virgin for too long can really fuck with your mind or emotions. You are going to doubt yourself, you are going to wonder if you are attractive enough, or if something is wrong with you. Of course, none of this is going to be true, but the fact that you are thinking about it shows the importance of losing your virginity.

This is why virginity influences a lot of social dynamics in your surrounding and it’s why it is important for your status.

What Losing Virginity Brings You As A Man?

Success breeds confidence. If you want to have sex for the first time in your life, it will definitely help you remove all of your doubts and questions about your attractiveness. It will help you get more confident in all other areas of your life, not only with women.

This is the only reason you should work on losing your virginity because it is a mental threshold. After that, you will feel more confident and you will get momentum.

You will also realize that sex is extremely overrated, partly because your first time is going to suck. But, sex is definitely overrated and there are numerous reasons for that. Every movie idealizes sex but the truth is that masturbating can also give you orgasm and that 40% of women never experienced orgasm in their life.

It is also the truth that most women are the same when you turn the lights off. Very rarely will you find a girl that is very good in bed. And those women that are good in bed are bad for everything else, like long term relationships, etc.

I don’t recommend you pay for a hooker, except if you are in your 30’s or 40’s and still a virgin. If you are in your late twenties, you should put work in getting rid of your virginity instead of paying for a hooker. How to do that?

Easy. Start approaching 10 women every day. Start going out 2 times a week at nightclubs. Start doing online game. Put some effort in and the reward will come. Don’t overthink sex, don’t put pressure on yourself too much. Just quietly work on yourself, on overcoming that mental threshold

Because once you lose your virginity, you will definitely build momentum. After you experience and really realize what sex is(its nothing more than putting your D in her vagina) then all of your previous concerns will look stupid to you. And gaming girls will become much easier.

So, How to Lose virginity as a man?

setting goals

This are excactly steps I would take if I were  a virging:

  1. I would read a few books on how to increase my stamina during sex, and how to become good at it. How to not come too soon. The sex god method is not bad, 2 girls teach sex also. Remember, good sex is the best way of getting your girl addicted to you.
  2. I would contact all friends I spend quality time with and go out with them. Or, I would go out solo. Find out where is the best place to go out, what is the situation in clubs, bars, college parties, etc. Go out 2 times a week. Think about the night game as going to get some fun. Don’t take seriously what people say or think at night. You are there to play with them and fool around. Everyone is drunk anyway. My advice is to not use alcohol. That’s how you will become more confident in social situations faster.
  3. Read a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and apply things from it every day. That is a simple book about how to be more communicative. Don’t read it once, but download the audio version and listen to it a few times! There are a lot of books about how to be a better speaker, but you need to know two things first: a) Switch focus on the people you are talking with. b) Eye contact.
  4. I would hire some photographer to make nice pictures. People who live from taking photos knows exactly how to take pictures of you looking like a movie star. And of course, edit it in photoshop. Pay as much as you need, because this is a good investment.
  5. Use those photos and make profiles on all dating sites. Including Instagram.
  6. Like I said, go out 2 times a week. Practice focusing on a girl. The beginning is the hardest part. It’s easy after you develop an abundance mentality.
  7. Find some physical activity, at least 3 times a week. It’s important to feel good in your body. If you are skinny, go to the gym. If you are fat, do cardio.
  8. Work on your fears. Approach girls on the street. Most girls that I fucked come from a street game. Practice it. It’s a lot harder to begin approaching girls on day time on the street, but once you beat that fear that, everything will become easier for you.

Those are the steps you need to do.

Now, losing your virginity won’t make you a pimp. It basically means nothing. Nothing special at least, objectively speaking of course. But it will mean a world to you.

Because you all of a sudden don’t need to lie your friends(who also lie) on how and when you lost your virginity. You will relief that social pressure from yourself. And, you will feel more desirable to women.

Sign that says "validated"

Feeling desirable to women is very important in dating. If you feel attractive, women will feel that way too, and they will “smell” your confidence miles away.

For your first sex, the most important thing is to stay relaxed and not worrying about performance. Because if you put pressure on yourself, chances are higher that you will somehow fail (even if you really can’t fail, you can only stay without sex and girl, that’s the worst thing that can happen). The less you give a fuck, the better you will be at sex. That is the hard truth at least when it comes to inexperienced guys.

Protect yourself from STD’s, wear a fucking condom, don’t play around. You don’t want to get some serious STD and they are very, very common these days.


Losing virginity is an imporntant and special thing for every man. When you think about it rationally, it doesn’t mean anything. You will fuck sooner or later but from a mental perspective, it means a lot because it opens the door for future success in your dating life. That is why I suggest you lose virginity as soon as you can.

Don’t be over obsessed about it but work on this. It’s definitely something that will change your life

Relax, stay calm and enter the adult world.


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