Never Forget Your True Advantage

A man free from validation


A lot of men get angry when they see a hot 10. Their main argument is that these women get a lot of things simply by being beautiful. They start so far ahead in value at the sexual marketplace it’s easy to fall to desperation. They get the job, they get all the attention wherever they go, and if a girl like this knows how to manipulate men, she will have a great career. Totally unfair, I agree.

No amount of lifting will make you get attention from women as hot women get from men. It’s simply impossible for ordinary people to get to that level.

But still, her advantage can also be her biggest weakness. Is her body a blessing or a curse? It can be both.

One thing is sure, she can be surpassed with hard work and sweat. Let’s take a look at what you can build with hard work that she will have a hard time achieving.

Real, impeccable self-esteem

Her self-esteem is built based on what other people think. She never had to work to impress anyone, she impressed people because of the way she was born. In fact, she’s had a privileged status from a very young age. People say this starts at 16 but I think people treat her differently even before 16. She will get all the attention she needs from boys in school, relatives and everyone else, partly because she is a girl, and partly because she is pretty. When she turns 16, a whole new level of benefits is open to her.

People start to look at her like she is a queen. Guys start to approach her and suddenly she has a lot more options than all her friends.

All of this gives her self-esteem of course. She feels confident in her body, that’s true. But this confidence is built on something external, something she can’t control.

How does this work to your advantage? For one thing, self-esteem is called self-esteem for a reason. It can only come from the self. If you are a red piller, there is no doubt that at some point you had to come to a point where you had to reject everything society taught you about relationships and learn to live life for you.

Maybe you had to get heartbroken to start this journey, maybe all your friends betrayed you or something different bad happened. Whatever it is, you had to fight with it to overcome it.

No one gave a solution to you, you had to get through those hard days and actually do something to get back on your feet. See the difference? For a hot girl, people do things for her and give her value she didn’t earn. And you, on the other hand, have to earn respect from other men, you have to sacrifice and do things in order to be satisfied with yourself. And fortunately, that is the only way to succeed as a man. Everything you build, you had to do it by yourself. And this is how you create real self-esteem.


And the best part? Because you had to suffer to get it, you will protect it even if you have to fight for it.


But what happens when a girl hits the wall?

Sad woman showing her watch


What happens when she turns 35 and younger girls replace her? Is there anything she can do about it? At that time, she can only try to settle with a successful guy, and at 35 it’s probably too late for that.

I must repeat my point about the blue pill world being most cruel to those it is kind to.

The biggest problem with hot women is that they think they are entitled to have everything. They think they deserve whatever they have. Validation from men, good job, good grades and a lot of friends that she can use. Because of that, they can never learn anything about compromise, real leadership and how to build a relationship with others.

They don’t know how to get real friends, they think everyone should listen to and admire them. And all of that just because of her looks. All her friends are probably with her just because they can be a part of a “cool girls” group and because they can be around alpha men since they will chase the hot one. This is the hard truth.

Another thing is that she doesn’t have to develop any skill except how to look more beautiful. She doesn’t need to learn how to lead, how to communicate in the right way or even how to get men, it all comes to her for free. She can even be lazy at her job and her boss would still keep her because he is hoping he will get laid.

But girls that are hot are fully aware of all this. They are aware they will have a hard time to find real friends and that they will have a hard time finding the self-discipline to develop some skills that can earn them money.

And then girls like this feel depressed and lonely.

So, what do hot girls do when they feel depressed? They look for dopamine. What is the best place to get emotional spikes to make her feel better, at least for some time? That is right, Instagram and Snapchat. She will log into her Instagram account, see 10 or 100 new messages from betas and a lot of new followers. She can take a picture and she will be swept in comments and compliments.

You see how easy it is for her to get hooked and addicted to that? I can’t blame her. Imagine your inbox full of desperate women asking and begging you to fuck them whenever you post a new picture. How would you feel? Would you be addicted to Instagram? It would certainly change your life.

And all of this is gone in no time. Years are passing fast and girls that are hot simply don’t have the ability to think about the future. She is so busy having fun in her 20s that her mind can’t process what will happen in 10 years. That is why most of them don’t even care about how they will look, so they don’t use anti-age creams and they eat crappy food, which then leads to looking older, and no amount of operations can make you look younger like a good diet can. Most girls that did operations to look younger look worse than they would without it.

And then, when she is in her 30s she will experience the harsh reality for the first time.

On the other hand, your self-esteem can only grow as time pass, and you can only feel better about yourself, because the more victories you achieve in life, the better you will feel. And you understand how this world works. You are very well aware that if you have 0 dollars in your balance and you are a short ugly midget it will be hard to find friends or a girlfriend. You know that great results can only be achieved through hard work. All of this makes you stronger and draws you closer to reality than people who are born with advantages.

Building real self-esteem is for life, which means that if you have something internally that draws people towards you like confidence and charisma, it becomes a part of you that never vanishes. But if you base your success on genetics, good looks for example, you will be in temptation to think it will last forever. And it’s very hard to understand that all you have now will be gone one day and you will get old, you will look different, validation from others will be gone.

Your true advantage should be your knowledge of the world combined with your self-value that was earned through hard work, suffering, and sacrifice.


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