Best Qualities To Look For In Your Future Wife

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Whether you are a young man in your twenties or you just went through a difficult divorce, your body and instincts will lead you into having a family.

It reminds me of when I was younger and said that I will never have kids and family. It took four years to go from “I will never have kids” to “I want a big family and a nice wife”. And most of you think that it’s too early to think about having a family, especially if you are in your twenties. Only you know the answer to that question.

However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a family and have to go through finding a suitable woman for your lifestyle. Notice that I didn’t say marriage. In the US, getting married is like putting a pistol to your head. It’s best to avoid it, and that doesn’t mean to avoid monogamy and a big, healthy family. But we will speak about marriage another time.

This article is all about finding a good woman (if there are any left in our country) for a long-term relationship or for life.

You never know which woman you will end up falling in love with. You can fall in love with your plate and decide to marry her, or you can have a long-term relationship and decide to get things on another level and have kids. This is why there are qualities you should try to find in any woman you want to date more than a few times.


So, what makes a woman a good wife material? Let’s start with our list.

Good, functional family.

This is what you should watch out for first. How is her relationship with father? Does she love him, respect him, or both? And how is her mother treating her father? Is she treating him right? Do they even have sex? Is she sucking him off from time to time?

All these questions will be hard to answer because women don’t reveal how shitty their situation is to an outsider, and by the time you become part of her family and start noticing these things, it’ll be probably too late.

Your best option is to ask your girl everything you want to know about her family.

Because most families look like this: Father spends all weekend doing jobs around the house, making his wife breakfast and cups of tea, while she puts a bit of bleach in the toilet and complains about how tired she is from all the work she does around the house.

Most women in marriages only know how to complain and play the victim card (more on that later).

Is she capable of love?

Now, we are not talking about unconditional love. No woman will ever love you in that fairytale way.

But you can love someone in a lot of ways. The problem is when you expect too much because you were indoctrinated to believe that a woman should love you just because you are nice to her and that she should love you no matter what. Accept that this is very unlikely to happen.

Instead, try to look at how she treats others. Is she a caring and lovely person? Does she love her family, brother, sister, little cousins? Does she love kids?

It should be said that you can’t know this if you don’t get to know a woman. She can have a shield around her because of her past experience or just naturally. But when you get to know her, she will show you her true self. And this is when you want to pay attention to this part.

 The N count.


Very important. How many boyfriends did she have before you? How many guys fucked her before you?

This is huge because if she can’t maintain herself when she sees a dick, that’s a problem and she will probably cheat on you. Being faithful requires self-discipline. Both of you will get attracted to someone else, the real question is will you act on it. If she had a lot of adventures in her life, chances are she will want more of it.

Yes, she might act like she is “over that period,” but as soon as she gets what she wants (a ring and a few kids) she will be back on track.

Most women will lie about this. So, you will have to rely on yourself for this.

First, you need to know where she grew up. What high school did she go to? What college did she graduate from? You need to find someone who knew her from that period and ask him/her about your girl. What was she like? Was she crazy and stuff like that?

On the other hand, what does your gut say? Does she have a “thousand cock stare?”

If your gut says to you that you are dealing with a whore, it’s most likely true and it’s best to move on.

Level of indoctrination.

An angry woman is yelling

In today’s world, it’s hard to find a wife that isn’t brainwashed with at least some feminist ideas. However, it’s very important that your future wife have at least some traditional values, and here is how to find out.

  1. When does she plan to have a family?

If she is all about “career first,” then you can’t expect her to be fully dedicated to your family, ever. If she “wants to have more fun” before she takes on a family task, she wants to have as many cocks inside her as possible before she settles down. I hope you won’t be the guy with whom she settles down.

  1. Is she into pets or babies?

It sounds ridiculous, I know. But small dogs and pets are just replacements for babies. Their whole purpose is to satisfy and trick maternal instinct. No, you should not satisfy your instinct with rats but actual kids. If she is sending you cute photos of babies more than pets, that is a good sign. If she is more focused on “animal health” than other things, it’s usually a bad sign.

There are other stuff to test this, but my advice is that if you see at least 1% of SJW in her, stay away from her. That 1% will grow like cancer in her mind as time goes by and you will find yourself living with a person you can’t stand. It’s very common.




Laziness, unfaithfulness and being overweight walk hand in hand. The reason for these three problems is the same – lack of self-discipline. Of course, cheating can have multiple reasons and I’m not saying that this is the only one, but it’s a very important part of being faithful.

If she can’t stay away from unhealthy food for her own good, how do you think she is going to do anything in her life for a family, how do you think she is going to make any kind of sacrifice for your future?

Your home will be dirty, your wife will be a bad example to kids, and you better hope no one wants to fuck her because she is fat.

Avoid women with low self-discipline.



Blame shifting is the most common behavior with women. It’s damn hard to find a woman that will admit when she is wrong.

But this is very important. Taking responsibility for something means she is psychologically strong and healthy.

Since girls (and people in general) that take full responsibility for their action are very rare, I would not say that you should dump every girl that shifts blame to you from time to time. I would say to avoid girls that shift blame anytime things go wrong.

And if you find a girl that can take responsibility, try to keep her.



Choosing a good wife or girlfriend for a long-term relationship most times translates to choosing a good future. It is very important to understand what a good partner is all about.

It’s also crucial to have options. If you have options and a lot of girls to choose from, then it will be easier to find a good partner. If you’ve never slept with a woman or just don’t know how to get them, then your brain will force you to be satisfied with the first woman that shows you affection. Which is, in today’s world, in this country, same as playing Russian roulette with four bullets in a gun.

Most of us will want to have a family at some point in our lives. No matter how much you hate the idea right now. And then you will have to choose a mother for your kids and a woman to live with for a long period of time.

I know that finding a unicorn is a tough job, but I hope that this list will help you choose wisely because your future depends on it.


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