How To Seduce Mexican Women – Top Tips For Men

Three Mexican Women Smiling

Mexico is definitely the most underrated country for tourists. It offers so many beautiful natural sights but in order to find them you need to do is focus outside Mexico City. It is a big country that has a lot to offer.

Unfortunately, Mexico is a victim of the media. They portrayed Mexico as some war zone where if you go to a wrong place the cartel is going to chop off your head. This image spread across America like a disease and this is why most Americans don’t go to Mexico, because of the safety concerns.

Luckily for you, this may be your chance because of two things. Beautiful places are not full of Americans, so it makes for a better place for you to go as a tourist, and your “foreigner competition” is very low. Meaning, Mexican women who love Americans are really struggling to find one, and this is where you come to give her an adventure of her life.

But in order to do that, you probably have to change a few things in your game and approach. That is what this guide is all about, to let you know what exactly works with Mexican women and what doesn’t. Let’s dig into it.

Mexican Women Loves Direct Men

There is nothing more attractive to Mexican women than being approached directly with confidence. Mexican people appreciate honesty a lot, being straightforward is very rewarding in this country. I usually walk up to one and literally use the direct game and many girls blush or “se chivean” like many Mexicans say.

Now, if your direct game goes with being a bit rude, this is a problem. Every girl says she doesn’t like rude guys, but American women might give you a pass if you are hot. It’s not like that with Mexican girls. If being rude is part of your game, you will have to change it, or at least hide it with humor.

The good news is that Mexican women are very receptive in a day game, which makes the direct game a lot easier. Don’t expect to be successful and confident at first. It takes time to build momentum, but once you do, you will understand why this country is so beautiful and why I didn’t want to post this article for so long.

It’s a day game paradise, hurry up before it gets ruined by mass tourism!

Dress Well

Woman attracted to indifferent man

As an American, you will have high status, period. And if you dress like a bum your chances are going down. Actually, dressing well will multiply your value in the sexual marketplace. Girls in Mexico said to me that there are two types of foreigners, those that are rude, cheap looking folks who think that being white is enough, and then the normal, attractive foreigners that know what works.

Guess how to end up in the second group as soon as you meet her? Dress well. What to wear? Well, most guys wear typical shorts and sandals or running shoes. So, buy something different. Actually, invest in this area a lot because it gets you the biggest return on investment than any other thing you can buy here.

Choose Your Cities Wisely

There is no country with more cultural differences between cities than Mexico. This is the reason you should think twice before choosing where exactly in Mexico you want to go. It’s different in every way, in quality of girls and culture for example.

If you prefer polluted cities with a lot of women to approach, and you really suck at Spanish, then yes, go to Mexico City, girls are friendly and the nightlife is great.

Cancun is also a good place to meet Mexican girls, and US tourists as well, so you might get lucky with them too. Girls are very friendly.

Getting laid in Cancun is indeed easy because a lot of high school girls all around Mexico come here for a spring break. Don’t focus too much on local Cancun girls since you have more chances with Mexican women that come there for a vacation.

But the winner for me is definitely Sinaloa. You know that song:

Mucha Nalga much chichi, es Culichi
Poca chichi poca nalga, es Chilanga

Big bottom big breasts = Girl from Culiacan
Small bottom small breasts = Girl from Mexico City

Now, if you know Spanish, this will be paradise for you. There are lots of good-looking girls that can’t wait to brag to their friends about how they ended up in bed with “gringo.” This state has the most beautiful women in Mexico. They are more light-skinned with big breasts and ass. If you think that you know what type of girls I am talking about and you only know Mexican girls in the US, you are wrong. Women from Sinaloa rarely go to the USA.

They are also very feminine, and feminism is almost none existent in this city. People ask me, “Is Sinaloa more conservative like Guadalajara or liberal like Mexico City?” Well, Sinaloa has the best of both, but in terms of hooking up, definitely more liberal.

Other cities that you will have a great time visiting are Monterrey, Morelia, Guanajuato Zacatecas, Morelia, Puebla, and Cuernavaca. They have literally no significant number of gringos that go there but all offer rich culture and plenty of things to do.

Bring Some Cash

Mexican promoter on event

Now, Mexican women from North love to drink a lot. When it comes to drinking they go toe to toe with Russian women. They might spend their whole salary on drinks for the weekend. The good news is that nothing is really expensive here, and you should bring cash with you.

I am totally against buying drinks for women in the US and Europe, even Eastern Europe, but in Mexico, if you show money you will get a status boost. And, like I said, feminism is none existent here, so girls won’t even ask you to pay them for the drink. But Mexican girls can’t drink a lot because of money. If you make it easier for her to get drunk, I am sure she will reward you appropriately.


Learn the Spanish Language

Learn at least some Spanish. Mexican women know English only a bit. So, if you take time and learn some Spanish, you can mix English and Spanish and you can have a nice conversation. If you are lazy, you will be damned to get only Mexican girls that know English, and there isn’t a lot of them.

Now, learning Spanish is something that can benefit you a lot, not only in Mexico, but also in Spain, Argentina and Columbia. If you take the time to learn the basics of the language, you’ll expand your dating market to (literally) millions of girls.

Be a Man

Mexican women can smell weakness from miles away. She won’t test you aggressively as soon as you approach like American women do, instead, she will wait and strike when you least expect it.

This means that you should not tolerate her bullshit. She will act mean and try to walk over you, testing your self-respect. If you cut her the first time she tries something, she will have more respect for you, and you will seem more attractive for sure.

Let her know who is leading the relationship. Stop worrying if you are going to get criticized, thankfully there are not so many SJW in Mexico, so you can remember what men to women dynamics really mean.

Remember that being a man brings some responsibility also. If someone is talking bad about her or trying to make her look stupid, you need to react. Protect her and save your pride as a man.

Also, don’t forget to dominate her in bed, she will like that very much. In short, be a man and beat that epidemic disease called pussyfication.


Have Your Boundaries

Now, boundaries make it easier to control relationships. You should have boundaries with every woman, not just Mexican. But Mexican women love men that let them know what they can and can’t do. And she will test that. If she crosses your boundaries and you do nothing, you are done, she will go to some other dude.

If you, however, punish her for that by ignoring her or hard NEXT her, then there is a high chance of her crawling to your feet in a few days. The way this works is that she is basically asking you, “Are you man enough to respect yourself and your boundaries?” Have it in mind that your answer to this determines whether you will end in bed with her or masturbate on her Instagram pictures.

Connect with Mexican Girls Before You Go

Woman standing on a beach with a Mexican flag

Latina women are in touch with their body and are very sexualized. Having sex with them is quite an experience. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to create a deeper connection.

On the contrary, they love being drawn by you and the most attractive thing a Mexican woman can feel is that feeling when she thinks she’s known you for years despite just meeting you 20 minutes ago on the street. In order to do that, you will need to create a rapport and make her feel relaxed.

So, don’t just take her number and go, because you will get flaked that way, try to get to know her before you go.

Online Game

If you think you don’t need an online game in Mexico, you are dead wrong. First of all, if you are bad with Spanish this is a perfect way to filter women interested in foreigners and those that are not. Every girl that sees your name and pictures knows that you are a gringo and from then two things are going to happen. Either she is not going to match with you or she will be very receptive to your messages.

My advice? Forget about Tinder. My friend complained to me how Tinder sucks in Mexico. Yes, maybe that is because Tinder is not being used at all there. Mexicans use Badoo to date. It’s basically the same thing, but Badoo is extremely popular in Mexico and the Latin world. Check it out if you’re going there.

Having good pictures and bio is important, as you already know.

Choose Your Topics

Mexican girls don’t love serious topics. Actually, very few women enjoy arguing with you or having some serious talk. There are no women philosophers in the history of humankind for a reason.

They want to laugh and have fun, not talk about politics, Trump or drug cartels.

If somebody else starts the topic, express your opinion, sure, just avoid arguing about any of it. It’s better to talk about the weather than Trump wall in Mexico, trust me. No one likes to hear how their country is shit, even if economically speaking it probably is.

Find Humor

If your game style includes being cocky-funny, this is the place for you. Humor works here very well. Most girls here are somehow insecure about their looks when dealing with Americans. Now, I don’t know why but making her laugh will definitely relax the situation. I suggest you mix your confident approach with some cocky-funny line.

Teasing here also works, just make sure you don’t use Negs since women in Mexico are easy to offend. Tease, but be respectful. If you can do that, you will get very good responses.

Pro tip: “If you want to tease her, make sure you comment on some of her characteristics. Like being too aggressive, or being lazy, being geeky, nerd or whatever comes to your mind. Avoid teasing her about her looks because like I said, they are very insecure.”

Speak Slowly

This is a rookie mistake most gringos make, not only in Mexico but in also in Brazil. When they hear a girl knows how to say her name in English, they act like she just passed the TOEFL exam. Relax man, you are not in the US. If you ever tried to learn a certain language you know how confusing it might be when people start to speak fast.

This is why you need to slow down, take a pause, be louder but speak slower. Try to slip some Spanish words into your regular talk.

Another reason why you should speak slowly is that it shows confidence. If you can hold her attention and speak slowly, you will create rapport much faster. And, speaking slowly always shows confidence, it shows that you are in control and that you have no pressure. Make sure you are also loud.

I actually suggest you start speaking slower even if you are in the US. It has a tremendous effect on your confidence. If there is any cheat to get more confident, it would be to speak slowly.

Watch for her IOI

Mexican girl dressed in Mexican clothes

Mexican women are great at IOI. A Mexican girl will show you she likes you by laughing at your jokes, smiling, keeping long eye contact or touching her hair. There is no chance she will ever admit that she likes you. They are almost like children, you can tell that she likes you when she gives you attention or tries to tease you.

This is a sign to try to escalate. Now, escalating fast without her giving you these signs is also good, just make sure you don’t try to be aggressive with it. Save aggression for when she gets naked, she will like it then.

Don’t be afraid to touch her, but any use of force or “cave-man” tactic won’t work here.


There is no need to think about your approach too much. Women are women after all, these are just some tips that can help you, general rules still apply whether you are in Mexico or Norway.

Mexico is an actual goldmine of a country to travel in, but foreigners only scratch the surface of the country. Make sure you plan your travel upfront because there is a lot to be seen. Mexico is not Mexico City, and your original Mexican women can be found at cities that are not famous for tourists at all, and that is your opportunity to really understand and get to know this wonderful country.


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