Starting Your Own Online Business: 5 Crucial Things

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Having your own and big online passive income. Sounds great? Build an online business or a couple of websites and you will never have to work again, right?
Well, if you would like to find out if this is easy and true, stick around.

Everyone is talking about starting your own online business. It sounds like a dream job and a good escape from the corporate world. You work from home, you make a ton of money and the best part? It’s easy.

But did you know that 90% of online start-up fail within first 120 days? This is because people don’t understand what kind of hustle this is.

This is why I wrote this guide so I present you the top 5 things you need to know if you want to start your own online business.

  1. It’s a marathon, not a sprint

If you are just starting, don’t expect a big income in your first year. Your first project is going to fail most likely. And accept that right now.

Forget about making money in your first 12 months. Yes, you can build a sub-niche website and earn start earning within the first 4-6 months, but it won’t be big. And, it won’t be a business.

If you really want to live from online business, you need to put years of hard work in order to make it. And maybe you will fail even then, but you will get the experience you need to start something new and finally start earning some serious money.

Even if you are into PPC(Pay Per Click) business, like Facebook Ads or AdWords, which is known to be a strategy for impatient people that want a quick buck, even with this strategy, you will have to put some time and money in order to find out what ad works best for your audience. Because trust me, if you never tested an ad, you don’t know if people are going for it. You may think you know what works best, but you don’t.

  1. You don’t need expensive tools

The good thing about this is that you really don’t need some money to start. Best way to do things is to test what works.

Stop wasting money on expensive tools, hostings or ads. You don’t need that. You can find all of the tools on the internet for free! Or with some kind of daily limit.

For a beginner, you don’t need any tools. I would say that until you earn 1000$ a month, you don’t need any tool that you need to pay for.

All that you need is hosting, domain, good WordPress theme and maybe a 5$ fiver gig for your logo!

  1. Don’t give up

Persistency is one of the best characteristics you can have when it comes to online hustle. Why is that? Because sometimes you will have to work for a couple of months before you see any results. It’s just how this game works. You write, do promotion or SEO and hope to see results in a couple of months.

And you will fail, you will have times where you will hit a wall. But one thing you are not allowed to do and that is to give up. No matter what happens, you need to stick to your passion.

  1. It’s just like any other business

If you have a blog, the last thing you want to do is to treat it like a blog or diary. A blog is a way to make money. Ask yourself if you want to be a blogger or a rich internet marketing guy? Because it’s difficult to be both.

If you want to be connected with that blog your whole life, then yes, you can concentrate only on concent and become a good blogger in 10 years and popular, writing books and stuff. It’s possible.

But if you want to have multiple websites, diversifying your income, and maybe sell on of them and then start a new one from time to time, then you are not a blogger, you are an Internet Marketing expert.

Treat your website like a big brand! Pay for logo, make it shine. Write disclaimer, disclosure, contact page, About Us page, etc.

Also, when I say treat it like a business that means write constantly, don’t let a day passed without you writing 700 words. The only way to become better at this is by doing it. If you can’t force yourself to write constantly, maybe you should prepare for a job interview.

  1. Stop wasting time, start your online business now!Watch with Reborn Masculinity Logo

Think about a niche you want to get into and what you want to sell. Think of something you are passionate enough to make a lot of content but remember that niche should also be profitable. It doesn’t have to be a big niche, it can be around one product. But make sure you won’t get bored writing about it for years and make sure people are buying it.

I lost a few months in “preparing” to launch my website. Few miserable months. If I was smart enough to start it as soon as possible, I would make even more money. But I learned from my mistakes and you should too.

As soon as you think about that product or a sub-niche, start it. Don’t waste time because the best way to learn this stuff is to actually do it. Don’t wait for anything, just buy a domain.

If you can’t see a good reason for buying a domain, buy it just for SEO purposes. Google loves to see some aging domain, you will have leverage over your competition when you start your online business!



Building a profitable online business is not easy, but it’s very much rewarding and worth. It’s a dream job for most men, and it will make you a freer man. The prize that you need to pay for it is high. You will have to focus on this 100% of your time. That means if you are looking for some easy money, this is not for you.

This game is serious, and you should treat your websites as a business.

Find out what you are doing good, start your own online business around it. Find something you are passionate about and that it’s profitable and you are halfway there. That would be my best advice.

Keep grinding.



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