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Tampa, Florida

This time around I am taking you to the magnificent city of Tampa. Getting laid in Tampa should not be a problem since it’s the biggest city in West Central Florida with a population of almost four hundred thousand residents.

It is also part of the metropolitan area which is popularly called the “Tampa Bay Area”.

The city itself has approximately six bars per thousand people and a population that’s 35% single, followed by the status of the 29th-most-active Tinder city in the region.

When it comes to nightlife, Tampa got you covered with one of the sexiest neighborhoods in America – Soho. 

These statistics make this destination quite appealing for fornication! You should definitely take your chances at the famous Cigar city!

Tampa girls in all their glory

Five Tampa Girls In Underwear.

One major thing about Tampa girls is that they are are more laid-back than other girls in the state of Florida. Add their attractiveness and natural charisma in the mix and you get a perfect combo: casual, sexy girls that are ready to get laid with you. In this city, you will find a large number of White girls, followed by a fair number of Latinas, African-Americans, Asians, and a low number of Native American girls.

Tampa girls are not the type to give attitude to guys. Even though they may have a sense of pride, they are very welcoming and quite easy to get in bed, just like girls in Atlanta. You can expect loyalty in Tampa women and find them calling you to meet up again some to her time. 

Among so many of them, you are going to run into a few types, based on their interest and lifestyle, so I listed the most relevant ones to help you in your skirt-chase: 

The first type of Tampa girl you are likely to meet is the cigar lover. There are many cigar bars and smoke shops in the city and a large number of girls in the city love to get high on the cigar. Share a smoke with them, and they may share something else with you in return. 

The second type would be the fight lover. People in Tampa are quite passionate about sport fights. Mixed martial arts is quite huge as well as wrestling, so you can take a chance to show off your masculinity, these girls will definitely know how to appreciate it.

The third type, and probably the easiest one to get laid with among others is the alcohol lover. Citizens of Tampa cannot hide their love for drinks and this is evident in the organized festivals in the city like “The Summer of Rum Festival”, “Bourbon & Brew Festival”, and the “Tampa Bay Margarita Festival”. On these marry occasions you could get lucky with one of sexy chick that got just the right amount of tipsy, and an even larger amount of horny. Just like getting laid in San Antonio girls you need to drink with them before you bed them.

The fourth type of Tampa girl is the athletic one. You can find her early in the morning jogging barefoot on the beach. Do join in, and later ask her to a nice beach bar for a refreshing drink, and maybe something bit warmer afterward.

The last and not the least type you are likely to meet is the young hot mom. Getting laid in Tampa with a hot mum should definitely be on your checklist. According to the Florida Department of Health, a lot of sexy young girls became moms in their teens. Don’t be surprised when you run into a sexy young Tampa chick and later discover that she has a young kid. 

Getting Laid In Tampa

The good news is that picking up Tampa girls is not in any way nerve-wracking or herculean. Girls here love to have fun, so you should visit places where fun is served exclusively. You can easily pick up hot Tampa chicks at places like bars, lounges, and nightclubs along with hotel bars, cocktail lounges, hookah/shisha bars, dance clubs, and house clubs.

Hooking up in Tampa is not much different than hooking up in Denver: throw some cash on the table and watch them wrestle for your attention.

Needless to say, a thick wallet will make getting laid very easy for you. For a more sophisticated approach dress in a casual yet attractive manner, and make sure you smell nice.

Having sex with Tampa Girls

Tampa girls in a Nightclub

Nighttime brings a good chance of getting laid in Tampa. There are two main entertainment districts in the city: Soho and Ybor City. They both offer lots of entertainment and quite the opportunities for pleasurable moments and intriguing nights. I listed some of the best places for you to start your game strong:

First on the list is Push Ultra Lounge: It is ranked as one of the nicest bars in the city. The DJs here are very skilled so if you want to enjoy dancing, awesome drinks while listening to world-class music, get yourself here to enjoy the night away, and pick up one of the many hot and tipsy Tampa women while you’re there.

Next is the Hyde Park Café: It is situated at Platt Street and it is a good spot to hook up with hot singles. The DJs here are giving it hot while you’re hunting on the dance floor. There are VIP rooms available at this club if you want to get laid right away, just make sure you have a reservation ahead.

If you have cravings for music and dancing, come to Club Skye. It is renowned for its energy and hype and has an outdoor bar if you do not want to get immersed in the rowdiness of the dance floor. You can find lots of young smoking hot Tampa women here. 

The Kennedy bar is not only a cool spot for a fun night out but also one of the best places to hook up with Tampa women. This place is usually visited by a lot of college students and young professionals seeking night thrilled with action and drinks. You are most likely to get laid with the finest young chicks while taking a shot here. 

Daytime game

The key to successfully hooking up during the day is equipping yourself with a sense of sophistication to impress the local women you come across. If you want to enjoy the more positive result in meeting and hooking up with women in Tampa It is recommended to extend your gaming to the Tampa Bay Area. 

A prime spot for hooking up with sexy ladies is the renown Clearwater Beach. You can participate in many fun and interesting activities like “pirate ship” cruises, fishing charters, boat tours, jet ski rentals and parasailing which will further increase your chance of hooking up.

If you want to have sex with college girls visit the USF campus and also try going to some pool parties. 

Risks while Approaching

The rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the city are very high. Always use protection when having sex.

Since Tampa is a laid-back city, there is a very slim chance of getting into a fight except if you create one for yourself. You should use your common sense and take the general precautions to stay safe.

All in all, Tampa girls are gorgeous, sexy, laid-back and fun to be with. Don’t miss on a chance to get laid in Tampa, and do share all the tips and tricks I provided for you!


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