Top Tips For Short Guys On Tinder

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Let’s be honest, being short in today’s Sexual Marketplace sucks. Rarely will you see a short guy with a model tall girl.

On the other hand, there is a lot of powerful short guys out there that can date whatever they want. Being short and even ugly has its advantages. It forces you to learn great game skills if you want to get laid.

So what are some tips that you can apply when it comes to Tinder at least?

1. Don’t be honest

Women are lying men every day. High heels make her look taller. Makeup makes her look better and push-ups make her look more attractive. Women don’t have second thoughts when it comes to these things. They consider it “normal” and how dare you ask why is she trying to deceive men?

And here you are not wanting to lie on Tinder.

Fine. At least don’t put real heigh in your bio, avoid talking about it.

Even if you decide to lie about your heigh if she asks you, keep it short.

2. Ignore “I only date tall guys” shit test

Women rejects a man with unattractive characteristics

Don’t worry about it. It’s similar to ‘I’m not here to hookup’ kind of test. Just ignore and do just that.

Girls that say they don’t hookup do just that and girls that don’t date short guys usually do date them.

If you don’t like fat girls you won’t have a need to tell every fatty that you don’t date fat chicks.

I suggest you ignore tests like that but you can come up with something funny if you want:

“I mean, I like girls with double Ds, but do you see me complaining?”

3. Use full-length photo and add white space on the sides of the photo

This way the photo will appear full length of a cropped section of the body.

Remember, Tinder uses square pics. Short guys need to compensate.

Another obvious tip is to don’t post pictures alongside tall friends. Try to flip the script by finding a shorter friend.

4. Experiment with filters and aperture settings

Get in a habit of taking photos. And not only that but stop being afraid to ask your friends to take a lot of photos of you. You can take 100 photos in a minute so make sure you do something fun because at least one picture is going to look good. Make a joke out of it.

You will be surprised how some photos can look good.

Experimentation is key.

5. Take photos of your upper body

Tiger Woods picture only upper body

If you are short, make sure you don’t show legs but only the upper body and active lifestyle.

You see fat girls do something similar in 90% of the time. They show only their face and if you don’t have the experience, you are on a date with a bomb before you know it.

And they act like it’s completely normal. If you dare to ask her about it, you are a jerk even if she is the one who lied.

Think about that next time you want to be ‘honest’ with your pictures.

6. Use elevator shoes

These things can add 1-4 inches (6 with shoe inserts).

I do feel strongly that you should consider trying a pair however and urge you to not be resistant to the idea

Don’t worry, they look just like normal shoes and no one will ‘caught’ you wearing them just to increase your heigh.

I believe these things are very important and can add you a pretty nice boost to you. Start searching for elevator shoes, get used to wearing them and your chances with women will improve drastically.

This one isn’t too much expensive but it gives you a nice 2.8 inches boost.
These were our favorite. 3 inches taller.
High rated soles, get an extra 2 inches boost.


Everyone is maximizing their perceived value. It’s a game we are all thrown into whether you like it or not.

It’s your choice if you want to ignore that fact or to actually put effort and make your profile look extraordinary.


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