Top 10 Red Flags To Look For When Dating Women

woman holding red flag that says "Trap".


The only thing that is worse than dating a slut is falling in love with one or marrying one. The consequences of dating a low morale woman can be devastating for your psychological health, confidence and your wallet.

It would be great if men are born with the talent to recognize which girls are sluts and crazy and which girls are loyal (I think finding the latter in the US is a bit of a stretch).

Unfortunately, men aren’t born with that talent. As a matter of fact, most men get fooled or tricked to get into a relationship with a girl that will cheat on them. That is why you see so many corpses, guys who got divorced and lost their kids and half of everything they own. All of that because they didn’t read signs.

Now, even though you know when you see an easy girl and know how to read signs, you can still fuck up and fall in love with the wrong woman, but by knowing this stuff you lower those chances.

So, let’s take a look at top red flags in women you date:

1. She serves a list of what she expects from a man
Big list reading by a woman

Don’t fall for this one. Any woman that says what she expects in a relationship on the first date wants to put you in a frame where you are the one who should impress her, like she is the prize you need to work for. If she says she doesn’t want a man that plays video games for example, and you just love to do that, it’s better to simply tell her that you are not a good fit and it’s best to go your way.

Don’t say that you are about to limit the time you spend playing video games or lie to her like you don’t play video games. A girl that puts a list in front of you and expects you to follow is delusional, no wonder she is single. Don’t be that poor guy that will make a crucial mistake and date that girl by her rules.

2. “I have been hurt before”

Watch out for these women. Their biggest weapon is guilt. She will start making you guilty even on your first date. It is not a lie that she felt very awful when somebody left her, she is terrified of re-experiencing the abandonment she suffered at the hands of previous partners (which actually started in early childhood with their emotionally unavailable fathers).

She is basically telling you that if you leave her, you are a terrible person and that she can and will make a scene and potentially ruin your life.
It is important to ghost these type of girls as soon as you can, don’t give her space to trap you into a guilt trap.

3. She has a bad relationship with her father

It is almost a rule. If there is one thing you should remember from this post, this is probably it. A bad relationship with her father almost certainly means that she will have a bad relationship with you. Meaning if the only way she can get her father’s attention is to create drama and cry, then that’s what she will do to get yours.

Also, I can guarantee that if she has any type of resentment towards her father, she’ll project that resentment onto you as well.

4. She’s a feminist

Good luck with this one. Being a feminist simply means that she hates everything that has a penis and she expects you to be submissive to her needs. She expects you to feel bad because you are a man and expects you to always consider men as “sexist.”

Women who claim to be feminists have been indoctrinated by the system to believe that they’re victims of an evil patriarchy that seeks to keep them in the kitchen at all cost; they’re hostile and competitive in nature, which negates any chance of having a polarized relationship with them.

Even if you want to just have sex with them, her being feminist raises chances of you being accused of rape even if you didn’t do anything. Beware of crazy women.

5. Tattoo

Now, I know what most of you will think that this is BS but from my experience, tattooed girls are all sluts. Especially if she tattooed herself young. Where were her parents to teach her that ruining your body is not cool?

Girls that tattoo are in desperate need of validation from others. Tattoos are there for other people to see. And for a girl to get one, it is a clear sign that all she wants is attention.

Keep her around for good sex, but don’t ever consider marrying such a girl.

6. She has addictions

Dating a girl that has no self-discipline to beat her addictions is always a bad bet. It doesn’t matter what the addiction is. It can be alcohol, weed, junk food or gossip and reality TV. What matters is that she is mentally week to stop doing what she’s been doing and you are in no obligation to be her psychotherapist.

Even staying loyal requires a certain amount of self-discipline, if she can’t stop drinking how is she going to stay loyal to you?

In most cases, addiction is a result of a dysfunctional family. Someone in her family had a similar addiction or she didn’t get the attention she needed as a child, so it is manifesting this way. I suggest you avoid these women.

7. Inconsistent sexual standards

If it gets to a point where she wants you to wait for sex with her, even despite her not doing that in the past with other guys, you need to dump her. It’s not that she changed, it’s just that she doesn’t find you sexually attractive and see you as a guy who she will settle for.

Even if you score, it probably won’t be good as you thought, and she won’t do half the exciting sexual things she’s done in the past. She may say something like, “I don’t like doing those things anymore.” But in reality, she doesn’t like doing those things with you.

She’s busted it open for dudes in her past, but now she decided to settle. Be the one she wants, not just the one she wants to settle for. Period

8. She lied about her past

It’s a known fact that women don’t feel comfortable speaking about their n-count. But, if she jumps to tell you how many guys she’s slept with, beware, she is probably lying. Girls that have low n-count are usually too shy to talk about that.
Another thing you should be aware of is her reputation. If a lot of guys tell you she’s a slut, she probably is. And you better trust them over her.

9. She is Passive-Aggressive
An angry woman is yelling

You should always prefer a girl that is more direct in her demands. You don’t want to notice her reaction and wonder where you went wrong. And if you ask a passive-aggressive person what bothers them they will never admit it. They will just try to “show” you that you fucked up by giving you cold reactions or making drama about something else. It is really exhausting to live with such a person and they will drain your energy like nothing else.

10. She never takes responsibility for anything

Women are masters in shifting blame. Most of them at least. But some of them really have a problem with accepting responsibility or being blamed for something. This kind of woman is never wrong, it’s never her fault. Even if you catch her doing something. Let’s say you caught her cheating. Guess what? She will maybe cry and everything but at the end, you will be blamed.

Like you somehow magically controlled her mind and body and made her do that! It is really ridiculous when you think about it. This kind of girl is mentally unstable, weak and ill. Why would you need a woman like that?


People would read this and think, “Wait, is there a woman in the world who doesn’t have any of these red flags?” And I get it, most women are damaged in our society. It’s just the way it is now, they’re not to blame for it.

Obviously, if a woman is a bit passive-aggressive and finds it hard to take responsibility, maybe things can still work out between you two, but always seek for a woman who doesn’t have any of these.

That would be it, keep your eyes open and watch out for these red flags unless you want to become an emotional and financial slave.


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