Top 8 things every Red Pill newbie should read

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1. Never ever stay in a relationship with a woman who has cheated on you.
Red pill advice No. 1 never forgive cheating!

No excuses. It is never worth it, you are not her superman and you can’t fix her. If you get back to her, you will always regret that.

This is your first red pill lesson because the first thing you notice on that subreddit is corpses of people who stayed in bad relationships.

Words mean nothing. Actions do. You can say whatever to her, and she can say whatever to you. But at the end, those are just words for her. Actions are important.  It’s the only thing she understands, actions.

That is why a woman who cheated once will 100% do it again! The moment she cheated is the moment she told you that she doesn’t respect you and that she doesn’t want you as a partner. Maybe she still wants you for your resources, she still wants you to be her little bitch, but certainly not as a sexual partner. She is not capable of having a relationship. Daddy issues or something else, not your fucking problem!

So, don’t try to think about why she did it, just leave. The moment you find out, leave. And what is more important. Leave without a word!


2. Don’t let women be the main source of your happiness. Become the red pill person you want to be and improve yourself.

Lift lift lift, you can't hear this enough at The Red Pill

This is the key. That is also why we say go to the gym. Feel good in your own body. Have hobbies. Have a passion for something you do, have goals and work on them.

The only person that can make you truly happy is you. And when you can feel good without women, they come to you. It’s almost like they can smell that. Weird thing.

On the other hand, if your happiness is dependent on them, you will come out as needy, and what is more important, you will never find true happiness, only temporary pleasure.


3. Don’t change her mind, change her emotional state.
Change her emotion

Women are emotional beings. Their action depends on the emotions they feel. Spark the right emotion in a girl and she will be yours.

Try to compete with her on a logical level and all of a sudden you are boring.

They live in a moment, and what they feel is the most important thing to them. They turn off logic and go with whatever she feels. There are no rules she won’t break if you win her emotional brain. That doesn’t mean to give her only positive emotions, sometimes you have to give her negative as well. And when you mix good with bad, then the magic happens.



4. Most women love to be dominated in bed, they want you to slap their ass, pull their hair and to tell them what to do in bed

Be her daddy

You need to stop looking at them as some angels. Women adapt to whatever mindset you have. If you think she is an angel, she becomes an angel. If you think she’s a slut, she becomes a slut. That same girl you met and thought “what a cute little angel” probably gave a blowjob to some Chad. And when Chad saw her first time, he said to himself “what a whore, I bet she can suck it good”.

But AWALT is a good thing, I love sluts. You should too.

What’s ironic is that the current pussification in our culture has a goal to feminize young men and make them passive. It will result in sex that’s less satisfying for women. It might be congruent with their politics, but it won’t be satisfying. To me, this is as big a cultural mistake just as letting women have the vote.

Just remember, most girls love to feel submissive to a real man.


5. Pay attention to how she treats her family, parents and friends.

Pay attention at how she treat her friends

This one is not so much discussed on the red pill but I think it’s very important. When all the love and passion is gone. When you end up in a long relationship or marriage(hope not), at first it’s great, she gives you a blowjob every morning, she cooks, cleans etc.. But after the “initial” love is lost, she will treat you just like she treats other people she lives with: roommates, family, friends.

But take special note on how she treats her parents. The most common characteristic of liberals, SJW and feminist is that they have a problem with authority. They can’t take it. They don’t respect anyone. And if she doesn’t respect her parents, you will have a tough time making her respect you.

Pro tip: Feminists have a problem with authority but they crave one. That is why red pill guys have so much success with them. She wants a guy that will be her daddy.


6. Don’t be afraid to touch her, she wants to be touched. Don’t apologize for it. Talk while you do it.

She is expecting you to lead the interaction. She wants you to escalate, to touch her, to kiss her. I can’t tell you how many times I fucked things up just because I didn’t escalate. I thought that if I escalate I would somehow insult her for moving “too fast”. If I could travel back in time, I would beat the shit out of me.

There is no such thing as “moving too fast”. If she agreed to see you from all the other guys that invited her, that means she like you, and that means she will be disappointed if you don’t try to fuck her.
Aside from that, fast escalation is attractive.


7. If you are looking for true love, get a dog.

Get a dog

We all grow up on those Disney fairy tales that someday we are going to find the love of our life and live happily ever after. But red pill and reality show us that we won’t. Women aren’t capable of unconditional love. The only woman who can love you unconditionally is your mother. Period. A woman can fall in love and go crazy for you, do stupid things just to get close to you, sure, but that is mostly because you can give her good emotions and tingles that she si addicted on.

Erase that fantasy that you will find a woman that will love you, love your flaws and everything about you. Forget about all those movies and understand that from a young age you are taught that true love will come to you some day. You were conditioned into believing in Disney fantasy. You have to see things how they really are. And that is – the only person that can truly love you is yourself. Yourself, and your dog.


8. Avoid crazy women at all cost

Crazy woman

This is an obvious one. It’s one of the main red flags in a woman. There are hundreds of corpses over on The Red Pill and still, you guys make same mistakes. You just had to fuck that unstable feminist cunt that has daddy issues. Red flags were all over her but you still had to stick it, didn’t you? Well, if you can’t learn from other guys mistakes then you are just plain stupid.

Learn to read crazy women and stay away from them. You can easily earn rape charges if you continue to fuck around with crazy girls. They are fun, I know. They love to be submissive, they love to be your slave in bed. I know all that. But, at the end of the day, is it worth it?





  1. I want to go back and beat the shit out of you too….joke. I like the way you write, it’s like listening to a friend talk….if I had any…..not a joke.

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