Top 10 Pick Up Techniques in a Nightclub

Pick up techniques at nightclub parties

This is top pick up techniques for the night game that I(and some famous PUA gurus) use. We call them “cheats” or “shortcuts” because they are different from old school techniques. Let’s get to it:

1 – The claw

Three rules:

1. The claw is a lifestyle.

2. The claw always win.

3. The claw only grows stronger as night progress.

This is basically grabbing a girl forearm, above the wrist, with a strong eye contact and a smile.

If you do this right, 8 times out of 10 she won’t push your arm. If she does, ask yourself did you have strong eye contact and a smile? Rejections with this look harsh, but are rare. Start practicing this technique since some of my best nights started with the claw.


2 – The hand of god


Hand of God, reach out your hand towards a girl

For some guys, this becomes their favorite way to open a girl. For others, this pick up technique never worked. How do you do it? Simply reach out your hand to a girl so she can take it. After that, I usually pull the chick back to me and start talking. You also need a strong eye contact for this. And don’t come to a girl from a side, or half extend your hand (like some T-Rex), just try to look confident, like YOU KNOW she is going to take it.

The result? 50:50. Many girls won’t take your hand,  so you can drop it and introduce yourself.

When I enter the zone, my results jump up to 80% with the hand of God. It creates a fast attraction. Some of them will just say “I have a boyfriend”. Respond with “Don’t be presumptuous” or just simply “Oh ok cool” and introduce or leave.

3 – The instant make out


You can go and try to make out with every girl in the club right off the bat. I saw a guy that do this making out with 4 chicks in a few minutes.

But I try it when I’m in the zone or if I get eye contact. I walk to her maintaining eye contact. When I get close some girls gave me anime eyes or just look at me like a savior. That’s when I do instant make out. This comes with experience, and I instant make out with THOSE GIRLS ONLY.  It works best at huge clubs, parties, festivals, concerts…crowded places.

This will put you in the state, in the zone quickly. You will feel like a boss when you do it.

4 – The little prince

Arrogant prince

Little prince walks through the club looking pompous as fuck. Straight back, nose in the air and look only at people that are directly in front of you. This trick will get you attention from girls in the surrounding for sure. They all wonder “why is he so confident”. Try it out.

Results? It is easier to open girls. ESPECIALLY hot ones.

Old school PUA is just walking right across the dance floor in the club without looking at anyone. Like you are on a mission.


Pro tip: These 4 techniques are contingent upon your sub-communication. If your sub- communication doesn’t fit, it won’t work. The key is in permission seeking. If you do it in permission seeking way, like you are asking her for it, it won’t work. Do it like you know she is going to accept you. But that takes time. Anyone who started to open like this got rejected multiple times until he discovered the power of these cheats.

5 – Hand on dick technique


Unlike the previous pick up techniques, this one requires that the girl is somewhat hooked. Great if dancing is your thing. Grab her hand and put it on your boner. Eye contact also helps from my experience.

Women usually love this. Worse thing that can happen is she pulls her hand back and laugh. Laugh with her. It is funny when you think about it. It’s hilarious.
But the most girl will go with the flow.


6 – The dancing lunatic


This guy acts like he is on ecstasy. He usually stands in front of the DJ and dances all by himself. It doesn’t need to be good at all, you just need to be relaxed and have IDGF attitude. If you look good girls will notice you and tend to be in your surrounding. You can open casually and they will accept your game. This is how girls approach you in the club. Subtle, but still do.


7 – The dancing animal on ecstasy with a good wingman.

Best Wing meme

You dance and enjoy the club when all of a sudden, your friend literally grabbed some girl and put her in front of you. “Meet  BigTim”. Your response? “cool”. The first few minutes you are still focused more on the music than her. She will stay for some time don’t worry. Just don’t ignore her more than 5 minutes. Then you can talk with her and she will feel like she is important.

8 – The wall finger


This is when you finger the girl on the wall of the club. The reason this is on this list is because most girls think this is a part of the sex and that you already own her if she lets you finger her. Which means that you two just need to find someplace that is more private and continue with sex. This won’t work on complete sluts in my own experience since they have experience and, a finger in her pussy is nothing new.

When I finger a girl in some dark part of the club, 8 out of 10 we end up fucking. But if you finger her and don’t escalate further that night, chances of you two seeing again are slim.

9 – The phantom escalation


The phantom escalation is when you go for the make out then pull out for whatever stupid reason you have. Or just getting really close to her ear, neck and talking but holding that distance. This will get girls tingly and wet. And when she is ready for a kiss just back up and laugh it off. Whether you tease her for a makeup or “almost touching” this will get you few steps closer to getting laid.

10 Turning your back

Pick up technique turning your back, quote "A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crown "
You use this also when you reach the hook point. The more girl is interested in you the better. Engage her, and when she engages back, turn your back to her. Girls will literally grab you and say “don’t do this, everyone is watching” to you.
Remember, girls hate being rejected, but they are terrified to look rejected to people around. This is also old school and it’s effective. The better conversation you two have the more powerful this is.

Also, be careful with this one. Do the math. Is she enough into you to grab you? Is she shy? Is she going to chase you?


For me, REAL cheats and pick up techniques that you should start using right now are 1, 2 and 4. The rest are great but they depend on your personality and require some higher skills in nightclubs. Such as passing shit tests. People can be good at day or text game but suck in clubs. Choose your battles wisely.




  1. Wow, you’re seriously suggesting that I walk up and make out with a girl without asking, put her hand on my erection, and straight up finger a girl? What ever happened to “Hey, you look gorgeous in that dress, can I buy you a drink?”

    • Obviously, you didn’t read the text if you are asking me this. Girl need to be HOOKED before you go sexually. If you don’t understand that, either you are a feminist which means that you should leave this blog or you don’t have any social skill that is necessary for basic communication.

      I hope you are not suggesting that women aren’t sexual beings and that we should not let them enjoy sex? That is straight up misogyny!

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