Are We All Going To Get Chipped?

Chip in a shape of brain


A few days ago, I scraped through the news and came across a click bait, and to be honest, I very rarely click on clickbait titles since I make them too. But there is one article that beat me. I had to click on it and I’m glad I did actually. No, it wasn’t a clickbait with “top 10 worst tattoos” title, but a bit more serious matter, it was about microchipping.

And it scared the shit out of me.

Of course, the article is well-written, and it showed up on one of the major news media that I don’t want to link to (and by doing that help them) since they are responsible for media genocide and brainwashing the masses.

So, let’s take a look at what I learned about all this.


Globalists are in a hurry to control you.

People are starting to wake up. Men are becoming more and more aware of so many bad consequences of feminism. Right-wing parties are becoming more and more popular in the EU and Trump won the elections. The globalists’ response was not so clever, it seems that they are rushing things up and you can see that if you turn on your TV and watch their main news websites.

Microchipping is one of their main goals. It is the ultimate weapon they can use to control you. Today, when the 5g network is around the corner, it’s hard to imagine what kind of (bad) potential one microchip implant can have on you.

Microchipping technology is progressing very fast.

Let’s take a look at what Kevin Warwick (international “scientist”) has to say on this subject:

“A highly publicised extension to the experiment, in which a simpler array was implanted into the arm of Warwick’s wife with the ultimate aim of one day creating a form of telepathy or empathy using the Internet to communicate the signal from afar—was also successful insofar as it resulted in the first direct and purely electronic communication between the nervous systems of two humans.”

No worries humans, it will just send electronic waves into your brain just in case you get all these “negative” thoughts and start asking inappropriate questions, the microchip will make you forget all that.

The route they want to take to approve this way of chipping people is obvious, they will present it as progress in “communication” just like smartphones are. Except that smartphones can’t control your brain.

They will claim it’s healthy.

But how are globalists going to present to the world that every single human being should get a microchip in his/her body?

Well, other than paying for propaganda articles like the one I read, they are going to claim that it is healthy, they will claim it can help people with “dimentia,” so they know where they are, like they can’t get navigation on their phone. Oh, and also, the chip is supposed to cure Parkinson:

“Instead of stimulating the brain all the time, the goal is for the device to predict when stimulation is needed and to apply the signals prior to any tremors occurring to stop them before they even start. Recent results have also shown that it is possible to identify different types of Parkinson’s Disease.”

Now we know their first step. It will look like they are doing us a favor.


It will be “only” for cool people

The second is to make people who are microchipped look cool. It will be like having an iPhone. No more waiting in line for you, no more having to hold a small card with you to pay things, now you can do that with your hand!

And what will happen to those who don’t want to get a microchip in their body? They will get shamed. They will be called losers, conservatives, fascists, backward thinking slobs, etc.

Not to mention what will happen if you try to question it, if you try to ask if maybe it’s a tracking device or if it can send some chemicals into your brain that will make you even more stupid and closer to SJW?

It will become mandatory.

Big companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. will start implementing this soon enough. They started it in Sweden, testing the reaction of people there. There are lots of articles publicizing the supposed “benefits” of microchipping over there, and no one stood up to say anything about it leading to ultimate control by the government.

Associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Noelle Chesley said, “It will happen to everybody, but not this year… maybe not in my generation, but certainly that of my kids.”

Professor Chesley isn’t alone in her prediction. Gene Munster of Loup Ventures had a lot to say about the possibility of everyone getting a microchip. He believes it’s about 50 years away.

“In 10 years, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Tesla will not have their employees chipped,” he says. “You’ll see some extreme forward-looking tech people adopting it, but not large companies. The idea of being chipped has too much negative connotation today, but by 2067 we will have been desensitized by the social stigma.”


The goal is to control.

People with masks sitting around the world like rulers

Of course, the goal is not to make things easier for people. What’s easier than having a card that opens the door or having a mobile phone to pay for things in stores?

The ultimate goal is complete control. Complete tracking of people and even having control over their body and biology.

This is also a big step to a cashless society, which in fact means that you wouldn’t be able to pay for food and water unless you have a microchip. And if you start behaving in a way your government doesn’t like, they might ban your account and you will be left with no way to buy things.




The day when people will wait in line to get microchipped like livestock is coming. It will come sooner than you think it will. We are witnessing the first step of making it look “normal” and it’s great that we can see on time what kind of agenda globalists are pushing. They want to convince you that it’s for your own good and that it can make things easier.

Then they will convince people that it’s cool to have microchips like an animal. In the end, they will use shaming and law to make everyone have a microchip.

If you think this is nonsense, I will ask you how many times have you been disappointed in humankind? Too many times, right? I know, I have been disappointed too.

Humans are mentally weak thanks to decades of brainwashing. We are right in the spot globalists want us to be. And if this continues it won’t be long before they force us to put a stamp on our body.

I hope I am wrong and only time will tell, but you are naïve if you take this danger for granted.



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