How to Get Taller In Seconds (Height-Increasing Elevator Shoes)

Height comparison before and after

Have you ever wondered if the height is a factor that can get you more girls?

How many times did you hear a woman saying “he is too short” or “I couldn’t date a guy that’s shorter than me” while she is wearing high heels?

And what if I told you that you can get a nice 1-4 inches (2,4-10,1 cm) boost without any effort?

Let me tell you how.

The Idea

One guy at Reborn Masculinity called Mike introduced this idea to us. It’s nothing revolutionary but it can befit our readers a lot.

He is a big advocate of height increasing footwear and has plenty of results to back up his recommendation.

Now, let me say this. I don’t recommend products I have not used and I always let you know if my recommendation is not from personal experience. Which is rare. Yes, I even tried “shoe lift inserts” and I’m a pretty tall guy (6.1 or 186cm)

Anyways, as you may guess, I’m talking about elevator shoes. I do feel strongly that you should consider trying a pair however and urge you to not be resistant to the idea.

Height is very important when it comes to meeting women, especially when you are doing a cold approach because the first impression is so important here.

Women are tricking you

If you are one of those guys that refuse any advantage that he can get, there is nothing I can do to change your mind.

But know that women are tricking men on a daily bases. High heels(up to 8 inches) make her look taller. Makeup makes her look prettier and push-ups make her look more attractive. Women don’t have second thoughts when it comes to these things. They consider it “normal” and how dare you ask why is she trying to deceive men?

And here you are, being too proud to take advantage of this safe, easy, inexpensive way to boost your height up to 1-4 (6 with shoe inserts)that will make a big difference in how women see you.

Elevator shoes/lifts are popular in Hollywood (Socially Acceptable)

The reason that most guys are hesitant to wear shoes that instantly boost their overall appearance and social presence is that they are worried about “getting caught”.

Same reason why many are afraid to dress good.

Instead, like the other 90% of men don’t stand a chance unless they are good looking.

If you are still on the fence about it, it might help to know that elevator shoes (goofy name, I know) are shamelessly worn by celebrities, both on set and in public.

Tom Cruise wearing shoe lifts to look taller at red carpet
Robert Downey Jr wearing elevator shoes to look taller
Mick Jagger wearing shoe lifts
Brad Pitt wearing elevator shoes, 3 pictures in one

Showing you popular celebrities wearing elevator shoes might be “un-red” pill but it will be the main reason why a lot of guys will stop worrying and take this tremendous height advantage.

Where To Get Elevator Shoes?

Amazon is your best bet.
(You should get free returns on all shoes for 30-90 days)

For some reason, getting them online is basically your only option.

I did that search (and several similar searches) to try to get you a list of popular department shoes that consistently stock Elevator Shoes/Lifts.

No luck with that.

The only option might be to search or call your nearby shoe stores and inquire about these THREE MAIN brands that specialize in height increasing elevator shoes:



Toto MNX15 (sneakers)

You will have to be extremely lucky to find these at your local store.

Selections And How Much Taller Will You Get!

We went through every shoe we could find and picked the best one we liked based on style, versatility, and height increase.

Here is a nice list of options for this year.

This one isn’t too much expensive but it gives you a nice 2.8 inches boost.
These were our favorite. 3 inches taller.
If you really want a boost, these elegant yet basic shoes will make you 4 inches

Casual Shoes

Those are ideal to pair with a nice pair of shoes.2.3 inches.
For the guys that are afraid of being shamed for “elevator shoes”. These will look normal as it gets.


Boots are a good way to add a masculine edge to your style.

It maintains a classy edge, but on the other hand, look very much different than classic poorly design boots. Astonishing 5 inches.
Get 3 inches taller with this nice looking boots. Double stitched for longer lasting durability.


Nice sneakers will fit perfectly with your blue jeans. There is also a black version.
A very nice athletic sneaker, built very similar to a basketball shoe but without too much of a juvenile.
Get 4 inches taller with these nice sneakers.

Shoe inserts?

While I do recommend that you consider this option, I ran into some trouble with getting them to universally fit in my shoes and they made a lot of my shoes tight. Some were unwearable because they squeezed my feet so tightly. Luckily, I found these.

You will likely have to cut them but it’s definitely worth a try.

High rated soles, get extra 2 inches boost.


The options get better and better with every season.

And I do recommend anyone of any height take a look.

Why not?

For some guys this will literally be a game changer.

Not only that it will crush your insecurities but it will also give you the confidence you need to approach women.

It is different when everyone around you look shorter.

We have to stop caring so much about what other (usually undersexed) people think or “what happens if…” and take advantage of the resources we have.

Yes, IT IS important what girls you are sexually attracted to think.

But let the other guys stand on the side and hate on your shoes (no one will even notice).

Feeling self-conscious about your height is not just insecurity or something that you need to “get over” and “be confident” with, it’s about sex appeal and how women see you.

Let me know if you find more interesting elevator shoes.

I will buy them. I have no shame whatsoever.


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