Seduce Women By Becoming A Storyteller

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes girls fall in love with in the guy that doesn’t even look good?

What clicks in their brain to become so obsessed with him? Is there a secret?

The truth will most likely surprise you how simple it is.

She falls in love with his story!

In this article, I will try to explain why women love a guy that can tell a story about himself. And even more, live his own story.

What makes women go crazy?

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We all know what drives men crazy. Never-ending growing porn industry speaks for itself. Most men love porn sites or have at least some point engaged with some sort of pornography.

Men react to visual stimulation. They see nice legs, ass or boobs and all of a sudden they change. Their behavior change.

On the other hand, women watch porn 4 times less. But what women do to make themselves arousal?

They go to a bookstore and buy new 50 shades of grey book. This is because a women’s arousal is far more narrative than it is visual. She’s interested in the story, the fantasy.

She wants to know who the characters are, what’s their story, what they represent and visualize how she would feel in that situation.

Interesting stories, however, ignite her arousal. Stories about interesting men who’ve done fun shit and have grand plans for the future. Stories that show you’re ambitious, fun, mysterious and little naughty.

She doesn’t want to read a boring book, or to just skip the whole book and read the sex part, no, she wants the whole experience.

Same story with movies. Women would rather watch an erotic movie than porn.

And what about falling in love?

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First thing when a student tells me “I don’t understand women”. I tell him that he doesn’t need to understand them.

However, if he wants to become advanced, I gave him a little task.

I make him read some romance novels. Most men don’t get romance. You need to read what women read in order to get it. It’s a pain for a guy to read that garbage, I know. But the amount of value you can learn from it makes it worth.

How to benefit from this?

When a girl goes on a date with you, she wants to know what is your story.  She’s constantly trying to gauge if it’s a story that she’d like to be a part of or not. If it’s fun, exciting, filled with wonder and thrills, she’ll be drawn to it. She’ll want to explore it further and see where it goes.

If it’s mundane, stale and stuffed with the same old boring storyline she hears 5 times a week she’ll opt out fairly quickly.

The good news is that you don’t need to create a whole fantasy for her. She will do that herself. You just need to provide enough material and let her create her own fantasy about you. This is why being mysterious is so powerful.

Women are very curious beings. And they can’t stand not knowing some secrets. If you are an interesting secret, she will beg you to tell her, to find out more. And this is when you have control.

A woman always needs something to look forward to. If your story ends on the first date, or after you sleep with her, she will forget about you. Never end your story, never show her how it ends. Not even when you get married. Always make her guess what’s next.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it

Speak about your passions. If you don’t have strong emotion behind your words, your story won’t stick.

It can be the most interesting story ever, but if you don’t put your passion behind it, everything will sound just like any other story.

Make her feel something through your storytelling. It’s even better if she feels a negative emotion than if she feels nothing at all.

The most interesting people don’t have the best stories, but they know how to speak. They know how to communicate certain emotion to you

Once you learn to tell a boring story in an interesting way, you will never have to learn story upfront ever again. You will be able to boost the atmosphere whenever you want. It’s a very powerful tool in seduction.

And it takes practice. Like anything in life that is worth, you have to put effort to learn it. Practice public speaking, practice putting emotion behind your story, speak to yourself in the mirror if it takes, but learn it.

Pro tip: When it comes to humor, have in mind that when she laughs, it’s a good thing because you are making her comfortable. But when you laugh, it kills the tension. The best humor in seduction is “dead humor” where you tell a joke but keep a somewhat serious face.

Be humble, but smart

In your stories, you should be the guy that handles things. You should be the guy that women like or crave. Make sure that the story you tell or represent speak about yourself as a high-value guy with status, or at least confidence.

In some cases, braggers can also be attractive. When someone is a bragger, he shows other people he is not afraid to talk highly of himself. And only confident and people that don’t care about what others think can do that. Both very attractive characteristics.

However, I recommend a different approach. You should not brag about yourself. In fact, pieces of the story that speaks highly about you should be very subtle. Those pieces should be hidden and wrapped with humor and the “real” point of the story. The more interesting the story is, the more you can brag in it.

A gentleman never say

Sometimes, refusing to say some things can also demonstrate high value. For example, you are talking about your encounter with a girl in your past, where the girl was obviously into you. And the story is fun and interesting, but you never say whether you hooked up with this girl or not, because that wasn’t even the point of the story. But she will ask. And this is your chance to shine.

What I want you to do is to avoid the answer. Refuse to say. It can be a straight up answer that it’s a private question, or that you don’t talk about it. You can also say in a playful way “me and her? No way, I am too shy for a one-night stand.”

Saying all of that while touching her with strong eye contact should give her the right message.

Another example can be when she asks about your job. I say “wouldn’t you like to know” or “A bit of this, a bit of that” or “I buy some stuff and I sell some stuff”. She doesn’t really care what I do, she’s trying to find out if it’s exciting or not to feed her fantasy, so that’s what I do.

Your lifestyle is your story

nice guys finish last but alphas like this finish first

Being a good storyteller brings a lot of benefits.

You can set the frame right at the date, you can initiate certain emotion in a girl you want, and definitely get her interested.

But at the end of the day, those are just words. Yes, emotions are important and good storytelling will increase your chances with every girl. However, talking is not the only way to show her your story.

More impact you will have if you show her who you are. Your lifestyle is a part of your story, your friends, your job, hobbies, your mission, these are all parts of your story.

Why do you think women want to see your Instagram first before she gives you her number? It’s because your Instagram page tells who you are, your lifestyle and what is your social status. All of this is part of who you are, your story.

So, aside from investing in your Instagram profile, you should try to show her your interesting story and not talk about it. Take her to some interesting place, show her some pictures of you in some crazy place. Actions are always powerful than words, have that in mind.

This is why treating “I’m going to leave” never work with women. She knows that if you wanted to leave you would already do that but instead you are talking about it. Instead, if she does something wrong I want you just to leave without a word. That will keep her guessing for sure.

If you can show her your interesting story with not only words but action, there is a really big chance she will be into you. Most guys are boring and fake, they don’t live an interesting life. Some of them like to brag and try to fake their lifestyle with constant bragging about heir traveling experience etc.

You should be different, humble but smart. Show her that you are an interesting guy. You can take her somewhere interesting or you can have a great Instagram profile. Maybe you have an interesting photo on your smartphone to show her or maybe you are rich but don’t want to tell her what you do.

The goal is to create a mystery around your interesting life. If you can do that, you will improve your dating life a lot.

Pro Tip: If you ever wonder what kind of story you should build for yourself. Just take a look at what women watch or read. They love shows like “The Bachelor” books like fifty shades of grey and movies like Twilight. You can be skydive instructor, heir to a royal family or dolphin trainers. You can bullshit them, but just remember to not bullshit yourself.

The Story Never Ends

The moment your story ends, her level of interest will drop.

The story never ends, it doesn’t end when you get laid and it doesn’t end when you get married.

Women always need to look forward to something, whatever it is.

Does your future look exciting, filled with adventure, prosperity, and success or does it look dull, uninteresting, filled with beer bellies and Friday nights at Applebees. This is why so many couples fall apart right after marrying because the magical story of a future white wedding and happily ever after gets replaced with “marriage is work” and divided house chores.

Always keep her guessing. Be unpredictable. It’s a tough job, but once you get lazy, things are going to get worse. Just like with anything in life, if you get lazy, you fail.

Remember that you should tell your wife everything, never give her full validation simply because she really doesn’t want you to tell her everything and kill her fantasy.


Your story is only yours. You should not edit or change your personal story for any women. If your story sucks, try to change it for yourself only.

Become someone with a good story to show and tell, it’s not gonna write itself. I don’t suggest you lie and build a life on lies, but I won’t judge you either.

The important part is to learn how to express your story in a way that makes it interesting. No one is gonna tell it for you. Learn how to speak, build charisma. Put emotions behind those words, good emotions. You can tell the same story in two totally different way, and it definitely makes the difference.

How men tell their stories is often a reflection of how they feel about themselves and where they’re at in life. When you are living an exceptional story that flows out of you, women will want to be a part of it.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to three things you should work at. First one is to create a story for yourself, take on some adventure, always go out when possible and live life with courage.

Second, learn how to market yourself properly and practice talking.

Lastly, never tell a whole story, always make it mysterious enough, and leave some parts unanswered so her fantasy will do that for you.


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