How Can You Fight Globalism?

People with masks sitting around the world like rulers


This is a guide for people that see where this world is going, people that see the destruction that will come to humankind if we don’t do something. Low morale, feminism, social justice warriors, liberals, communists and other extremists are negatively shaping our world.

We should ask ourselves, where did those zombies come from? Who brainwashed them into being that way? Or even better, who paid for the propaganda that made those people what they are today? We all know it’s multinational companies. They promote interracial relationships through Hollywood, commercials, etc. They represent the loudest voice to take control of the Internet and they are the ones that control Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Most of us noticed that being a traditionalist is a dangerous thing, especially if you make content for traditional people like this blog is doing, you face the risk of being banned from YouTube or Facebook or being penalized by Google.

You see, globalists have everything, even if we think we have freedom on the internet, we really don’t, Google and social media changed that. The Internet has become Google or Facebook or Instagram. We don’t have control.

But thankfully, we didn’t sell our souls, we can still have some answers to all of this. We can still strike back. Yes, ordinary people like you and I can change the world, we can strike back and fight those bastards. I will explain how this can be done.

This guide will explain to you what kind of actions you can take in order to become globalists’ nightmare. Don’t be delusional, we are in this world together. Globalists want to make one government that will control every nation. It is not a few decades’ plans, it is a long term plan, which means they are patient, and they think that in 100 years they can force their rules on us.

If you are against abortions, feminism, liberalism or Marxism, this is a guide for you. I will list top five things globalists hate to hear. It’s not the only way through which we can put up resistance, but it is a hell of a good one. Let’s get started.

1. Have as many children as you can.
Big happy family


Nothing can provoke so much aggressive reaction from globalists than promoting family values.

When was the last time somebody promoted big families?

Try commenting or posting on big subreddits how having 5 children is a blessing and you will quickly get shut down, especially if you are white. We all know why this is. The fewer people walk the earth the more controllable they are. There are enough resources for everyone, there is enough for even 20 billion people, but globalists want 90% of the resources for themselves, so you should not have more than 1 child because you should be satisfied with that 10 percent.

Everything they ever invented has always been against family values. Women right, feminism. Women now want their career instead of a big family.

2. Be a silent worker.
keep your mouth shut

Don’t express your opinion to people you can’t change. If you are talking with a social justice warrior or liberal, there is no need to argue with them. Especialy stay silent in ”progressive” workspace. Liberals and SJW are working for their own destruction, they promote abortion, drugs and other destructive behavior. They are not very tolerant of people who don’t want to be destructive themselves.

Now, the problem is not the people you argue with but the system. The law is not working in your favor, you can easily get charged with false rape, racism, or the speech of hate for no real reason. This is why you should be smart, save your energy and focus on real things, like raising your kids. Arguing with idiots can only make you vulnerable.

If you, however, have the ability to influence your friend, for example, go for it. But even then, don’t talk about it, show him by your actions. Become a good example. Become the guy who has a very nice and good family by his thirties. This is how you can change people, by being a good example. Actions are stronger than words.

3. Be independent.

First of all, you need to learn how to cook. Your wife will not always be around to cook, or you might get into a bad situation. Learning to cook is very important.

Financial freedom is also important. You can get fired for voting for Trump. You can get fired for flirting with a woman. You can get fired for a lot of things, for example saying anything against women. This is why you need to have a backup plan and the best thing to do is to have your own website or business that you can grow. That way you will be truly independent.

Next thing you should do is to have your own garden. Buy a house and pay for your own food. That way you will cover all your basic needs and won’t have to depend on the government. So, even if they block your credit card you will still be able to eat and drink. If you, however, live in an apartment, blocking your credit card will be a really strong hit on your quality of life.

4. Raise your kids the right way.

There are lots of red pill blogs about fatherhood. Read books about raising kids the right way. Teach them red pill from the start, show them bad blue pill examples. The sad truth about this system is that we are a generation of men raised by women. We are full of liberals, not so much because of globalists but because fathers were lazy to teach their kids how to be manly. Don’t make this mistake with your children.

Teach him how to be a man, how to respect himself and how to be a silent worker, how he should also care about his future family, etc.

You will have a tough job, you will have to compete with the corrupt educational system. So, make sure he doesn’t get brainwashed by the school, teach him everything right and make sure you play manly games with him, since school these days are more focused on girls.

5. Don’t get into debt.

No, you don’t need that loan, you can live without it. When you take a loan from the bank, you are literally selling your financial independence to the banksters.

The sad thing about this is that you don’t have too much control over it. You can lose your job, you can get sick and need to pay a lot of money to get some intervention or interest rates can simply go up.

And interest rates are going only one way – up.

The American society is so indebted that people in government are so afraid of high-interest rates that they are forcing FED to keep it low. Remember that Trump statement where he complained about high-interest rates? That is because he knows that as soon as FED increases those rates the crisis from 2008 is going to look like child’s play.

The storm is coming. The dollar is no longer used in global trade thanks to Russia, China, and many other countries. This means that our state can’t get trillions of dollars of debt and not have any repercussions. This whole bubble is going to burst.

And what are you going to do then? What are you going to do when the monthly payment you need to give to your bank doubles? You will start paying and they will block all your credit cards. Simple as that.

And let me remind you that Sweden banned cash. That is right, if you want to pay for anything you have to do it with a credit card.

That is why I suggest you have your own food, water, and a place to live. It is essential to your freedom. Freedom to raise your kids the way you want is connected to financial freedom. Don’t think you can be free in one way only. It is either you are a free man, or you are not, there is nothing in-between.

6. Marry a girl from your own race.


Now, this can get a bit tricky. First, you need to understand that there is nothing racist about wanting your children to preserve the roots and honor of your heritage by marrying a fellow European. We all know that if a Jew, Muslim, African-American or anyone but a European person says this everyone would say, “Well, of course, they must preserve their beautiful heritage” and they’d be defended and respected.

But as soon as the white guy says this, all of a sudden the same people will say he is racist. Give me a break.


Most people have noticed that interracial relationships are being promoted, especially to white people. It is promoted in TV shows (Netflix especially), commercials, educational materials and even government pamphlets.

It even goes as far as calling people white supremacists for not being attracted to blacks.

Ironically, people who claim to fight for diversity are actually fighting against it for wanting to exterminate one whole race. We are witnessing a media genocide towards the white race as we speak.

The thing is, you should think that your race is the most attractive and you should love yourself. If you, however, are ashamed or feeling guilty about your race, that actually means that you don’t even love who you are as a person. There is nothing wrong with wanting your kids to look just like you. And blacks or Asian should also be encouraged to marry their own race.

But one question remains. Why do globalists care so much about our race? Why do they want a whole planet to be one race? Maybe it’s because one race would be easier to control, or maybe they think that mixed babies are genetically easier to manipulate or submit to their new rules.

Maybe the reason is something totally different but one thing is sure, they don’t want you to marry a girl from your own race. That is just enough reason to actually do it.


Globalists are a powerful force. They make feminist laws, they control the media, they are even managing to control the internet with the big G, Facebook, YouTube, etc. They have a lot of cash and effective people working for them on destroying family values and humankind in general.

You can’t fight them the way our grandfathers fought Hitler. We can’t protest against them, we can’t overthrow their puppet government, we can’t even make our own internet.

Maybe someday all of this will change and traditionalists and “conservatives” will get their television, movies or social media, but until then, you are on your own! And the best thing you can do to fight this new world order is to marry a normal wife (I know, this is the hardest part) within your own race, have lots of kids and raise them the proper way.

Also, try to be independent as much as you can. Make sure you don’t get in debt too much. This system can’t work forever, there is a limit to how deep a state or citizens can go into debt, and that limit is very close.

Stay healthy and let’s make the world a better place for traditionalists by making yourself a better person. Good luck.



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