What Is Stress and How to Prevent It


There is no individual who has not experienced stress. We are all the same in that way, but different in the way that we deal with it. There are numerous methods to relieve stress that befalls us and what to do in order to prevent stress.


The perfect cure: favorite job


Generally speaking, the work that fulfills a man is the best way to prevent stress to occur at all. A wise man once said that people are born only for two reasons – to love and to work. When it comes to working, it refers to the work that is a pleasure, the work that you love. Thus, in the final sense, love is the only meaning of life and the only remedy against meaninglessness. Whoever is doing the job they like can confirm that work filled with satisfaction is a very effective way to neutralize the destructive effects of stress. If you belong to a group of happy people who are involved in this kind of work, then you probably enjoy good mental and physical health.


However, there are many individuals who aren’t that lucky to have a job that they love. Also, life carries many tests through wich threatens our sense of security, and strains our bodies and our spirits through its need to protect ourselves. Though stress is the initial phase of the disease, there is an urgent need to take preventive measures for the elimination of stress conditions and to return to healthy living.


Understanding stress is the beginning of the treatment


In order to restore our health, first, we must understand the nature of stress. Although most people think that the main cause of stress is some extraordinary, disturbing state of the environment in which one lives, that is not true. The external environment is favoring factor for the occurrence of stress, but the real cause of its origin is thought of the dangers and threats to basic needs. This thought is the seed that germinates, grows and branches up to the entire “tree” that is called stress. Given the fact that the man’s thinking is directly related to breathing, thought about dangers disrupts breathing. Disordered breathing reduces the intake of energy in the body or creates chaos in the movement of energy through the body. As life energy depends on health, though it disturbed functioning,  the organism suffers from various defects that we do perceive as ill health or disease.


Composedly breathing and calm mind – no stress

 relax and prevent stress

Previously described the process of creating stress, is a general mechanism of illness, to which almost every individual exposed to the dangers of any kind goes through. The only way to defeat stress is to restore energy. To control and rebuild the ideal energy potential in the body, we must breathe in its natural harmonious way because primarily through respiration we provide energy for life.


By establishing harmonious breathing at the same time, we provide a fresh influx of energy that penetrates imposed blockades in the body, which are the main cause of impaired circulation of all forms of energy in us. Therefore composed/consistent breathing restores health. In order to achieve consistent breathing, we need to act on the mind whom previously begins breathing disorder and on the circulation of the body. The mind is the major consumer and spender of life energy. Although this statement sounds absurd, because we are very attached to our minds, the mind through its continuous and often useless thinking, consumes huge amounts of energy.


If we take into account this fact and the fact that constant thinking about the dangers and disordered breathing, which are main causes of stress, then we know what to do to prevent stress. To prevent stress, we must constantly and repeatedly interrupt thinking about the dangers to which objectively, we as individuals can’t influence.


The second thing we need to do to overcome stress is to improve energy intake in the body, which is done through body movements and breathing. Thus, we can consciously, skillfully and persistently work on our body and our mind. Therefore, all methods for eliminating stress are divided into the methods of operation of the body and the methods of the operation of the mind. It’s best if the two methods are combined.



Physical activity and expression as a method of eliminating stress



Personal experience and medical science confirm that reduced movement leads to disease. Having an awareness of this fact, try to walk and move necessarily long enough and often enough because that’s the only way you can preserve health. What we do is of personal preference. It can be physical work of any kind that pleases us, or for which we have a sense (craft, agriculture, woodworking, etc.). Don’t say you do physical work if you work sometimes or rarely. Work often enough and long enough, because the only optimal exercise of manual labor can effectively operate in overcoming stress.


In addition to the physical work, optimal physical fitness is another technique for the successful treatment of the stress. This is primarily a walk and moderate running. People are born with a strong need for movement. Pushing away this drive because of various conditions of life is torturing your body and your soul. Walking and jogging are universal techniques for the young and the elderly, and for the healthy and the sick. Isn’t it encouraging that we know that there are effective means available for curing the disease? Lack of will or animosity to do it for your health, is the biggest obstacle to the effective implementation of these or some advanced techniques of cultivating health.


Sport in any form is an ideal way to remediate the consequences of stress or to prevent its occurrence in advance. Ask yourself why you have never tried or have stopped playing football, basketball, volleyball or any other sport. Just because you are not better than others? Or are you afraid to show to the environment how you are not skilled in some sports? We have to win over the social fear of being embarrassed or ridiculed. We have to do it for our health. Bad health is too high a price to pay for pride. Therefore, play sports. It’s much healthier and better to practice sport than watch how others do it. What kind of sports you’ll engage in, is not important. It depends on your personal preference.


If you can’t resolve your social discomfort to practice any sport, there is an outstanding ancient method of cultivating health, which is called hatha yoga. Because you can practice alone, when no one is looking, in the silence of your home. Hatha yoga consists of different body positions that drive energy processes in the body to flow in the most optimal way. These positions are uniting the three most important processes in the body – body movements, breathing, and thought processes. Their integration breaks the blockade and stress in the body, thereby preventing new stress.

In other words, just move, don’t sit and wait for your health to improve


Psychological methods to eliminate stress


In addition to physical techniques to fight stress, there are psychological methods of fighting stress. They are characterized by techniques of action in mind, which is the main and the initial cause of a stressful situation. All these procedures are intended to calm the mind which, with its accelerated activity, creates tension in the body, while the tension on its part blocks the natural circulation of energy. The best-known method is the technique of relaxation. It consists in directing attention to certain parts of the body, respectively, from the foot, along with the body, to the head while allowing these parts of the body to relax. This method is not for everyone. Therefore corresponds to people who have the patience to perform a mental technique that is not tangible or material visible.


Meditation is probably the best technique of cultivating health. In essence, it is a method of focusing the mind, which aims for the scattered energy of mind in his wanderings around the world, to re-accumulate and restore, to make the mind able to perform its primary task of safeguarding and fostering health. A


Other techniques to eliminate stress


There are simple, everyday ways of relieving stress that we must not forget, because they are successful in alleviating the destructive consequences of stress. Thus, we can relieve our tension by shouting and screaming. If you go for a walk in nature, you can help yourself by screaming and shouting, where no one can hear you.


If you know how to cry, which is a special way for relieving pain and sorrow, make the most of it. We’ve been taught that crying is a disgrace, but it is a prejudice which costs us our health and makes it difficult to fight stress. Cry if you feel pain or sadness.

Stress can be removed through jokes and laughter. And they are very effective in eliminating stress and tension. But for that we need friends. The modern era is the era of growing alienation among people. Denying our need to be with other human beings, we have impoverished ourselves and endangered our health by staying away from other people. A feeling of love that is created among the friends is what neutralizes all the negative consequences of stress…


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