Is ‘Waiting for Godot’ Reflecting Your Reality?

Waiting for Godot


Waiting for Godot is an absurdist play by Samuel Beckett, it is a parable about a senseless man and his meaningless existence. Estragon and Vladimir are living without a purpose. Their lives are pointless. They live just because they are there. You can’t even say that those two are waiting for something concrete. Actually, they are doing so little action that they need to remind themselves that they’re waiting and who are they expecting. But in fact, they are waiting for life to pass.

Who, or what is Godot is a pointless question. Godot is nothing else but a title for the fact that life is misunderstood for expecting something to happen.

In “Waiting for Godot”, Estragon is playing a game that repeats: “taking off his shoes, putting on his shoes” not just to show himself as a fool, but just like when you look in the mirror, to see that every day is repeating. That scene is saying: “taking off shoes and putting them on” is nothing else than a clown game, and it stems from the hope that time will pass faster. That scene represents the routine that we all have. Every day is exactly the same.


Godot isn’t going to come.


So, what is your Godot? What are you waiting for in life?

First, you waited for Santa to bring you present. Then, you waited to finish school and to grow up. And now? Who are you waiting for now? A better chance? Yourself to wake up? Maybe you will start lifting and approaching girls tomorrow. Maybe you will start working on your money project first thing in the morning. But not today. Not now. Now is just not the ideal time, right?

Your Godot can also be a girl. A girl that’s caring and full of love. That beautiful chick that will come to you, accept your weaknesses and find out how great and funny guy you really are. She will love your true self. Real, unconditional love. Oh, and she will be great in bed too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she won’t be a slut like those that you hear about all the time. She’s different and pure. You will be able to rest beside her. Finally, a true unicorn.

Unfortunately, she is not here yet. But she will show up. She must show up, right? All those Hollywood movies “from zero to hero” can’t be 100% bullshit. And those Disney cartoons, the bedtime stories your mother read you. True love exists. It must be like that. You just need to wait for it. You just fucking wait.

Now, as you read this, you can probably picture some girl you already know. Your neighbor, some chick you go to class with, or you may know her from your social circle. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you understand what is destroying you from the inside. And that, my friend, is hope. You hope that you will find that girl someday. Or maybe that you will have 2-3 girls like that. You hope that you will get jacked. You hope that you will be making 10-20k a month. And that hope is what you need to destroy because that’s what you are waiting for. That is your Godot.

Quote "Losing all hope was freedom"

Success comes either from inspiration or desperation. Most people change themselves for the better from desperation. When they finally realize that their Godot isn’t going to come they are able to beat depression.

Hope will die as soon as you start being realistic. Understand that if you continue to do things just as you have been doing them by now, you won’t get where you want to be. You aren’t born under some lucky star. It just won’t happen. You will be just some beta bitch that still asks his mother for money. Or maybe you won’t even be able to be a provider. Your reality is going to be really bad and disappointing. You will suffer. Just like Estragon and Vladimir suffer in “Waiting for Godot”.

“It may be that your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.”


Hope vs Vision
"hope vs vision"

Imagine a time when you absolutely knew, 100% with every cell of your body that you are going to achieve something, whatever it was.
It’s different than hoping, right? Maybe it’s muscle tension, maybe it’s a feeling of serenity versus anxiety, it will be different for different people.

But the real difference between hope and vision is decisiveness. Hoping is daydreaming. Hoping is waiting. Vision is a picture, a path followed by passion and action.

Conclusion & summary

-If Waiting for Godot is a book that reflects your life, you need to change that today.

-Godot isn’t going to come. Never. A good lifestyle isn’t something that just happens. It takes motivation and clear action for it. You need to pay the prize to get what you want.

-Hope is the silent killer. It’s easy and sweet to dream. But it’s dangerous. Kill it. Stop hoping and understand that if you do nothing, your life will become miserable. It’s fucked up waking up one day realizing you are too old. Get angry. Get scared. Let the reality hit you.

-Dimidium facti qui coepit. Decide. Not tomorrow. Pull yourself out of this monotony and start evolving today.






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