The Number One Thing That Attracts Women

Woman attracted to indifferent man

What attracts women? You have always heard people saying that the number one thing that you can possess to be irresistible is confidence. However, you need time to develop that, and that’s why, until then, I suggest something that you can apply faster.


The most attractive trait a man can have is called indifference, which is nothing else than a lack of neediness. The moment you don’t need women to be happy, they are going to appear all around you.


Why being indifferent attracts women so much? Because females sense your level of IDGAF mindset. When they see that you don’t care, they think you must be some high-value guy because you don’t chase her like others. And if you are truly happy, they are going to be drawn to that emotion simply because she wants to feel the same way. She wants to get your validation. That is the whole science. Create your own ecosystem of positive emotions and you will become a magnet for girls.


The best way to kill neediness is to understand how valuable you are. But there is one more way, much easier, and that is to realize how much girls are overrated.

How To Be Indifferent To a Girl

First, you need to understand a few things:


-Sex with at least 70% of chicks you slept with is not much better than masturbation.


-Why would you put effort and time to get some chick that is stupid, boring and nothing special?


-Most guys are in relationships that honestly suck. They are with girls that are demanding more and more time, and those girls are usually not interesting, dull, insecure and emotionally unstable.


Men are in those relationships because they are ashamed to be single, and they need to feel loved. They are also naive to think that if the relationship starts good, that that’s how it will always be.
The irony is, that when you fully understand that women are nothing special and that you don’t actually need them, they start to chase you. They are ten times more thirsty than the average man but thirsty for attention. The difference between us and them is that females just put a lot of effort and acting in order to hide that neediness. They always play ‘hard to get’. The best part is that they completely understand that their value is basically an illusion. That is another reason why being indifferent is attractive.


I still got the desire to be with women. But the important difference is that I’m willing to satisfy my needs for them only by my rules, and no one else’s. I don’t agree to any compromises when it comes to chicks.

my way or highway


Now, remember, being indifferent doesn’t mean to fake how much you are interested in a girl. Not giving a fuck means that you fully understand what is her value, or to be more precise, that she doesn’t have that much value everyone else thinks she has.


Mass media, Hollywood, TV shows, commercials, etc. have imprinted in us that you as a man can’t be happy without a “soul mate” and hot woman. Heck, they even put such a subconscious message in a god damn soup commercials.


So, it will take time for your brain to realize that illusion you have about females, but it’s your job to remind him from time to time like you are doing now by reading this.



There is also that scene in the movie called “Swingers”. You should watch movies like Swingers, Don Jon, Rodger Dodger(watch it now if you didn’t, great Red Pill movie) from time to time. Movies like this can help you, but the best way to actually get this mindset is through success. Once start getting laid and find out it’s nothing special, you will be more indifferent. That’s what people in manosphere call “abundance mentality.” And that attracts women.


I am encouraging you to do cold approach in clubs and street, get some sex and find out if I’m right or wrong, find out what attracts women. After that, you will fully understand why being indifferent to a girl is the most attractive trait in a man. Only then you will be capable of enjoying the time with them the right way.



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