Belgrade Nightlife Guide

Belgrade Nightlife

Serbia had a hard time in the 90’s due to wars, sanctions, high inflation and unemployment and the only entertainment Belgrade had back in those days was the one they created. The 99 NATO bombing was a turning point. Something clicked in those people’s heads and the local nightlife industry boomed.

Belgrade may be many steps behind Europe when it comes to industrial development, but it certainly is ahead when it comes to nightclubs and parties. Belgrade clubbing is so organized and has more to offer than most cities in Europe. There are so many clubs you will have a hard time to actually choose. So, this article is going to help you to actually choose where to go since you will have a hard time choosing.

Good vibes, even better beer, rakija, fun DJ’s and hot Serbian women are words that describe Belgrade nightlife. And the best part? It is cheap as hell. You can drink two beers, one shot of rakija and have a good time with only 600 dinars, that’s five dollars.

There are winter and summer clubs in Belgrade. The winter ones are indoor clubs which are usually open from late September to early May. But they are closed when the summer season comes since the big openings of summer clubs start. These floating river clubs called “splavs” (splavovi) are the main location for the best parties in this part of the world.


1. Freestyler

Belgrade night life freestyler Club

This is the most famous Night Club in Belgrade. Icon of Belgrade nightlife. It’s located along the Sava river. Here you can listen to House, Disco, Hip-hop and R’nB music. Tuesday they play 90’music if you are into that. Don’t forget to book fast. Everyone knows where freestyler is and most people will roll their eyes when they hear a stranger asking where freestyler is. They feel like Belgrade have so much more to offer. But don’t be fooled, freestyler is the most famous Night Club in this city for a reason.

2. Club 94

Belgrade nightclub 94

Belgrade night club 94

Club 94 have a big dance floor considering it’s also a splav (river club). Most of the tables are downstairs. They were playing RnB when I came here. If your game style is “dancing monkey’, this is the place. Thursdays and Saturdays are for electro and Fridays they play RnB. VIP part is upstairs looking at the dance floor.

3. Hot mess

Hot mess belgrade club

Hot mess Belgrade club at night

This one is really unique at Belgrade nightlife scene. As you can see it’s a lounge bar and has a pool in the center. I felt like I was on some magical exotic place far away on another planet. I definitely recommend this one for approaching girls. You might even find some celebrities there. A few famous DJ’s came here this year.


Winter clubs

1.Dragstor play club

Dragstor club

Every person in Belgrade knows where dragstor club is. Here you can here mainstream music and enjoy great parties on Fridays and Saturdays.

2.Top Hill

Top hill Belgrade club

The club is located at Senjak Residential area of the city. Here you can find tourists from ex-Yugoslavia countries(Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia).  It starts to get crowded at midnight and the club is working until 5 AM.

3. Stefan Braun
Stefan Braun Belgrade club

Stefan braun serbian women

Opened every night. It’s located on the ninth floor of the building. Very popular DJ’s and celebrities come here often. It’s a too crowdy on Saturdays. So I recommend Friday.

4. 20/44

Belgrade Night club 20/44

Belgrade Night club 20/44

This club is amazing. People say they can’t imagine Belgrade nightlife without 20/44. As far as atmosphere goes, it’s enough to say that this club is a former strip joint in a rickety ship on the Sava river. It’s open all year. You can definitely get laid here. Lots of smoke, velvet and sexy red lights. Enjoy.

5. Tilt
Tilt Club Belgrade

What is so good about this club is its cool interiors and effects. What Freestyler is for summer parties, Tilt is for winter ones. Mostly house and disco music.

The atmosphere is great in this one. It looks expensive but Serbia is cheap by itself. People here are very chill and relaxed.

Pro tip:
Watch out for taxi scams. If illegal taxi drivers see you are a tourist, they will want to milk some bonus extra cash from you. Only go with yellow pink or blue taxis with a big board on their car.


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