Everything You Need To Know About Serbian Women

Ana Ivanovic - Serbian girl famous for her beauty

1. Serbian women are hot

Olivera Jovicevic, my favorite Serbian MILF
Late night TV host

Before you come to Serbia, I suggest you exercise your neck. You will find yourself turning your head at the gorgeous olive skinned women that line the streets of Belgrade.

Serbian women are hot, tall, skinny, dark hair, with beautiful jaw lines(Slavic), long legs, round ass but usually smaller breasts. Imagine them as a mix of Mediterranean and Slavic complexion. Most of them have the physical features of Slavic women with brown hair and brown eyes. They are, from my and other foreigners experience, one of the hottest chicks in Europe, aside from Croatian and Baltic girls and certainly hotter than Ukrainian or Polish women.

The main difference in personality between them and your average Eastern European is that Serbian girls are much more passionate. You will hardly find any ice queens here. Their temperament is closer to Spanish girls for example, even though they are usually shy at first. I love to call them the Brazilians of Eastern Europe.

2. Still feminine

Tipical Serbian blonde girl. This is another beautifull TV host

Serbia has always been immune to feminism, but unfortunately, years and years of TV, Hollywood and media brainwashing is changing that. Even though most women grew up in patriarchy, family values are slowly disappearing. You will see a lot of older women waiting to find a rich man to marry them.
There is also ongoing propaganda about “domestic violence” here that resulted in the government bringing some surreal family laws mentioning economic violence etc.

But overall, Serbian women are very feminine. Compared with other European women, they know their role as a woman in community and marriage, and tend to dress well.
The Balkans were never infected with feminism like the US or Western societies and I think that Serbia will never reach that level no matter how hard the elites try.

You should also know that Serbian people have a really negative attitude to feminism. It is considered here that if you are feminist, you must be fat, ugly and sexually frustrated. So even girls that are slightly feminist avoid mentioning that in public.

The level of sluttiness is not so high like in the US or Scandinavia. This isn’t a place to come just to get laid. That being said – don’t expect one night stands, they are not so common or socially acceptable here.

You will find that the more south you go, the more traditional women you get.

3. They speak English

Most girls speak English very well. Everyone had English classes in school from a young age.

4. Day game paradise

A girl in bikini walking on the Belgrade beach

My first time doing day game on the streets of Belgrade was amazing. There were so many beautiful women, I thought I was on another planet. Trust me, that moment when you leave your hotel, you will feel like you’re entering another dimension.

Serbian people usually mind their own business. They rarely speak to strangers on the street which is why day game is so effective. You have the element of surprise, and if you look good and dress well, you should be just fine. It will all seem to her as some romantic movie. And there won’t be any bitch shield because you surprised her. Most of the girls I approached on the street were sweethearts and shy at first.

Serbian women love to go out through the day. Café society culture is prevailing, that is the first thing I noticed. They just love to sit, drink and talk during the day. Good places for a day game is Kalemegdan (historian fortress) and Knez Mihajlova (the most crowded street in Belgrade).

5. Foreigners

Serbian women on Kalemegdan
Kalemegdan fortress lizards spend hours parked on the ancient wall

Getting laid in Serbia as a foreigner is nowhere near as easy as it is in China for example.  But Serbian women think that their country or city is boring. And they love to find out about other places.
So, if you are from US, AUS, Ireland, Spain, Russia etc. it is certainly a plus. They just want to experience something new and different.

Foreigners are liked here and Serbian people are very hospitable.

6. Two types of Serbian women

Another picture of Serbian WOmen

If I have to divide them into groups, it would be on girls that listen to local and foreign music. Chicks that love local music called turbo-folk (a sub-genre of folk music with dance and pop elements specific to Serbia), love to drink more and they are more hedonistic. However, you will need to have social proof, to understand Serbian culture and you will need to learn how to drink rakija. It’s harder for a foreigner to score with this type of girl.

Other girls that listen to western music are more open to foreigners and meeting different cultures, they love traveling and exploring.
You will also need to have some kind of social proof. But overall, they are more “easier” to bed as a guy that comes from a different country. So, choose wisely where you go to have fun.

a) Belgrade girls are a bit different

As you might hear, Belgrade born girls are a bit different. When you approach them they will definitely be willing to hear what you have to say. If you are being too indirect, she is going to ask you “what exactly do you want?” And yes, she wants you to be direct so you both don’t lose time.

It was a bit hard to accept this way of communication at first, but after a while, you will get used to. You can be as direct as possible and don’t expect her to always say “no”. Be prepared for every answer you get, even if you propose for you two to go somewhere private.

One thing is for sure, she will give you a fast and honest answer and expects from you the same.

7. You will have better chances if you show appreciation for Serbian Culture

Serbian Women wearing traditional clothing
Serbian traditional clothing

Serbia has a rich history and Serbian people speak the Serbian language. If there is any pro tip, it would be to learn a few Serbian words (the language is basically the same as Bosnian or Croatian so you will be able to use it there.  Montenegrians also speak the Serbian language). Bosnians and Croatians use the Latin alphabet, but Serbians have both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet so you might get confused by the name of the streets.

You will get “do you know some words in Serbian?” a lot from chicks. I recommend you learn some bad words and how to swear (“jebiga” – fuck). They always laugh their ass off when you swear in their language because of the accent. It’s funny for them to hear it. And if you use bad words and they get offended, you can always say that you thought that means “thank you” and that your Serbian friend tricked you.

Serbs won’t consider you “one of them” unless you show you can drink rakija (their national alcoholic drink). Learn to drink rakija, girls love that.

8. If you got a lot of numbers, don’t get too excited

Flakiness is a really common thing here. Serbian girls are very flaky.  Everything will seem great with her; great chemistry and attraction were there. For any third person that watched the interaction, it would look like you blew her off her feet, but send her a text tomorrow and next thing you know she is not replying.

All this made me change my game here, so I started to create more comfort before I leave. I tried to look very interested in usual questions about her, where she lives, what does she do etc. This way you create more comfort so when you text her, she doesn’t think about you just as a random guy that approached her, gave her some tingles and ran away taking her number.

9. Social circle and status

This is the number one obstacle every foreigner faces. If you go out to clubs alone, you’d better join a group ASAP. If you add girls on FB, you’d better have a lot of friends from Serbia and Belgrade that comment and like your stuff.

Have in mind that girls here crave to be a part of the group. And just like Lebanese women, they want to be a part of the “cool kids” ever since high school. They don’t want a lone wolf, no matter how attractive he is.

You can have some success without social proof in clubs with techno and house music, of course, but even there, don’t expect to get a 9 or 10 without it.

My advice is, if you are doing the night game, join a group of people first, or come to a club with your foreign friends.

10. Competition – Serbian men

If you decide to come here to get laid, you will have to compete with tall muscular Serbian men. The average male height in Serbia is big 182cm, or 5 ft 11 1/2 in according to this source.

While most foreigners consider them to be chill and alpha (and I agree with them), they are not a threat to you. When you stop a girl on a street and they notice you are speaking English, they will either look at you weirdly since the day game isn’t socially accepted or they will just congratulate you on “having the balls to approach”. On a few occasions, people were cheering me on a street when I stopped a girl, it’s truly amazing. Local guys that were approaching girls with me even had a better experience with people passing by, but that is understandable.

However, in night clubs things can be different. I don’t suggest approaching mixed sets on “Splavovi”(floating river clubs) and in clubs with local music since men are more territorial. Note also that I was in big cities only, like Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis. I heard that people are more “protective” in conservative, rural towns.

11. Be ready for bitch shield

In night clubs, Bitch shields are common among hot girls. They just put that look “don’t approach”. Very similar to Russian girls. But that is just a mask. You will also encounter a lot of cockblocking by a fat friend.

After watching some local naturals, my game become more cocky and dominant. Guys literally treat bitch shield as a shit test, and just ignore it or maybe even just start laughing at their attitude and making fun of them. Negging also works on those girls.

For some reason, bitch shields are present only in places where local music is playing.

12. Slut shaming is big

Women slut shame women even more

Slut shaming is big in Serbia. A lot of guys when they see a girl that wears something really short, they will see her as a whore. Not to mention when they found out a girl had a one night stand. That is why one night stands are not common here. It’s enough to see Facebook and YouTube comments on Serbian channels and pages about hot chicks, and a big portion of it is slut shaming. It’s the main reason Serbian girls are not like American.

Because of slut shaming, Serbian women love to travel, since in other cities and countries, “no one will know” about her sexual adventures.

Since men are leaders in social dynamics and trends, women seem to follow. Serbian women love to slut shame other girls, so they themselves will look innocent. Because, if you say bad things about some slut, you can’t be like her, right? Which brings us to the next stage.

13. Master isolation from friends

If you want to bang Serbian women you need to master this technique.  Find whatever reason you can (“Let’s go order a drink”, “Let me introduce you to someone very cool” “Let’s go for a walk”) and resist all her attempts to bring her girlfriends with her. This is important because she will have a tough time making out with you if all of her friends are watching. Find your secret hidden place in a club and bring her there.

If you do this correctly and she agrees to leave her friends even for a few minutes, that is 90% of the job.

Remember, she is just scared that her friends will see her as a slut. And if you want just to get laid ASAP, there is no need to befriend her whole group.

14. Student girls are hypergamous

This should be your target. Girls from all over Serbia and Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina come to Belgrade to study. In their first years, they usually cheat to their boyfriends that are at home and they learn fast about the “advantages of a big city”. Most of them also live alone and haven’t been in touch with foreigners, unlike native chicks.

You can find them anywhere on public transportation (trams, buses), Kale park in early evenings (especially on weekends). They crowd park benches and walls in groups just to socialize.

15. Online game

And where is better to find student girls than online?

When I arrived in Belgrade for the first few days I tried only Tinder. I was very disappointed in the Serbian online scene, and even when I got the matches and had a nice chat, the girl would disappear the next day. I thought that Serbian people think that the online dating is only for “losers” until I found Badoo.

Badoo is the best dating app on Balkan. Period. You can find everything, from hot 18 years old to MILF. And the girls are very responsive and open to meet, unlike Tinder.

I suggest you buy some options to increase popularity (this one really helps) or to chat to whoever you want. It’s very cheap, only a few dollars.

Either way, if you want to meet Serbian women definitely check Badoo.

16. Sponsors aka “Sponzoruse”

"I love my sugar daddy"

There are a lot of girls looking for sponsors. They just love to be seen as wealthy. It represents big social status and they crave for it. Among people that go to “splavovi” (again, local music) it’s shameful to be poor.

So, some chicks that don’t get money from their daddy love to have an agreement with rich guys that will buy them purses, high heel shoes, dresses, drive them in good cars, in exchange for sex and sometimes even “love”.
You will notice them right away. Hot chicks perfectly dressed with a constant bitch face.

I don’t recommend them at all but if you are a rich guy that would love to have such an agreement, try Silicone Valley street or Obilicev Venac in Belgrade.

17. Women that hit the wall are tricky

Girls that are over 28 will test you all the time. Test you for what are “your plans” with her and are you willing to commit. They often say how they just can’t find the right man since everyone is immature (which btw means that fun and cool guys don’t find them attractive anymore). But they will openly talk about the wall, and admit that younger girls just overrun them.

They will also play a lot of games, last minute resistance, trying to manipulate you into a commitment in every way possible. Interestingly, if they think you are too smart for them, they will just give up on you.

They are just bitter that their time is over and don’t have a problem to admit it.

I recommend you stick to 20-25 year olds.

18. Make-up industry is big

In the 90’s, when the country was breaking up due to economic sanctions, one of the businesses that always worked well were beauty salons. Women here love to spend hours in front of a mirror even when they go to the store for five minutes.

19. Fashion

Woman dressed in a Serbian way

As far as dressing goes, you will find everything. From very well dressed to trying to look like slobs. In hot weather, you will find a lot of chicks wearing short skirts looking like prostitutes.
One thing I also noticed is that carrying a purse over your bent arm and holding your phone in that arm is just what they tend to do. Purses and bags are a good sign she is Serbian.

If there is one thing Serbs recognize foreigners for, it is their clothing. You can spot them too if you look for it.

A few things you need to pay attention to if you want to fit in.

First, messy, long or “i-just-woke-up” hair is a sure sign you are not from here. Keep it short and tidy. Otherwise, you can be labeled as punk, hipster, and above all, foreign.

Hats, caps, hair bandanas, leave them at your hotel. If you are used to having something on your head, wear sunglasses, even on your forehead.

If, for some reason, you love to wear your jeans too tight and too low, you will just look ridiculous to Serbian people. Ridiculous and gay.

20. Dancing

There is an old saying in Balkan that goes something like this: ”In Slovenia, you can sing and dance and you will be good, in Bosnia, you can dance but don’t sing, in Serbia, you can sing but don’t dance and in Macedonia don’t dance nor sing”.
Serbian women love to dance. There are a lot of loud techno clubs where people go to express themselves with dancing. Also, psycholedic music is very popular in Serbia.  If your game style is “dancing monkey”, Serbia is a place to go.

21. Avoid politics

Avoid politics picture

To think that NATO bombed one European country not that long ago is beyond me. You may think you know about wars in 90’s in this region, but if your source is CNN or western media, just avoid this subject, especially when you are talking with guys.


Overall, if you are looking to bang as many local girls as possible, I’m afraid Serbia is not your ideal place. You will have to struggle with the lack of social proof, fear of slut-shaming, flakiness etc. And like I said, one night stands are rare here.

However, Serbian women are really beautiful. If you travel through Balkan, I recommend you to have a stop at Belgrade for a few days. Serbs love to eat great food, drink a lot and they’re friendly. You will certainly have a great time here.




  1. What’s with this height myth amog Slavs? We all know that swedish people are the tallest in Europe xd

    • Actually, it’s not a myth, read on Wiki : “The people of the Dinaric Alps (mainly Albanians and South Slavs) are on record as being the tallest in the world, with a male average height of 185.6 cm (6 ft 1.1 in) and female average height of 170.9 cm (5 ft …”

        • That average is for Dinaric South Slavs and Albanians only. Most Albanians aren’t Dinaric, so that’s why they’re shorter. Serbia has an average of 182, just like the author mentioned…no idea about Albania.

      • “The people of the Dinaric Alps (mainly Albanians and South Slavs)….” WRONG!!!! Albanians have nothing in common with people of Dinaric Alps, which are rather far away from Albania! Those People of Dinaric Alps are ethnic Serbs, mostly, nowdays known of their nationalities – Montenegrins, Bosnians, Croats, and Serbians. Albanians are nothing like Dinaric Alps people, they are really short and ugly…

      • Montenegrins are second( Serbs as well ) and Serbs third. And Duch are above just a little. Good night.

    • I felt very safe there. Not a single incident. And I can’t say that for some other places.

      • Very safe. Don’t try to stand out and cause problems and as the author of this article stated be careful at night clubs ( meaning don’t get in trouble-try to act tough) and definitely you will be ok.

    • It still impreses me when people ask how safe is Belgrade xD Tell me one reason why he wouldnt be safe in 2017? Beside nato bombed Belgrade in 1999 evrything else is fine now a days… Its capital of a contry that has opendly gay prime minister so i think that proves it all

      • Serbia is at least 10-years behind the Westernised world; there are many remnants from the Balkan wars that still plague this country, both physically and mentally.

        Belgrade is generally safe throughout the day albeit there are certain areas that should be avoided when travelling throughout the city at night. I would recommend remaining close to major tourist attractions and densely populated areas, where the only thing you should be concerned with are pick-pocketers.
        Also, if you are reliant on a taxi service as a means of transportation (as they drive like lunatics in Belgrade) opt for pink taxi or beotaxi, otherwise you’ll end up in an unregistered cab where the best outcome is a 100 euro fare.

        Serbia’s openly gay prime minster wasn’t voted for by the people, otherwise she wouldn’t have ever been appointed to that position. The pride parade results in the bashing of homosexuals every year. Serbia is not a progressive country, geopolitically speaking.

        There is an aura of pretentiousness that surrounds Belgrade, sadly it’s a complex they all suffer from, a more discernible remnant from the rule of Tito where everyone was ‘entitled’. This ‘snobbery’ is particularly evident amongst Serbian women, where the age old adage of ‘money talks’ most definitely holds true; yet this is sadly the result of the economic situation, compounded by an inherent need for status recognition.
        In my personal opinion, you’ll find that the most beautiful women in Serbia are not located in Belgrade, but in many of the surrounding rural areas.

        With respect to Serbian people in general, unless you’re displacing your money within their vicinity don’t expect any form of courtesy; I imagine that this is particularly confronting for tourists, especially those from Great Britain and Australia where decorum is an all encompassing character trait.
        There’s certainly a lot more to add but I’ll let you derive your own conclusions, for Belgrade is definitely worthy of your next travel destination.

        • So, I am born and raise din belgrade and I live in US now, in Atlanta.
          I have traveled USA a lot and trust me, I have never felt as safe as I feel in Belgrade. As a girl I was walking by myself in the middle of the night and nothing ever happened to me. Here, I cannot walk past 9pm – because I am afraid. In USA everyone is allowed to carry gun. There is way more mentally instabile people, mostly homeless, walking in the center of the city that can attack you for 20 bucks. In Belgrade unless you belong to criminal group , YOU are safe!

    • I am a Serbian woman and I dated internationals in the past, among them a Brazilian and a an African American. Both of them said on numerous occasions they felt more safe in Belgrade than in their home countries.

  2. “olive skinned”

    Damn, I’m sick of this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a white supremacist, but why advertise Serbian women as something they’re not? Serbian women are not Spanish or Italian or Gypsies, so they have white skin just like Germans, Swedes etc.

    • Serbian women are not Spanish and definitely not Gypsies. But the thing in Serbia is that during the summer season every girl is trying to get dark skinned. They go to solarium and beaches just to get some “ten”. That’s basically all they do when they go to Montenegro or Greece. It’s considered as “high status” and that a woman is more beautiful if she is dark skinned. It’s beyond stupid for me but that’s reality.

      As far as genes goes, Serbian people are closer to Swedes for example than they are to Italians, Turks or Gypsies.

      • Btw, this article is offensive on so many levels, it doesn’t even deserve a rebuttal. There are airheads in Serbia, just like in any other place, but you obviously came here just to bang so your description depicts only the desperate girls who go to night clubs to meet rich sponsors and foreigners and get as far away from their parents as possible. You will eventually feel used and she will feel disappointed. Good luck with that!

    • Lol….u r so wrong bro!!!! Serbian gearl, and Serbian ppl r Serbian, remeber that…never, never say for us to we r like someone!!!

  3. I’m Serbian local that is living abroad, and i can say, article is very accurate, especially “status and social circle”- that’s massive obstacle even for locals that don’t have any social connection with the girl (common friends etc). But also your serbian female friend can hook you up with her friends instantly 🙂 Serbia is not t individualistic society, so “social norms” and reputation is much more important then in the west.

  4. You got some good points, but your attitude towards feminism and domestic violence is messed up. Every third woman in Serbia is a victim of domestic violence because of patriarhal mindset. Every few months you hear about a violent man or a husband killing his own wife because of jelousy or no apparent reason. And he often gets away with a minimal sentence. So no, I do not aggree with you that there are new ridiculous laws against “domestic violence”, because there are none or if there are, they did not change a thing about the situation. These crimes are on the rise due to extreme poverty and desparation that is ongoing behind closed doors in Serbian households. But I do not expect a forigner from a probably more prosperous country would understand the situation in war-demolished, fu**ed up country like Serbia is.

    • “Every few months you hear about a violent man or a husband killing his own wife” – This is the problem. When a husband kills his wife it’s all over the news in Serbia. But when a wife kills her husband and the whole family, you can’t find it. I remember the case when a wife was torturing their relatives for a year in some basement in Serbia. It was on media but nothing special. If a man did that it would be all over the world media. It is a well-designed propaganda just for people like you. Serbian prime minister succumbed to the pressure and brought extreme family laws where now if you don’t buy your child a brand new tablet just because you don’t think it’s healthy for him, he can report you. There is no safe house for men in Serbia. When divorce happens, why do children always go to wife? If that is not discrimination I don’t know what is. But thankfully, Serbia will never be like the US, at least not when we talk about feminism.

      • Ok, it’s obvious that this subject hits you very close to home, and having in mind that you are very well informed about our country, it seems that you are not foreigner at all. There are no cases of domestic murders made by women, and it is not a public policy to portrait men as villains. Men simply exercise their power because they can and it is becoming epidemic. You said it, women are non-violent because they are better than man, but because Serbia is chauvinistic country in which women are powerless, treated only through their maternal, sexual or housekeeping role. And that really should change. Greetings

      • Because of men like you we need feminism, not only in Serbia but everywhere. You dare mentioning it’s all just a propaganda!? Have you no respect for the victims of domestic violence? And yes, whenever a crime was committed by a woman towards men, it was in the media. But for ever one woman who kills a man you have 100 men who kill a woman and/or a child. You are free to look at the data and you are free to visit the centers though I don’t think you will. You can talk about how to shag a serbian woman all you want (not that you’re particularly good at that) but don’t write something you haven’t even the faintest idea about.

      • Goran, don’t you have a girlfriend that you were about to beat up? Since you are too cowardly to fight a man….

  5. There are safe houses for men in Serbia, maybe there were not at the time you wrote the article. Serbian women are very pale and white, however just like any other nation they do get darker in the strong sun. Some of the hottest chicks are techno fans, I married a foreigner, I live with him abroad and he confirms some of the things you wrote, although not all. We do not particularly like Americans. Greetings.

  6. From the perspective of a Serbian girl, this article is so wrong! It’s nothing like this.

  7. All your tipps are ridiculous, but especially the age thing and the dividing of girls by the type of music they listen to. How old are? 18? Only a man with non existent self esteem needs girls between 20-25 and all the other methods you suggest. Even the fact and the way how you almost empirically tried to set rules about how to approach girls shows that you in no way are an alpha man or at least a man with passion inside. And that’s exactly the reason why you need all of this and why you need to go to foreign countries to “get” girls or woman. A real man knows instinctely how to attract woman and he follows his natural hunter genes and not an artificially set age boundaries or word sets prepared before. No wonder that serbian girls didn’t respond you! You just are not man enough I guess.

    • “Only a man with non existent self esteem needs girls between 20-25.”

      No, a smart man needs girls between 20-25. lol.

      No intelligent male wants to settle down with some old hag.

  8. Dated Serbian from rural town….. Im American who lived in Croatia
    1- Ive never spoken to Serb woman that did not comment they are not happy with their men
    2- they are poor so be ready to be taken for a ride
    3- 40k prostitutes in Serbia, you never know who is and is not… in Novi Sad $8 to $16 girls selling their bodies, mine determined being a whore in Sofia, as mentioned above nobody would know and Id not find out…….wrong, lol
    4- They do not like foreigners, the women do , men do not
    5- if you get scammed by one, well lets just say they already know govt. will do nothing
    6- they want your $$$$$$$$$$………flash cash and you are in
    7- good luck if you determine you want to trust 1……..you will need it

    • How are there 40k prostitutes in Serbia? No such number has been published, though there could be up to a few thousand. Also, for an ‘American’ your English is terrible. It’s clearly not your first language.

    • In a country of around 8 mil people (that considers children, elder people that are majority as the young population is emigrating in large numbers, and of course let’s say half of population men), 40k of prostitutes would be around every single date-able woman in Serbia. Super surrealistic.
      Still having some hard feelings after Serbians chased your ancestors out of our country some several centuries ago? Not healthy man, not healthy at all.
      If you are a foreigner in Serbia, or any outsider, you will feel extreme warm welcome in Serbia like no where else. And this is not coming from a local, such as myself, than from numerous people that I met in Serbia and abroad.

      • You are wrong
        There are 6.8 million people in serbia and not 8 million.

        Secondly serbia has an old population in terms of age , at the level of ethnic Germans with average 47 years old.

        There are more than 40,000 escorts in serbia and the number is indeed big.

        The agencies state that the number is at least between 50,000 to 60,000.

        Of course that not all serbian girls are like that

        However that is not every single available girl to date.

        Do your math right.

        Also his ancestors have never been in serbia, he is American

    • Hey Tim, Croatian girls looking for good fuck in Serbia, bc croats are unable to satisfy them. Second, if fhere is 40k of them, why average girl cost at least 120$? Croatian small dick troll.

  9. juat BS .. Im Turk – American , spent great times in Belgrade it was fantastic vacation , they like Turks more than Yanks ….all though they were under Turk occupation almost 400 years ..they are good friends ,, great people, great fun and food …. 40 K whores LMAO !!!

  10. Serbs and Serbian women warm welcoming people. There are whores in every country on this planet. If you respect your body you don’t sell it for one night stand no matter where you come from. We have some sick minded people on this planet that don’t know what real love is.

    • I tried to sell my body unfortunately no woman offered a dime.In life you get more ahead with a pussy than with a dick

    • It’s real true Debbie, Real Love is a combination of two soul not both body. I’m agree with u r view.

  11. I have only met 2 Serbian women, one married, one divorced, both funny, beautiful, intelligent & passionate. One in her 30’s one in her 50’s.
    To put these women in some “over the wall ” box is crazy. I think Nina got it spot on.. while entertaining, these comments are for teenagers..
    Oh, and these two women LOVED a Scottish man in a kilt.. lol

  12. I waisted my time reading this. I was on a job, interview and the lady is a beutifull serbian woman, wish i have not idea about there culture and want to lern about of course the job is in America so i understand there a lot different in between serbian and american womans. But still don’t get what i would like to know something the i can think relatively easy to engage with a co-worker. But Thank You i guess i will lern as i go to work.

  13. Serbian women have always seemed not attractive to me.

    Not saying they are ugly but many of them have harsh features and they smoke like men.

    They Create an Image of themselves because they were heels.

    • They don’t wear heels any more than other European girls do. No need for it, as they have pretty long legs on average.
      And yes they do smoke a LOT. I’m not a smoker, but I don’t mind people who are.

  14. This whole article was written by some idiotic sexist foreigner.
    So let me set things straight:

    – Most Serbian women are pale. I have blue eyes and pale skin. I can tan in summer, but those girls who are really dark are usually gypsies or those who are obsessed with the solarium aka sponzoruse.
    – There is a lot of abuse going on against Serbian women, which is a very serious problem in this country. Serbian men are not “alpha”, they think that hitting a woman is acceptable, which is an indicator of cowardice. If they have to be in fight with another man, they chicken out.
    – There are more than two groups of Serbian women. There are a lot of women who are vegans, are goth, are into gaming, are nerds…. and they are all amazing women.
    – There are many women who do not smoke, such as myself. Those who do smoke are often insecure teenagers or neurotic women.
    – Serbian women are most attractive in their 30s. I’m in my late 20s, and every year I grow more and more attractive. I look much better now than when I was 20. If you stick to 20-25 year olds you are missing out.

    • I’m in my late 20s, and every year I grow more and more attractive. I look much better now than when I was 20.

      Yeah, sure you do.

      • Jacques must be a catch with his beer belly and jacking off to pictures of Serbian women. That’s why he is so bitchy about them.

  15. Feminism brings not a lot f good to men and women, family is important. Being feminist and trying to act out your bitchyness is not cool.Serbia has a problem, a big social problem like brain drain, more people die than that there are born. We need respect between the genders, love and understanding. Life is too short to spend it in bitching who’s superior to whom.

  16. Dude if a chick wants to sleep with you she will but thinking and acting like a douche is just desperation no decent guy should stoop to just to get laid. We live in the 21st century not the dark ages

  17. I”m Electric engineer and my name”s Mimo from Cairo Egypt-40 years
    The Girls in Egypt do not prefer men over forty
    I want to marry a woman from Serbia
    Does anyone help me get a woman from Serbia to get married
    This is my email address ([email protected]) ..I wait any message … Thank you very much

    • Unless you have loads of money, give it up. A Serb woman will never consider going outside their circle.

    • Forget Serbia make your way to UKRAINE
      You will find your girl
      I am from England and have been living in Ukraine for the last 3 years

  18. Many guys say that serbian women are gold digger whores.

    Many of them are, but not all serbian women are like that.

    It is also true that there is a prostitution issue in serbia.

    There seem to be more than 50,000 serbian prostitutes within the country and certainly the number with rise with so many arabs going there.

    Arabs just bought a huge part of Belgrade some months ago.

    However serbian women are not as bad as ukrainian females which are the biggest gold digger whores or like polish girls that have become even bigger sluts than german women.

    Everything is better today than western women anyway.

  19. Very accurate write up, seems like the author has spent considerable time in Serbia, congrats. Serbia not really a place to “slay”, more a girlfriend type place. A Serb guy once told me “Serbian women are sluts, but they don’t want you to know that”. As the author says it’s all about social circles

    • It is about social circles. It is unfortunate the author states inaccuracies about the appearance. Most of the people are pale and short. Brown hair. No special jaw line. Of course there are a few olive skinned, tall, blondes in the mix. Just like any other white race.

  20. Serbian women have a long time that have become sluts.

    I am sorry but this is the truth.

    Nothing can be compared with the degeneration of English, German or swedish girls but still serbian women are reaching their level of slutiness.

    Serbian women have years that don’t create families anymore.
    Serbia loses every year 40,000 people because serbian girls prefer to bang 100 boyfriends rather than settle with a guy and create a family.

    I have also started to see many serbian girls with foreigners recently in belgrade.

    They have also started to find easy ways to make money.

    Besides many have years that have started to find easy ways of making money.

    The old family values of 70s will never come back.

  21. Many Serbian girls are either gold digger whores or even perverted in sexual acts.
    I am from middle eastern background and i have stayed for some time in serbia. I worked for a construction company.

    Almost all the serbian girls i banged told me they loved me but in the end end they loved my money.

    I just banged them and never had a real relationship.
    I hoped i would find my wife there.

    Serbian girls love middle eastern guys because of the money they think we have.

  22. Well if serbian women are such sluts what would we say about romanian, bulgarian and ukrainian women….

    sure there are plenty of serbian sluts, but the of number is lower than polish sluts.

    As for english, swedish, German women. ..they are horrible and not worth being mentioned.

  23. There is no such thing as a “slavic jawline”, slavic looks, or anything that denotes a racial type. There is not a dime’s worth of genetic difference between the average Croatian, Serb, Scandinavian or Scot. They are all members of the European or white race. There is no “slavic race” it is a language group. You need to go to Turkey and the middle east to see significant genetic differences from Europe.

  24. I am dating a Serbian woman 55 years old and beautiful. We proclaimed our love for one another 8 months ago. We have never met Face to Face but video chat and talk by phone regularly. I am moving to Belgrade as soon as my health improves. I am hopelessly in love. She is non-demonstrative with her love. Says lots of flattery is unnecessary but we plan to be married. I am from Texas USA and she doesn’t really care for American men but doesn’t like Serbian men as she finds them too controlling. She will not tolerate jealousy and got mad at me for days when I showed a little anger over her many male “friends”….she exploded really. I believe she has a lot of integrity and I trust her implicitly. She is struggling financially as her husband left her and their young son and doesn’t pay a cent towards their support….but she is not a gold digger…I am not a wealthy man but this doesn’t seem to bother her….I am a poet-writer and musician and she fell in love with me over my passion as expressed thru my writing…If I do say so myself I am a good looking guy but she says my looks were only a bonus and doesn’t seem to put much stock in superficial things…Definitely not a slut…she doesn’t even like to talk or flirt in a “naughty” fashion…she is quite light skinned with long beautiful legs and some might say she has a prominent nose but I think it’s beautiful and distinctive. I don’t know if she is typical of all Serbian women but if she is then I would highly recommend Serbian women…she however is very moody and unpredictable and when she gets in one of her dark moods watch out!!! I have learned to just to be gentle with her and accept her depressive episodes without trying to fix her as she doesn’t appreciate any help…just to love her. Any advice would be appreciated. Am I being to impulsive and impetuous falling so deeply in love with a Serbian woman on line?

    • Being on skype with someone 8 months without actually having a real date is usually a bad idea. You can’t have a real picture of her over skype no matter what you think. You don’t know her friends, you don’t know where she is going or doing when she’s not available to you. You said you are a good looking man, you can easily find a girl approaching them. If you are done with American girls, you can save some money and come live in Eastern Europe. But obviously, you are in love so there is no need for me to tell you this. So, about those male friends. You have to confront her. You have to ask her what’s going on there. A woman 55 years old doesn’t simply have male friends. It’s very suspicious if a girl 21 has a lot of male friends, not to talk about when she is 55. So, you need to grab your balls and ask her about that. Having male friends is something you should not be comfortable with. You think those guys only want to hang out with her, or they want to fuck her? Would you be just a friend to a woman like her? Or you would maybe pretend to be her friend until there is a chance to get her to bed? Let me tell you this. All of her male friends want to get her to bed. No exceptions. And how do you know they are not something more? Her aggressive behavior when you mention this is actually very defensive. Maybe there is a reason for that? Don’t buy that bullshit “I don’t want a husband that’s controlling” or “they are just friends” because she also knows what those friends actually want. If you marry her, would you be okay if she goes on a coffee with her male friend? What kind of BS is that? I suggest you deal with that before you marry her. If she must choose between her male friends and you, what would she do? Who is more important to her? I know I wouldn’t tolerate that BS neither I would want a wife that goes “hanging out” with her male friends. I don’t know how old are you and what are your options in dating world now but if you choose to stay with her, you have to deal with male friends. Sooner or later. And my advice is to deal with it before you marry her.

  25. Thanks for the response Magister and I see your point. I would be very suspicious if these were friends in “real life” but hey are FB friends. I have many female FB friends and that’s all they are. And every time we are both are on line we spend our time chatting with one another so I tend to believe and trust her until I really find out other wise. But thanks man. I see your point even if it is a bit disconcerting.

  26. Just by reading some of the comments, I feel like the English skills of some Serbians here to be grammatically much better than that of some Americans or people from English-speaking countries commenting on this thread. I mean, even with English being my third language, I can still write a fairly decent and for the most part error-free comment. I’m just saying, if you’re from an English speaking country, your grammar should at least be somewhat solid.

    As to Serbian women, I’d say they’re very confident, open-minded, educated and keen to learn more about other countries and cultures. They’re also very receptive for being talked to and won’t look at you as if being annoyed or ”who the fuck are you?” type of attitude. They’re straight up gorgeous, tall and very elegant. I don’t know who mentioned this, but the “hooking-you up with a friend” part, this actually happened to me as a friend suggested to hook me up with her gorgeous friend 🙂

    As I don’t believe in pick-up lines, one that works or rather is a genuine compliment, and or icebreaker, without sounding like a suck up, is the phrase “ti mnogo si Slatka,”and if you’d continue and say,”well that’s about all I know.” (Which is generally true), you’d love their reaction, as they’d appreciate phrases or that type of wittiness. Even showing interest in their culture or music, as I love mentioning some of their music and bands, like Bijelo Dugme and their poetic lyrics, gets them very curious as to why I’d show that much interest and appreciation in that type of genre. However, discussing politics is a definitely a NO GO! So yeah, I can definitely concur to some points mentioned here. Definitely looking forward to visiting the White City again and experiencing their great hospitality. The museums are a must in Beograd.

    As to Daygame, women should never be compartmentalized or objectified, but rather be connected emotionally through geniuity, cause they do have an inherent bullshit reader, especially in the Balkan Peninsula. I suppose the author here knows that.

  27. ” For any third person that watched the interaction, it would look like you blew her off her feet, but send her a text tomorrow and next thing you know she is not replying”
    This killed me! Very funny.

  28. I am from Belgrade and i don’t agree just with one thing in this article, serbian mens are taller than 182cm!!!! 5.1f ! For our terms thats a short men, sorry:) My dad is short guy but i still love him lol, i just want to say that the average serbians are tall

    • Stop lying.

      Average serb in from177 cm to 182 cm ..
      182 cm is tall of serbs and average for sports men and not average people

  29. From the perspective of a Serbian girl ….you r a di!k ! Only thing that I agree with is that Serbian girl r beautiful and that we like to sit and drink coffee a lot.

  30. Your content is so true! I visited belgrade for 5 days, i’m foreigner and from Georgia. I tryed more and more communicate with serbian girls in Night Clubs beside Danub or even in Beer Fest, but they shy and reject me even for just dance, i disappointed them! Serbian girls are between western europe and asian(turks) culture!

  31. It’s much more easier to get laid in New York but goddamn there are hundred time less gold digger then in Serbia. Your article is 100% accurate. This comes from a Serbian New Yorker.

  32. Although you are not the first guy who wrote a very accurate description of the scene in Serbia, my congratulations to you. Well done! Frankly, I spend time in Serbia with women who will agree with your article. They would be, either relaxed late 20s students (like you said), or 35+ divorced ones with children who finally realize how wrong there have been meanwhile. With others I can socialize, drink coffee, pay them numerous compliments, do business. And avoid them when I want to score. And thank you for your article about Chinese, cause I intend to see basketball world cup in China this year. Keep writing!

  33. As a Serbian dude, I have to say you killed it.

    Social proof is huge. If just one of her friend says you’re not cool – you’re out. On the other hand, if you get approved by her council of friends – you’re in.

    I also feel like one-night stands are not impossible. I’ve had them myself even though i’m not actively pursuing dating that much. But they really need to happen when the girls’ acquaintances are not around.

    We call this mentality “What will the village say?”.

    Most, if not all points are correct. Flakiness is a big one. Girls tend to see chat ups mostly as ego boosts.

    • Thanks. I don’t necessarily consider it a bad thing. Slut shaming prevents women from being a complete prostitute. I wish we have slut-shaming here in US as strong as it is in Serbia. Cheers.

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