Is getting laid in China easy?

Cute chinese girl

It’s hard for most men to stay indifferent to the innocence and sexiness of Asian women. Not to say how difficult it is to ignore our savior instinct for those women who look so soft and vulnerable. Pussy paradise. That’s how some white men call China. While believing that is not completely true, it is close. My job got me to Shanghai but I spend a few years in other top tier cities (Beijing, Shenzhen, Taipei and Hong-Kong). Getting laid in China seems easy, but is it worth for you to go there?

Welcome to China

Dragon, symbol of China

The divorce rate in China is around 4% but varies by different region and in more westernized cities like Shanghai you have western divorce rates of about 35%. Fat shaming exists and is unrelenting but takes place under the radar. People will fat shame you a lot but you won’t see it much on TV or media. The average BMI for a Chinese girl is a lot of points lower than for her American competition.

In the last couple of years, several of my friends have become married here and have kids. The thing is that mom has the baby and then lose weight to be slim and sexy again within two months of giving birth.

Sexual market is determined by your guanxi (关系 face). It’s defined by title, status, wealth etc. Considering the one-child policy, it’s especially essential to get married. Parents insist on traditional beliefs which mean that if you take their daughter for your wife, it’s like you got married to their whole family so you are obligated to respect the inlaws when they get retired.

There is a massive class difference in this country. By our standards, Chinese are either penniless or very rich (Hongerdai – 红二代 second generation red blood, Fuerdai – 富二代 second generation wealthy). Middle class is growing however it’s overrun by the Chinese Gov. and it’s small if you compare it with the US.

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Getting laid in China is easy when you are white

meme "you're a fucking white male"

In China, your dick is big: I’m little above average but certainly no John Holmes. And yet with every Chinese girl in bed, I get the indirect and direct compliment that I am too big. Back in Montreal, I dated very Canadianized Chinese women and they loved a good pounding.

When you land in this country and you are white, you are immediately top 20%. Your typical American beta boy in China has several inches of height and a lot of $ income compared to the locals. That is just status.

If you are considered a 6 in the US, and you are white, in China you become a solid 8 male tourist (Laowai). You would be considered to be pretty, exotic, tall and people will think you are rich. She will brag to her friends about you.

The reality will most likely be that you are an underpaid English teacher or middle-class tourist who is here to find a job for 2-3 years.

For every poorer Chinese girl in large cities; a white guy is seen as a prize. Many white folks fuck Chinese women with little to no effort, ‘game’ is not required. Such behavior is frowned upon since there’s an unspoken social contract that sex outside marriage is an act to make her your wife. Chinese women are usually shy, but since you’re a white guy you will be attractive and find out that it’s very easy to date and fuck the middle or lower class Chinese (Too easy if you are ripped);

Getting laid in China, just like in Japan, is easy. For many white men, it’s very hard not to bang a lot of chicks here. A bunch of my friends, entrepreneurs in this country who are educated in the US will spend years and years banging women – while being also married.

When it comes to the online game, you need to know what app to download. There is one major app you need to get if you want to get good looking Asian women.  You can register here

Chinese women

Chinese woman

Chinese women are very hypergamous.

Getting laid in China is not difficult, especially in big cities like Shanghai, Hong-Kong or Bejing.

Asian women, in general, are shy in public, but once you end up alone with Chinese women in a room, her clothes will fall off literally by itself. I have had situations where a Chinese girl enters my room and basically asked me to lay in bed with her while taking her clothes off.

Her biggest concern is going to be her reputation. You need to make sure nobody will know what happened between you two so her reputation among family and friends stay intact.

However, if you care to get into a relationship with the high class of Chinese it’s hard. Firstly you’re a foreigner, most Hongerdai (second generation red) can’t have LTR with outsiders and no matter if you are rich and worth of 10M, you’re still peasant for them. A big portion of these high-class chicks will look over even on rich folks from first world countries, so if you work with big companies or are a manager, you work 60-80 hour per week for something they consider pocket money.

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On the other hand, I never saw those women in marriage. Mostly other filthy rich Chinese men won’t consider getting into a marriage with a rich woman over 30 unless their families are very well connected and they want to merge their business. Despite the pressure to marry in China – you see many of recently divorced wealthy Chinese women (fuerdai or hongerdai) who will rather be alone than get married.

Pro tip: If you are looking for a big booty Asian girls in China, just check Sichuan/Chongqing region.


Whether your goal is to get laid a lot or to start a life in China, you should try and learn the Mandarin language. At least the basics.

People and especially girls will highly appreciate it. With little to no effort, you can get their sympathy. Not to say that learning the Mandarin language can also be fun.

Disadvantages and conclusion

There are not so many sluts outside of Shanghai(and other big cities) and it’s not easy to find a girl who will fuck for the sake of fucking. They tend to pair up in high school or college and run with it.

If you speak the language then you can get access to young college girls (18-23). Otherwise, you are dealing with the late 20s or early 30s women with an N-count between 1 and 3.

They don’t shave their vag. They don’t give head. You’ll have to train them.

That being said we can get to the conclusion that China is special, different and have an interesting culture. Getting laid in China is easy. But this is not a country to get married unless you are really invested in staying here. Since I know a lot of men who have married local women, I can only say this: don’t.


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  1. Great article. I was always wondering about China and how much would I as a good looking white American get laid. I think this answered me a lot of questions. Thank you.

  2. At least in Thailand they shave I guess. Why Chinese women don’t shave, it’s just simple hygiene, no?

  3. Having gone to grad school with a guy whi came over here from China with his parents around age 11, I can say that his opinion was that Oriental women always “take good care of their men, ” for what that’s worth. He was right about most things, both scholarly and socially.

  4. I’ve been to China and I have had Chinese girlfriends in the US who are high level executives in international corporations. Last thing China needs is a bunch of loser white guys flooding the country thinking they are god’s gift to the chinese. Its nothing like that and in the major cities being white doesn’t make you stand out. You are just one of many foreigners who frequent the cities. You will stand out if you go into more rural areas, but that does not mean all women will want to sleep with you. Being foreign helps get dates (speaking Chinese would really open doors) but unless your dating some maid from the phillipines/thailand who is broke its going to be more like the US but maybe slightly easier. Still if you are a loser in your own country and can’t close the deal chances are you aren’t going to do much better in China, unless you have no standards.

    • White guys are not losers though. If you are born white, then it’s impossible to be a loser.

    • True that higher quality American males going to China would preserve the American Male quality standard. However, if you are tall, dark and handsome and can get women of any ethnicity, why would you go to China? Besides, such qualification would be overqualified for China. It would be a millionaire go shopping at Walmart. I hate to be blunt otherwise you won’t get it.

      • William buffet shops at thrift stores and buys 5-year-old cars. wealthy people usually marry other wealthy people. One should look for mates who are at their level of income or higher. I would consider women who makes 22000 a month and who have at least a BA my equal. It would be ideal if she can speak 4 or 5 languages and can have educated conversations. So far I have yet to find a woman in Asia or South America who is like this.

  5. So much white trash here. Actually, as a Chinese man I can tell you who are stupidly confident the truth why some Chinese easy girls like u. That just because you are regarded as ATM or sex toy only. DO NOT FLATTER YOURSELVES. it’s so funny to find that some of u guys think his white race make them superior.

    • I agree Too much trash. I even kind of feel sad for them. I think is because there is not really a CULTURE (That includes Afro American).

    • Aww what’s wrong china boy, too unattractive to win the affection of your own women? Don’t worry, I’ll come to china soon to show them what a real man is. 😉

      • Aww Joey boy can’t get laid at home =( Look luck with your pathetic sex life b/c China despises white trash too.

        • Bullseye right in Joe’s pasty forehead. I’ve seen my share of trailer trash white dudes hanging with China’s underclass women.

  6. Those girls you picked up in clubs are mostly gold diggers or prostitude

  7. Laowai in Shenzhen here. China girls are amazingly slutty compared to white women. They practically throw themselves at you in the clubs. China is so butthurt about this that they’re starting to tear down the western clubs that cater to Chinese gold diggers. Chinese men just can’t compete.

    • Where in Shenzhen? I’ve been to a few places including Coco park. You can approach girls but they certainly don’t throw themselves at you.

    • Chinese guy here. Those shitholes are torn down b/c they’re nuisances to the neighborhood. I’m in the US banging your mother and the Bitch knows how to please a man.

      • That is ok. I am going to china because i want to work and not really interested in marrying a chinese girl. I prefer porn or playing skyrim to sex anyway. dont have to worry about going broke, getting stds, or babies,

        • Hi Michael, I totally agree. Sex is overrated, especially when you actually have passions other than splurging around your bodily liquids.

          Having said that, Chinese chicks are ok, way better than any Western girl with huge ego and insatiable appetite for money. Sometimes money isn’t the issue and that in itself is cool, but ego is always there and it WILL fuck any mans life unless he doesn’t think with his dick. Chinese girls are way better in the ego department and thus more bearable in daily life.

          Which city in China are you in (or going to)?

          • I am going to be working in Guiyang. I do think Chinese girls are pretty and I really like Uyghur girls. I am able to speak some Mandarin which is why I want to work in China. However I also started learning the Uyghur’s langage which is basically Turkish written in Arabic. I do not think I want to live long term in China. It is more or less my goal to stay in China for a year to learn Mandarin and then go to Russia and try to stay long enough to gain Russian Citizenship. I would prefer to marry a Russian woman as I like tall women and I love Russian food. Plus I love Vladimir Putin and every Russian president and premier since the revolution except Gorbachev. I do have to admit that listening to men talk about Chinese women like they do is appalling. They seem to view Chinese women as conquests or pieces of meat rather then human beings. I am the type of guy that likes having a girlfriend who I can be confident will be there for me whenever I need her and who can hold an intelligent conversation and has an imagination.

  8. What about religious Buddhist women from Guangzhou? Easy to hook them up or won’t sleep with you without marriage?

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  10. Spent over 10 years working in this country, not being Chinese is nothing special. The only thing that China offers is a “higher hit ratio” as it is the highest populated country in the world, meaning more single girls more hookers more easier girls and so on. Woman are woman all over the world, nothing to experience different here just the same commitment and all the woman problems that go with it. I think a lot of men get a “high’ here because of the amount of “have to pay cash girls” that approach them at bars and clubs. Easy to confuse cash customer attention to real attraction, the working girls are professionals and know how to get what they want from the half drunk cashed up tourist. Don’t think your anything special, your just one of the hundreds or thousands that they have approached. Again, nothing different here its the same all over Asia.

    • If you are white and you have to pay in China, then you are simply a big loser. No comment. LOL.

    • agreed with you! but Chinese girl still want to sleep with laowai because they tell you is open minded!

  11. Many Asian women have white fever and seek white males for marriage and kids.
    Unfortunately being seen with an Asian woman is an embarrassment for a white male in America because of the negative stereotype that comes with them. Most people will assume you are beta and unable to get a white woman. I find it negative validation when they hit on me. Give me a white or Latina girl any time.

    • I totally agree with this. The chubby beta dude with the Asian wife heads back home to realize he’s no longer anything “special.”

      • oh please, I don’t have a thing for Asian women, but there are plenty of white men that do, and it’s NOT considered low-status. The only ones who care are the American blimp women who think they deserve Bill Gates mixed with David Beckham, who would never look at them in the first place. American women are parasitic beotches, and watch out when they get older, They have to relive their youths all over again and they band together in bitch groups that tell each other how hot they are into old age. They’re also on the hunt for married men, so much for the ‘sisterhood’. It’s really pathetic. American have ZERO loyalty. US men are looking foreign for a reason.

  12. Hong Kong is also easy.. I am 6’1 with broad shoulders and average belly – not fat / no and. I got grabbed by a Chinese – Hong Kong woman who I bought one drink… she downed the drink and said let’s go somewhere else. (All in 5min) … when we got outside I said where… she said your place. I of course said, “Hell yeah!” Got back to my hotel room…. and she sucked me spook deep I thought she would swallow my balls! This is where it gets interesting… I start banging her and she starts yelling, “Yes yes kill me… kill me…”

    Um… wasn’t shore how to respond… so I continued what I was doing. In the morning we had showers… and she let slip how old she was… 63! I thought she was about 31! Before she left she dropped to her knees and finished me with her mouth… stood up and walked out the door!

    Love Hong Kong!!!!! Love Chinese women!

    • There are abundant Chinese women if you are not picky. Pretty soon you won’t be able to stand up.

  13. I lived in China for 8 years. It is fairly easy to fuck Chinese women in China if you are white. I lived in Nanning , considered to be a “conservative” part of China, but I still managed to fuck quite a few women there. The younger ones can be a bit of a challenge, I still managed to fuck a 19 year old uni student in Nanning though, even when I was 47. For over 25’s it not that hard. I fucked at least eighteen different women in Nanning from ages 27-40 when I lived there for six years, although two of them were GF’s for several months. Screwed a few in Wuhan also when I lived there for two years. The women in China over 27 who are single are often a great fuck and some of them are just begging for it, they are desperate to be fucked and they love it. The ones in late twenties enjoy sucking white cock also. Over 30’s unmarried Chinese women are called “sheng nv” and no Chinese men are interested in them. That is when Western men can go in for the kill. They want you to fuck them. Even if you are are a 50 year old old slightly fat white guy you will be able to screw at a least half a dozen good looking Chinese women under 40 if you stay there for about eighteen months. Easier for tall and trim younger laowai ( white guys ) though. Don’t listen to this bullshit about “conservative” and “traditional” Chinese women, it’s all garbage. The clubs are a good place to pick up and fuck Chinese women also, like another poster said, I rarely went to clubs in China though.

    • Shaun –
      I just saw your post. I have been in China for 8 years now. Lived in Nanning for 1 year. Live in Dalian now. About one year. Still no success! Jiangxi…you name it. I’ve been around China. Travelled everywhere. I’ve met a ton of girls [college students]. I’ve gotten a ton of We-chats. But most ALL of them have come up on nothing. Rejected over and over again. As a matter of fact, I’ve given up on Chinese girls and am now going for Thai girls online, as there’s not even a proper dating site that people use here anymore [websites have gone out of style].

      I don’t think I’m that ugly. But I am old now – 40. However, I’ve been here since I was 33! Can you tell me what your strategy was, exactly? I’m still heavily under the notion that there are many traditional / conservative girls here (the ones under 25), and that they’re definitely not easily like people say they are.

      My guess is that you met most of them at the bars where the foreigners hang out? Or at the nightclubs? The majority of girls I’ve seen foreigners with have been either (1) not so attractive, or (2) slightly more attractive, but heavily Westernized / Western-influenced (been to America already, hung out with lots of foreigners, had a foreign boyfriend before, etc.).

      From my experience, the most beautiful girls in China are not easy at all! And the ones that you’re referring to that are “easy lays” have “been around the block”.

      I don’t hang out at the places where you probably have picked up these girls, as I’m not very sociable. My deal has been meeting them on the street, in the coffee shops, tan tan, etc. But still, even when using tantan, I have just met friends or people who want to use me for English!

      Anyway, so what’s your secret?

      • Hi, I just saw a sad story of you. But I find you so funny. That’s true, nationality does not matter, only feeling and love matters. Men and women donot only have sex, they need to talk and joke also. Good luck to you.

      • The secret is simply talking them into going back to your place and then getting them into a compromising situation where you can take advantage of their innocence. Lets cook hot pot at my place and watch a movie. Hey how about I give you a little massage while we watch the movie. Why don’t you lay down on the couch so I can give you a better massage. Kiss the back of her neck and its game on.

  14. If you are white and Live in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong and cannot fuck hundreds of Chinese women, you may as well turn gay. I do not know any white guy, not one, who cannot achieve that. The only question is how many can you take. Chinese women are by far the easiest for white men. They drag you to bed, fuck you, and tell you how conservative they normally are. It is a consistent pattern but fucking always come first for most Chinese women. Sure, the locals will always say not All Chinese women are like that but the foreign men are outnumbered by Chinese women by a ratio of 10,000 to 1. There is never enough white men for all the Chinese women.

  15. Most Chinese like white men for the beastial component inthe game of attraction just like how white women love black men for their masculinity and animalistic nature.

    The Chinese have likewise a fascination with the more barbaric/backward aggressive traits of white people and like to experiment with them like how Roman women used to experiment with their slave gladiators.

    However it is frowned upon in Chinese s as you would be mixing an average IQ 102-105 society Chinese phenotype with someone from the Caucasoid group an average IQ 100 only (and that is optimistic. It’s lower if you count south europeans according to work by Professor Lynn in the UK). Your offspring would be pared down with a lower expected IQ of 101. Though on the plus side, some of the physical features that barbarians prize like height and muscular strength can be inherited as well.

    This is also a reason why while black men are desired sexually by white women as well.

    To up your game, you have to demonstrate linguistic and cultural superiority – preferably play up your races’ history. Please do not talk about the Romans because well read Chinese would know that most west Europeans were the former slaves of the Romans and rebelled against them. If you are Jewish of the Ashkenazi type however, it will put you in good stead.

    • What you are saying is correct. I’m white and my IQ is in the top 0.1% or top 0.01% if I remember correctly. However this is because I’m exceptionally quick & accurate at maths (not necessarily because I’m smarter than others) as are Chinese people in general as there is a higher emphasis on maths in China. Some autistic people can score very high on IQ but their EQ is very low meaning they are not actually that intelligent. While some of the greatest minds of the century do not score particularly high on IQ. I’m sure Einstein & Hawkings were under 140. Feynman is only 125. James Watson 125. Beethoven would have scored very low as he was hopeless at maths, and I’m sure that’s true of many writers and artists.
      There are a lot of other factors when determining intelligence such as the capability of independent thought or creativity which is what I usually judge people on. It has to be said that creativity is lacking in China not because Chinese people are inherently less creative but because the schools focus on maths not arts.
      I’ve lived and taught in both west and east and I’d say both sets of people are intelligent in different ways. Western people seem much better at some things such as imagination (looking at a situation and imagining how it will unfold down the line) as well as taking risks (decision making). Chinese people are good at playing it safe, concentrating, following orders and copying things from the west, but it’s less common to see that spark of creativity that I’d call genius.

  16. I don’t believe that Asian women and specifically Chinese women are totally hooked on white men. Let me explain, I am a black American man who just recently retired from the U.S. Navy. I was stationed in Asian for many years. I dated a Cambodian (Sopi), Thai (Ratansy), Japan (Tetsuka and others), China (Hui Yin aka Glimmer Girl), Pinay (Jazzapie, Juvy and others), India (Janita), South Korean ( Several one night stands), Nepal (Met her in the states. She worked at a gas station), Vietnam (Ngoc) and numerous other just forgot the names over time. Women are women and if your game is on point, race does not matter. Be fit, clean shaven, great teeth and from my experience Asian women love a nice male bicep. In closing, no problems as a back man hooking up with Asian women. Hooking up with Asian women in America is a totally different story.

  17. Well if you are a easy man then definitely you d end up with easy girls. And thanks for those gentleman who are polite and smart and respect to other contries women. Because of you, the rest of world won’t see Us white males as trash.

    • Totally agree with easy men would end up with easy girls. Normal Chinese girls won’t do thing like that.
      Plus male whore is more expensive than female whore LOL…

  18. I don’t know what’s wrong with these American losers,as a Chinese girl myself, you are the easiest people in the world, like something we can pick up on street without any effort. So before you agree with this article, think about what respect is.

  19. Do you think the Chinese can’t see it? You should be ashamed of your behavior. In the eyes of Chinese people, the quality of the westerners is very high, which seems not to be the case. There is garbage everywhere.

  20. Every educated woman here knows the word ’White trash’ as you guys know the word ‘easy girl’.

  21. very interesting point of view, hey I really agree with that you guys should learn some Chinese first! to know how people in China talking about you guys online. LMAO

  22. The white trash are pouring into China for an easier life cuz they cannot find success in their own countries. The so-called easy girls you meet up with are not reserved their bedsides for you alone, and they can brag about how many men they slept with. You know what, when you are talking about sleeping with Chinese girls, they tend to be the same bunch for all of you. What’s wrong with these girls who are open with sex, when girls in your own countries are opener. Most Chinese girls are not like how you describe.

  23. I kinda want to agree with this article. At least I would say 70%~80% of it. In 2012, I met my ex who was a white male on a dating site in the capital. We talked for I don’t remember how long and we met of course we f****d. Later on i found out that he had a girlfriend. Long story short. We actually have never confirmed our relationship even though a lot of things did happen and I did fall crazy for him and he did know that. I even visited him once after one year of long distance. This whole thing lasted about more than two and half years almost three years, we still have in touch though. I did know he was having sex with others because he have told me about it, sometimes there were others’ stuff, and i secretly checked his phone a few times. This did affect me so so so much and I have been recovering from it since then. I do think it’s easy for white guys to get laid in China but I think if there is a girl really likes or loves you. You should not treat her like how I was treated.

    • I know a few white guys who have gotten married in China and really love their wife. So they’re not all like that maybe you can find a better guy.

      • Yeh. I moved to the states in 2014 and met my current boyfriend we’ve been together for more than 3 years but this still affects so much. I constantly think I’m not good enough, not attractive enough ish. Sometimes i think about this and it really scares me because it always reminds me of if I were good enough or attractive enough then he wouldn’t be cheating even though I do know for some guys out there, they cheat no matter what.

        • MMM, there is no need for you to feel that you are not good looking enough for your white boyfriend. I am a Chinese male. I can tell you if a Chinese girls is ugly, she can easily find white guys who feel she is good looking. Some white guys have opposite taste. They are very different

  24. When it comes to getting laid there are two types of girls in China. I refer to them as bad girls and good girls. The bad girls who aren’t bad at all are very easy to get. They go to clubs, get drunk, or ask outright for sex on tantan. Many of them will have been with ten or more westerners. Some will go back to your house after a few minutes conversation (I’ve had 2 in the last few months that didn’t even speak a word of English and I made no effort to speak Mandarin). These types of women exist everywhere not just China. They’re easy to get because they are drunk or unintelligent or average looking. It takes no skill or charm to get them and nobody should boast about scooping them up.

    The good girls who are generally much better looking, thinner and more intelligent are much harder to get, especially the young ones who are focussed on study or believe in true love/ marriage etc and generally prefer their own race. This requires a longer game (very different to western game. it’s better to come across as sincere, hardworking, playful and clever as opposed to the alpha male), as well as use of Mandarin or at least show you are trying. Make sure they know that you are here to stay not just on holiday. I’ve lost a lot of girls by being too forward. Never talk about sex unless they do. They may seem like prudes but if they trust you they will jump into bed with you. 90% of the Chinese girls I’ve had have been good girls and almost all of them approx half my age.

    However I know tonnes of western guys who either can’t get a girl or can only get an ugly one or an easy girl. If you are ugly or overweight and have no game, you aren’t going to suddenly become Cassanova here. Any advantage you have in being exotic or tall is wiped out if you can’t speak the local language. That said most people should be able to punch above their weight if you put the effort in.

    One last thing beware of girls who just want a token foreign friend (they appear cool to have an attractive foreign friend on their table) or someone to practice english with. Also girls in mixed sex groups are very very hard to get. The Chinese guys will be protective if you’re making a move and they don’t want to look like a slut. Either get them away from the group (lets go get food) or go for all girl groups, preferably twosomes.

    • ADT, yes you are right except you forgot to mention that about 80% of Chinese girls fit your category of bad based on your definition. An average white guy can score on hundreds of bad Chinese girls but when they go home, they can hardly score on one bad girl in their own country – that is the difference. Why can’t you just admit that Chinese women workship western men – would it really hurt your pride for admitting the truth?

  25. One day you stupid white motherfuckers will all be destroyed. I hope your family dies in a fire

  26. I think this article should be taken down! I think that Chinese women are the most beautiful woman in the world. I also believe that no women should be depicted the way it’s being done in this article. Grow up and get a life! Anywhere you go if you’re the minority gender then it’s going to be easy to hook up with the opposite gender. That’s common sense, but if you can’t get laid in the United States as a white man, I’m guessing you’re not going to get laid anywhere. The numbers here favor men as well. I know not more than two years ago there where two women for every man here in the U..S. In my lifetime I’ve been with three or more women in the same night on multiple occasions, I’ve also been with the same girl (faithfully) for 20 years at one point in my life.

  27. First i must state the obvious i would much rather as chinese girls really turn me on..with their smiley friendly faces and easy personalities ..heck yeah i have a much easier time approaching them for conversation as i mumble a few words in mandarin and it,s on …forget bitchy north american women,, (canada ,,and ,,united states )….i truly live any big city that has a sizable chinese population…although they are white and slimmer i still admire them..also korean girls are great also but seem just a little more harder to get..the tanned ones in thailand and cambodia i just go bonkers for gorgeous tans and fabulous bodies…these girls are cheerful ,smiling, never winy like american and canadian girls….i simply cannot stand north american culture…asia or latin america is the way to go…

  28. Hi, I am an Iranian, and I want to know what the Chinese people are doing outside the Iranians

  29. Chinese girl here…I like white men but I am not easy lol. Just because they r stronger and sporty.

  30. Lot of you are completely immature.
    Make your way from YouTube here?
    Treating your relationships like trash if you can even call it that at all. Then bragging and gossiping about them on the internet publicly.
    Ignorant and disgusting. How you treat others describes how you treat yourself I don’t see anything very complimenting here at all just some pathetically cheap interactions.
    Not one romantic anything or complimentary comment. Cheap sex stories from millennials.
    Nothing masculine here at all.

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