Is getting laid in China easy?

Cute chinese girl

It’s hard for most men to stay indifferent to innocence and sexiness of Asian women. Not to say how difficult it is to ignore our savior instinct for those women who look so soft and vulnerable. Pussy paradise. That’s how some white men call China. While believing that is not completely true, it is close. My job got me to Shanghai but I spend few years in other top tier cities (Beijing, Shenzhen, Taipei and Hong-Kong). Getting laid in China seems easy, but is it worth for you to go there?


Welcome to China

Dragon, symbol of China
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The divorce rate in China is around 4% but varies by different region and in more westernized cities like Shanghai you have western divorce rates of about 35%. Fat shaming exists and is unrelenting but takes place under the radar. People will fat shame you a lot but you won’t see it much on TV or media. The average BMI for a Chinese girl is a lot of points lower than for her American competition.

In the last couple of years, several of my friends have become married here and have kids. The thing is that mom has the baby and then lose weight to be slim and sexy again within a two months of giving birth.

Sexual market is determined by your guanxi (关系 face). It’s defined by title, status, wealth etc. Considering the one-child policy, it’s especially essential to get married. Parents insist on traditional beliefs which mean that if you take their daughter for your wife, it’s like you got married to their whole family so you are obligated to respect the inlaws when they get retired.

There is a massive class difference in this country. By our standards, Chinese are either penniless or very rich (Hongerdai – 红二代 second generation red blood, Fuerdai – 富二代 second generation wealthy). Middle class is growing however it’s overrun by the Chinese Gov. and it’s small if you compare it with the US.


Getting laid in China is easy when you are white

Getting laid in China is easy when you're a fucking white male
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In China, your dick is big: I’m little above average but certainly no John Holmes. And yet with every Chinese girl in bed, I get the indirect and direct compliment that I am too big. Back in Montreal, I dated very Canadianized Chinese women and they loved a good pounding.

When you land in this country and you are white, you are immediately top 20%. Your typical American beta boy in China has several inches of height and lot of $ income compared to the locals. That is just status.

If you are considered a 6 in the US, and you are white, in China you become a solid 8 male tourist (Laowai). You would be considered to be pretty, exotic, tall and people will think you are rich. She will brag to her friends about you.

The reality will most likely be that you are an underpaid English teacher or middle-class tourist who is here to find a job for 2-3 years.

For every poorer Chinese girl in large cities; a white guy is seen as a prize. Unlike Serbian women, many white folks fuck Chinese women with little to no effort, ‘game’ is not required. Such behavior is frowned upon since there’s unspoken social contract that sex outside marriage is an act to make her your wife. Chinese women are usually shy, but since you’re a white guy you will be attractive and find out that it’s very easy to date and fuck the middle or lower class Chinese (Too easy if you are ripped);

Getting laid in China is easy. For many white men, it’s very hard not to bang a lot of chicks here. A bunch of my friends, entrepreneurs in this country who are educated in the US will spend years and years banging women – while being also married.

When it comes to the online game, you need to know what app to download. There are two major apps you need to get if you want to get good looking Asian women. For the first one you need to pay, and that is exactly why there are no fake profiles. You can register here

The other one is Badoo. Badoo is really popular among girls that speak great English. Girls are also very responsive. Get those two apps as a foreigner and you will score in short period of time.


Chinese women

Chinese woman
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Chinese women are very hypergamous.

Getting laid in China is not difficult, but if you care to get into a relationship with the high class of Chinese it’s hard. Firstly you’re a foreigner, most Hongerdai (second generation red) can’t have LTR with outsiders and no matter if you are rich and worth of 10M, you’re still peasant for them. A big portion of these high-class chicks will look over even on rich folks from first world countries, so if you work with big companies or are a manager, you work 60-80 hour per week for something they consider a pocket money.

On the other hand, I never saw those women in marriage. Mostly other filthy rich Chinese men won’t consider getting into a marriage with a rich woman over 30 unless their families are very well connected and they want to merge their business. Despite the pressure to marry in China – you see many of recently divorced wealthy Chinese women (fuerdai or hongerdai) who will rather be alone than get married.


Disadvantages and conclusion

There are not so many sluts outside of Shanghai(and other big cities) and it’s not easy to find a girl who will fuck for the sake of fucking. They tend to pair up in high school or college and run with it.

If you speak the language then you can get access to young college girls (18-23). Otherwise, you are dealing with the late 20s or early 30s women with an N-count between 1 and 3.

They don’t shave their vag. They don’t give head. You’ll have to train them.

Thate being said we can get to the conclusion that China is special, different and have an interesting culture. Getting laid in China is easy. But this is not a country to get married unless you are really invested in staying here. Since I know a lot of men who have married local women, I can only say this: don’t.



  1. Great article. I was always wondering about China and how much would I as a good looking white American get laid. I think this answered me a lot of questions. Thank you.

  2. At least in Thailand they shave I guess. Why Chinese women don’t shave, it’s just simple hygiene, no?

  3. Having gone to grad school with a guy whi came over here from China with his parents around age 11, I can say that his opinion was that Oriental women always “take good care of their men, ” for what that’s worth. He was right about most things, both scholarly and socially.

  4. I’ve been to China and I have had Chinese girlfriends in the US who are high level executives in international corporations. Last thing China needs is a bunch of loser white guys flooding the country thinking they are god’s gift to the chinese. Its nothing like that and in the major cities being white doesn’t make you stand out. You are just one of many foreigners who frequent the cities. You will stand out if you go into more rural areas, but that does not mean all women will want to sleep with you. Being foreign helps get dates (speaking Chinese would really open doors) but unless your dating some maid from the phillipines/thailand who is broke its going to be more like the US but maybe slightly easier. Still if you are a loser in your own country and can’t close the deal chances are you aren’t going to do much better in China, unless you have no standards.

    • White guys are not losers though. If you are born white, then it’s impossible to be a loser.

  5. So much white trash here. Actually, as a Chinese man I can tell you who are stupidly confident the truth why some Chinese easy girls like u. That just because you are regarded as ATM or sex toy only. DO NOT FLATTER YOURSELVES. it’s so funny to find that some of u guys think his white race make them superior.

    • I agree Too much trash. I even kind of feel sad for them. I think is because there is not really a CULTURE (That includes Afro American).

    • Aww what’s wrong china boy, too unattractive to win the affection of your own women? Don’t worry, I’ll come to china soon to show them what a real man is. 😉

  6. Those girls you picked up in clubs are mostly gold diggers or prostitude

  7. Laowai in Shenzhen here. China girls are amazingly slutty compared to white women. They practically throw themselves at you in the clubs. China is so butthurt about this that they’re starting to tear down the western clubs that cater to Chinese gold diggers. Chinese men just can’t compete.

    • Where in Shenzhen? I’ve been to a few places including Coco park. You can approach girls but they certainly don’t throw themselves at you.

  8. What about religious Buddhist women from Guangzhou? Easy to hook them up or won’t sleep with you without marriage?

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  10. Spent over 10 years working in this country, not being Chinese is nothing special. The only thing that China offers is a “higher hit ratio” as it is the highest populated country in the world, meaning more single girls more hookers more easier girls and so on. Woman are woman all over the world, nothing to experience different here just the same commitment and all the woman problems that go with it. I think a lot of men get a “high’ here because of the amount of “have to pay cash girls” that approach them at bars and clubs. Easy to confuse cash customer attention to real attraction, the working girls are professionals and know how to get what they want from the half drunk cashed up tourist. Don’t think your anything special, your just one of the hundreds or thousands that they have approached. Again, nothing different here its the same all over Asia.

  11. nice post, it is always a numbers game but sometimes the numbers come a little easier than others

  12. Many Asian women have white fever and seek white males for marriage and kids.
    Unfortunately being seen with an Asian woman is an embarrassment for a white male in America because of the negative stereotype that comes with them. Most people will assume you are beta and unable to get a white woman. I find it negative validation when they hit on me. Give me a white or Latina girl any time.

  13. Hong Kong is also easy.. I am 6’1 with broad shoulders and average belly – not fat / no and. I got grabbed by a Chinese – Hong Kong woman who I bought one drink… she downed the drink and said let’s go somewhere else. (All in 5min) … when we got outside I said where… she said your place. I of course said, “Hell yeah!” Got back to my hotel room…. and she sucked me spook deep I thought she would swallow my balls! This is where it gets interesting… I start banging her and she starts yelling, “Yes yes kill me… kill me…”

    Um… wasn’t shore how to respond… so I continued what I was doing. In the morning we had showers… and she let slip how old she was… 63! I thought she was about 31! Before she left she dropped to her knees and finished me with her mouth… stood up and walked out the door!

    Love Hong Kong!!!!! Love Chinese women!

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