The Ultimate Guide To Getting Laid In Japan

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Before I got to Japan, all I wanted to do was get over there and date those sweet and innocent Japanese women. It’s very hard to find a man that is indifferent towards classy Japanese girls, and I know for sure I’m not one of them!

But what did I know about getting laid in Japan before I got here? Very little. I read a few forum posts and outdated blog articles in the manosphere, but I simply could not find any helpful guide on this subject.

The best advice I could get is, “Be white.” But, is Japan still the best place to go for sex tourism if you are American? How easy is it to get laid in this beautiful traditional country?

The Culture
Kyoto after rain

About one of three marriages ends up in a divorce in Japan. Four times the rate in the 1950s and double the rate in the 1970s. The divorce rate has slowed in the recent year, but that’s because of the growth of single men who choose to be single by choice.

Obesity is almost non-existent. People will fat shame you if you don’t care about your body. You can’t see fat Japanese woman on the street. Mostly because they are very rare, but partly because they don’t leave their house because of their looks.

Asian girls, especially Japanese girls, are very lean, their food and genetics simply don’t allow them to get fat. They look younger. If you think she is 22, most likely she is around 27. If you think she is 27, she’s probably 33, etc.

But have in mind that this also means that you will have a tough time finding girls with big booty in this part of the world.

Your value on the Sexual Marketplace is determined mostly by your social status. “Cool kids” are the ones who get laid the most in the Japanese society, others are out of luck. You can work on your status to look cool by caring about what you wear. Try different clothes and try to look like a “bad boy.” That will give you more value in nightclubs.

It’s worth mentioning that Japanese women usually live with their parents until they get married, even if she is old and makes decent money. Girls who live alone are mostly students, and their families live outside the Tokyo area. So, work on your logistics.

Getting Laid in Japan as a Foreigner (gaijin)

Being an American in Japan brings a lot of benefits. First of all, you are going to be more attractive than in the US. Yes, Japanese girls still love white men.

But, if you think that as soon as you land in Japan, their women will drool over you, you are wrong. That train is long gone. You can, however, go to smaller towns and cities in Japan where people are not used to foreigners.

But I’ll suggest something else.

I suggest you adapt your mindset. It takes time, that is why only people who stay longer in Tokyo have good results. The game is different, and you need to adapt. Let’s take a look at how picking up girls in Japan is different from picking up girls in the US.

  • Girls are hard to stop, and once you do, it’s hard to keep them standing with you. During a day game, stop them like you usually do, but once you see she starts to move, try to walk with her.
  • You don’t have a lot of time. In other parts of the world, girls will chat with you for a long time, even if you stopped them on the street. In Japan, what works best is if you both go somewhere else and go on an instant date with them. Ask her to go somewhere for a drink or ask her to show you around. All that while keeping your intent of course. Don’t become her friend.
  • You already have an attraction. You don’t need to neg them because they will feel offended. Instead, work on your comfort and physical game. Try increasing comfort and trust. As far as attraction goes, try to touch her hands and hug her early. Practice speaking slowly so she can understand your English.
  • Don’t fall for her innocent looks. She may look shy, but that’s only until you two end up alone at some private place. Playing respectful gentleman will put you in the friend zone while she gets pounded by some spiky-haired chad. Don’t be afraid to show her that you want to fuck her.

Follow these rules and your game will get better quickly. As far as being white is concerned, yes you have more chances than locals, but whatever you say, don’t tell her you are an English teacher. 99% of Americans are English teachers, and it’s becoming boring.

Black guys should go to rap or reggae type clubs where there are lots of other black dudes and Japanese women.

Learning the language is very, very helpful. Japanese people expect you to learn Japanese, they know that most foreigners can’t speak Japanese. So, when they see a white guy speaking Japanese, it is a big plus, not to mention that most Japanese women don’t speak any English.

I would still start talking with a girl in English, because if a Japanese girl knows English, I would know that she is more open to dating a Gaijin (foreigner). After all she learned our language so she can meet interesting Americans.

There are cities and towns in Japan that aren’t touched by mass tourism and where foreigners are naturally more popular, and by so, more attractive. I recommend Okayama, Saitama, and Kitakyushu. They are large enough to never run out of women to approach and small, unknown enough for Americans not to go there.

In these smaller cities, your status as a white man will be very high. You would be able to do “anything,” and people will still understand it because you are a foreigner. Use their politeness to your advantage and game aggressively. Obviously, you don’t want to get into any trouble or do harm to anyone, but let’s just say that it’s easier to get laid in Okayama than in Tokyo for example. Maybe even as easy as it is in China.

Pro tip: Try to find some IP (International Parties), you can just google them or ask people in Tokyo. International Parties are created for people like you and me and Japanese women that love some foreigner D. Put time and effort to find these parties, they are better than parties in Las Vegas.

Have in mind that people will sometimes shame their women when they see how easy they fall for you. So, try to isolate her from her friends or people around you when you want to get her number or kiss her.

Online Game

Japanese girl looking at her phone

Finding a Japanese girl who speaks English is hard. Yes, you may go to nightclubs for foreigners, you can play day game until you find a girl that speaks English, but that can sometimes be exhausting, and maybe you don’t have time to learn the language.

In that case, what I recommend is that you start using online game. Use dating apps that Japanese women use, or even better, use apps Japanese girls who love foreigners use! The most popular app that Japanese women who learned English use is Japan Cupid. Going to Japan without knowing the language and not using this app is just plain stupid.

How To Get a Japanese Girlfriend

Okay, so you want to actually date Japanese women and maybe find a wife here. First of all, I don’t recommend it. It’s not that they are worse than American women, but they are extremely passive-aggressive and controlling. I know a few guys who married Japanese women, and they are all miserable now. They feel lucky if they get in bed with her once a month, really sad.

But maybe you want to try your luck, or maybe you just want to know how it is to date a Japanese girl.

Now, a lot of you have heard that Japanese people are racist when it comes to foreigners and because of that it’s hard to find a girl. Well, that’s not far from the truth. They are not racist, but nationalist. If you want to date a Japanese girl in Japan, you better show some appreciation for their culture. Show effort to learn the language, or to learn their rules. Start behaving like them and you are in.

They are not materialistic and will not marry you simply because you have money


Japan is a great country with a great culture and a lot to offer. Aside from interesting buildings, a traditional society and great insights, Japan has sexy women to offer.

However, don’t have very high expectations because you may get disappointed. Yes, it’s easier to get laid here as a foreigner, your status is elevated because you are a foreigner, but that alone won’t get you laid. To create your own Asian harem here, you will need to put some effort into approaching girls and online game.

That being said, I recommend you visit Japan, especially cities that are not touched by mass tourism. By visiting those cities, you will experience what Japan is all about. And, you will get the gaijin privilege.


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