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setting goals

Most people are going through life without any direction. A simple, small stimulation and distraction can decide what will those cockroaches do for the rest of the day. They don’t know what they want, they don’t know where they want to be, but then suddenly cry on the forums how their life is fucked up. People like this don’t want to accept the fact that they’re the masters of their faith and take responsibility for whatever is happening in their life.
How to avoid this to happen to you?

You need to strike your demons from more angles. One way is to kill all distractions. But another angle is to set your priorities and goals.
Find your priorities in life. That can be a college, business, girls, gym, sport, hobby, etc. Find something that’s important to you and that you’re passion about. I suggest having one main priority and 2 others. Don’t have more than 3 priorities. If you try to change too many areas of your life at the same time, you will probably fail, and this failure will hurt your positive momentum.

Quote more than three priorities

Now it’s time to set some goals. And this is where I reveal my trick to you.

Step 1: What 3 things describe you right now? Write them down. It can be “burger lover, league of legends player and loyal employee” for example. Whatever you do the most through the day.

Step 2: What 3 things would you want to describe you a year from now? 2 years from now? 6 months from now? If you think about it, I’m sure you would come out with things you can accomplish. That can be for example “writer, designer, gym freak,” or “pick-up machine, healthy cook, amateur boxer.” You got the point. Now you know where you should start focusing your energy more.

Instead of setting some huge goals, think about what word should describe you shortly. Based on that, you can make some long term divided into short term goals.

I also recommend you to write down what do you regret not doing? Which pain lays most heavy on your heart?

That can be: “I didn’t meet my deadline for the book,” or “I didn’t spend enough time with my family.” Maybe you were just a scumbag who could not beat laziness? Whatever it is, write it down. That should motivate you to at least make a list of goals and do step 1 and step 2 in this post.


Desire, passion, obsession – those are the things that move you forward. All three things are similar. Passion is something you have to feel about your goals if you want to succeed. That burning feeling inside you will be your fuel for doing things you need to do in order to achieve your goals every day. Think about the goal that will make you feel incredible. Don’t be afraid to dream big if that will make you feel passionate. Ignore voices that tell you “stop dreaming peasant”. Daydreaming is good if it comes with focus and if you do that to visualize your goals. Daydreaming is bad if you use it just to get your daily dopamine injection! What is the difference? Visualization your future situation with an intention to make it a reality is the difference.

I know everyone is saying that, but putting your goals on paper gives you a certain advantage. Writing is also mental activity and by putting your goals on a paper you somehow feel more obligated to achieve what you have written.

You have all about that in Napoleon Hil’s book Think and grow rich, where he explains how folks with 4 grades became millionaires. He also talks about affirmations, how to imagine yourself achieving your ambitions and the benefits of that.
Each of us is passionate about at least one thing. Make your goals around that stuff. Because you won’t be ready to give up small brain stimulations and to pay the full price if there isn’t enough passion. If you aren’t ready to abandon distractions and to start heading towards your goal, maybe you aren’t passionate enough about that? Maybe it’s time to try something else? Only you know.

But whatever it is, don’t forget to set up goals, because, without that, you are just like the rest of the people.


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