Where To Find Girls In Cancun

Cancun Girls At The Beach

Do you want to go to Cancun but still didn’t fully decide yet? Maybe if you knew how to get laid with Cancun girls will finally make up your mind?

The answers you are looking for are definitely in this guide. You will read everything about picking up women in Cancun and where are the best parties. But first, let’s get through the basic info.

The Mexican resort city of Cancun is situated in Yucatan, a peninsula bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s pretty much known for 15 miles long white sand beach, hot high school girls and crazy parties.

Cancun is a place you want to go for your summer break. It’s not a place you want to live in, but it will definitely be one of your top places if you are looking for fun.

First, let me say that Cancun isn’t for everyone. As soon as you land people are going to offer you a ride in a very crowded airport. And that’s an only small piece of what you will experience. You definitely want to learn “No, thank you” in Spanish if you are coming here.

Streets are also crowded, and if this is somewhat you have a problem with, you have been warned.

That being said, let’s get into this guide.

Cancun Girls

Local girls here have a bit darker skin with presumably Mayan ancestry, compared to other Mexican women. But a few seconds of speaking with them alone you should be able to “smell sex”. They are passionate and love when a guy is direct.

Yes, they do love gringos. And they are most likely willing to sleep with you if you are good looking or have some game.

But they are not the majority in this place. Tourists are. And most girls here will be high school girls. This means that if you are in your 20’s you will have an easier time.

Have in mind that even an 18 years old Cancun girl will always choose a 28 year old guy who has his life together over a 22 years old guy who can barely speak from being drunk all day.

Pro tip: Many of my friends are over 30 years and when asked about the age they all say 26. And the only time a girl accused one of my friends to be a liar is because she thought he was younger.

Most of the high school girls are going to be from the Midwest US. And they come here to have the type of adventure they can’t have at home. This is the place no one is going to judge or shame them so they are relaxed and more open to one night stands.

Your best bet is to go for high school girls that come from other parts of Mexico. You will notice them because they are Mexican but have a lighter tan and are usually in groups. Sometimes you will even think they are from Europe. We will discuss later what strategy works best on them.

When to go

Believe it or not, the most important question, if you want to get laid in Cancun, is not where to stay or what nightclub is the best, but when to go to Cancun.

And the answer to that question is to go when a High School Senior Week is. It depends from state to state but if you ask me, I would go in in mid-June or the first week of July.

Remember, Cancun at Spring Break is where US girls come to party harder and do more crazy things that they don’t feel comfortable doing at home.

The chicks I hooked up with were all educated, mature and respectable girls. But they were on a spring break in Cancun, so they only want to relax and have fun in a place far from home.

Throughout my whole life, I was been in different cities when a High school senior week is, and trust me, there is no easier place to get laid than in Cancun at this time. The only question is if you come at the right time.

How To Get Laid in Cancun

The absolutely best way to get laid in Cancun is to be social and have fun. Very similar to getting laid in New Orleans. If you apply this mindset and you don’t have game skills and you are not good looking, you still have a chance.

Stop thinking about how many girls you are going to pull in your room and have fun. Try to vibe, and meet as many people as you can. Have an open spirit and be communicative. It takes courage to approach and make the first step but it will pay off.

On the other hand, if you are good looking or have game, girls will come your way and you will have success. This doesn’t mean that “have fun” mindset doesn’t apply to you, of course it does. This just means that you will have an advantage over your competition if there is any at all.

Approach girls in Cancun During a day

Girls Dancing On A Stage In Cancun

Daytime is the time you simply want to have an awesome time, talk to everyone, get your dose of sunshine and just make sure you get into Social Beast Mode. Build your momentum from the start. Start by talking with people in your hotel, receptionist, ask hot girls for direction, best places to party etc. This will get you going.

On the beach try to approach as many girls as you can. Forget about the sex and pulling them to your place. Just have a good laugh and practice your social persona. After a few awkward sets, you will be in the social state.

The goal here is to meet as many girls as you can so you can approach them later.

If there are guys in their social circle, befriend them. Plant as many seeds as possible. You should seem like a nice, social, fun and confident man that just wants to have fun and play some volleyball.

Remember, very few girls will hook up with you in front of their friends, especially high school girls. So, for now, try to get their contact and arrange hanging out later. (Check out my guide on getting laid in high school)

As far as where to go during a day, everyone will tell you to head to the Coca Cola Beach pavilion. Do check it out for the sheer craziness of it all. Just imagine thousands of college students shit face drunk at 2 in the afternoon doing keg stands.

I also recommend you take the evening booze cruises. I know the operator even out the male to female ratio. Meet girls there then head to popular places.


The pool game is a different story. Sometimes a girl will give you eye contact in the pool. This is clearly an invitation. Approach her and see where it goes. Sometimes situations like this will lead you to sex in the first 20 minutes so watch for signals.

It also amazes me with how much you can get away with under the water. You can “accidentally” literally grab her for ass. Start slowly, touch her more and more when no one watches, that will bring you two closer.

The girls in the pool were obviously in Cancun on her parent’s dime, parents wanted them to stay safe so they pay extra.


Three Girls Posing In Cancun Nightlife

Bars on the resort will start picking up at around 8 PM. So contact girls you met during a day at around 7 PM, try to arrange something. If you didn’t get any numbers, just go out and you will bump into girls you met.

Now they are in the mood to drink and do crazy stuff. Simply drink with them at the bar (10$ to a server or bartender will get you remarkable service the whole time). Yes, it’s a bit expensive. 40$ for entrance but you can drink as much as you want. This is another reason you want to arrange a meeting somewhere else with the group you met at daytime.

Convince them to go out and see the town. Now, the main skill you need to master with highschool girls is isolation. If you can end up alone with a girl in a room, escalate fiercely without waiting.

The point is to have fun with girls but watch for the perfect opportunity to isolate the hottest girl in the group. Because like I said, it’s hard for a girl to hook up with a stranger in front of her class friends.

If that’s not the case, try to lead the group to your place for “afterparty”. Nearly everyone will party at the bars but afterward is where the real magic happens. It will be up to you to close at that point.

Pro tip: Some of the night clubs have a cheaper option where you can buy a different color wristband that gives you admission only. You can then use the cash bar. The free bar usually had a line, while the cash bar never had a line because most people don’t know that is an option.


My experience revolves around staying at Grand Oasis and the Riu. Both are good places to pull girls.

High school girls from the USA or Canada usually stay in the following hotels:


Oasis Palm,


Gran Caribe,

Oasis Cancun,

Salvia Condos

Some weeks are busier than others, however, the best time I had when I skip the Hotel Zone and went straight to Isla Mujeres. On the north side of the beach is where the good looking Cancun girls are. Logistics here is ideal for getting laid. It’s an awesome place to be.

Have in mind if the motel you stay has back entrance, because most places have a guard that won’t let you in with girls. I was lucky that there was a back entrance no one was watching. But, you can bribe a guy with 20-40$. Also, make sure you talk to him in a friendly matter as soon as you arrive.

US dollars are accepted everywhere, but some places are expensive for exchanging them. Bring pesos from your bank at home or use your credit card.

Stay away from the police and have cash with you for this case. They will charge you if you “piss in public” and demand money.


I’m sure you heard stories about cartels and what not, but I personally didn’t hear that they attacked tourists. Don’t go too crazy in non-tourist places, and you are fine.

Also, don’t drink Mexican water, buy it. I’m sure you already know this.


Cancun is a great place to be. Great beaches, a lot of hot young girls that are seeking adventure and getting laid in Cancun is not hard overall. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

Anyways, if your idea of having fun is a nonstop party surrounded by good looking drunk girls who have no limits of their behavior that week, visit this place.



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