Simple Trick to Increase Your Attraction With Women

woman waiting for you



Let’s say you meet some girl, and there was some chemistry, attraction, you two just clicked. You can feel she is into you and wants to see you again. I hope you know what I’m talking about.

Now you call her on the phone to ask what’s up. Then tell her that you are not that far from her (in a near park or her city, whatever) and that she should come to you when you finish what you are doing. She will protest that it’s too late or something. But let’s say you convince her to come.


She gets a shower, she gets dressed, put some makeup (all this just for you) and go. When she arrive, she will send you a message or call you to ask where you at. Tell her that you are sorry for being late and that you will come soon, in 5 minutes. Now, she is still waiting after those 5 minutes. She contacts you again in 5-10 minutes (or you can call her) and then you say this: “I’m just messing with you, I’m home, we will meet some other day. Go home peacherino(or whatever sweet nickname you gave it to her)”.
girl waiting for you on the rain

You will need to repeat that probably, so just do it. For example: “Yea, I’m just fucking with you, I’m 100km away at this city haha”. She will be a little pissed off and everything, but you just turn it into a joke and end that conversation. I  just laugh at whatever she says, no matter how pissed she is, I would just laugh. The more she swears or start losing a frame, the more I will laugh.


Think for a moment about how shocked she is? For her, it’s like being hit by a big train. No one did this to her in her whole life. (No wonder because this world is full of nice guys.)
And, what do you think, will she come the next time you call her? Most of you think she won’t come because you put yourself in women shoes. But I tested it, and it works. I did this to around 15 girls so far, only 4 of them didn’t come next time. They were 7’s anyway. But guess who was leading the interaction on a date with girls that came to a second date?

This “technique” entertains me and don’t do it if you don’t find it funny. It’s a way to dominate her mentally, but it should also be a joke. What does this girl think when she is walking home? “I can’t believe this jerk did this to me, am I stupid or what?” Or she can just curse and hate you. But either way, she is going to think about you, and the more she does, the easier it will be for you to get her.

This way you:

  1. Establish frame that you are the boss; you are the prize.
  2. She starts to think about you more.
  3. She feels negative emotion, and no beta have ever made her feel this way. Only alphas. As we already said, you want her to feel all kind of emotions, negative and positive. It’s not great if she feels only positive emotions and it’s certainly not good if she feels only negative ones.
  4. You prove to her that you just don’t care, which is always attractive.

After this, if she shows up on a date, reward her for good behavior. Give her a hug or a compliment. And if she doesn’t show up she wasn’t interested anyway.

Of course, I know that you guys are too scared to test this on a hot chick, but ironically it works best on them. Doing it on a girl you are not that into or haven’t built too much of a connection is also fine. But don’t pull this trick on sweethearts that are already into you, there is really no need for that. Keep this trick for bitchy women.

I know you won’t risk it to a girl you care, so there is no need for me to continue talking about on who you should test it. All I am saying that you should give it a try, and see what happens. You will be surprised on how it works. You can also comment here to inform everyone how did it go.


It’s just a simple idea, a simple mindfuck that you raise your attraction with.
If it seems interesting to you, I think you should try it. Thank me later.






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