5 Actionable Tips To Get Laid

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Most young guys simply are not ready for chasing women. It’s necessary for them to develop their personality, to develop an identity so they can be attractive to girls. Men, as years pass by, if they self-improve, become more and more desirable. Women, on the other hand, self-improving or not, almost always gets replaced with new, younger girls, with young skin, nice tits, and a better ass. So, if you think about it, it’s a lot better to invest more time and energy in something that will make you a better version of yourself (and therefore, you’ll be more attractive), than to be obsessed with girls 24/7.

This is a shorter version of my main guide on how to get laid. Actually, these are top actions that you start doing today in order to become more successful with women.

Get laid

I was an approaching machine, and I was thinking only about girls when I was younger. It did bring me pleasure, but if I could turn back time I wouldn’t do that, I would focus on becoming more powerful as a person. And if I really need to get laid, here is what I would do.

  1. I would read a few books on how to increase my stamina during sex, and how to become good at it. “The sex god method” is not bad, “2 girls teach sex” also. Remember, good sex is the best way of getting your girl addicted to you.


  1. I would contact all friends I spend quality time with and go out with them. Find out good places to go out, what is the situation in clubs, bars, college parties, Go out 2 times a week. Think about the night game as going to get some fun. Don’t take seriously what people say or think at night. You are there to play with them and fool around. Everyone is drunk anyway. My advice is to not use alcohol. That’s how you will become more confident in social situations faster.


  1. Read a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and apply things from it every day. That is a simple book about how to be more communicative. Don’t read it once, download audio version and listen to it a few times! There are a lot of books about how to be a better speaker, but you need to know two things first:a) Switch focus on the people you are talking with.
    b) Eye contact.


  1. I would hire some photographer to make nice pictures. People who live from taking photos knows exactly how to make pictures of you looking like a movie star. And of course, edit it in photoshop. Pay as much as you need, because this is a good investment.


  1. Use those photos and make profiles on all dating sites. Including Facebook. Read about the online game.


Like I said, go out 2 times a week. Practice to focus on a girl. The beginning is the hardest part. It’s easy after you develop an abundance mentality. Read my article on how to pick up girls in club


Find some physical activity, at least 3 times a week. It’s important to feel good in your body. If you are skinny, go to the gym. If you are fat, do cardio.

Lift lift lift, you can't hear this enough at The Red Pill





Now, if you want to read game materials, you can, but don’t waste time on that too much. Study PIMP game, the strongest game. When I mastered that game, I never had a problem with girls. PIMP game is all about power, your mind is stronger than her mind is. You are psychologically more dominant than she is.

It all depends on what you want from this, but in the end, it’s not that hard. Especially today when you have this miracle called social media. It’s true that Tinder is becoming harder and harder but there are still other apps that can help you, Cupid, Badoo, match and so on. Online game is cruel, there are some guys that can take so good picture of you that you can get a lot of matches even if you look nerdy. Find guys that know how to make you look like a superstar and you won’t have problems. Or you can do it yourself, which I recommend when you first start. All you need to do is to invest time and energy into your profile, and you will have your own dating machine working for you 24/7.



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