Your MBA is Worthless

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From a young age, all of us have been indoctrinated that education is key to a successful life. And not any kind of education, but the one they are forcing you to learn.

Parents, professors, teachers are scamming you by telling you what you want to hear. “Once you finish school, you will have a great life.” What they forgot to tell you is that you will probably be in debt to the bank for another 30 years when you find a job. An MBA is just a requirement to get a huge debt on your back.

They are also using fear showing you examples of homeless guys and saying: “See this guy, he is homeless because he didn’t play by our rules.” And that is probably BS. A lot of homeless guys are actually educated.

In exchange, you throw your best years on “college experience,” become a “well-educated person”  and after all that, you get a piece of paper that says you are educated.

Sorry to tell you this, but your MBA is worthless.

Yes, if you study at Harvard, Wharton, Chicago, or some other top-notch school where the true asset of your education was the network you gained (and not the MBA itself), then it’s a different story. Other than that, you are just wasting your time.

Old Generations

The generation that graduated back in 1986 would argue with me that their degree (STEM) was worth the time they invested and that it opened doors for the corporate world. And personally, I can’t argue with that. Back in those days, getting your diploma for $4.39 wasn’t a bad idea. It may have given you a positive ROI.

But now, 90% of MBAs have been tricked and scammed. They got scammed into a big bubble called education. A lot of them even got in debt just to finish their education, not thinking that they might probably need another big loan for their house, car, etc. It’s just the way Americans live now, right? The American dream has become a banksters dream. And for how long is this going to work? If you start using your brain, you will understand that a system like this is not sustainable!

Let me explain to you why your MBA is worthless.

Bussines is not something you will be taught in school.

First of all, the only real fields that you can learn in school are IT and Accounting, and they require around three years of study to get to some level of mastery. The rest of them are scamming you, taking your money for teaching you a lot of BS. Remember, you are buying knowledge, not some degree. And all that they are teaching you about Marketing, HR, management or whatever other school indeed have some value. But that value can be summarized in a three-week course with a small 50-page book. Not the 5 years of your youth and $50,000 in cash.

And all of those concepts can be learned over the internet. For free.

You see, what your parents, professors, teachers and career center employees didn’t tell you is that MBA salary data comes from the past. And the past is neither the present nor the future.

Times are changing fast. And with the regular MBA degree, you can’t even get to the $50,000 a year salary. Not to mention the debt you will get yourself into to get that degree. Not to mention the time you will waste and never mind that your job is actually so easy that a 15 year old kid could do it.

Back in the day, only intelligent and rich people went to college because they needed that knowledge to be able to self-develop and find a good job. You didn’t have the internet back then, and if you wanted to learn something, you would go to the library or college.

50 years later, the situation is completely different. Now stupid people rush to get their diploma because they think it will secure them a good job for the rest of their lives. They listened to their parents and teachers who don’t understand the time they live in.

It’s just enough to see the demand and supply. How many people are there with an MBA? How many of those people actually have some real knowledge? Very few.

What is the alternative?

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In those 4-5 years in college, you could get a bunch of certificates and become an IT expert for example. Or you could work your way in Internet Marketing and create a real business. You could even do freelancing and build your name in copywriting, WordPress or any other area.

Or you could just start a blog, write 1000 words a day, promote it on social media, comment on some blogs, ask for a link and call it a day. It takes 4-5 hours a day to do that. And it’s enough to create a great website that will earn you money 24/7. And then you can get a job if you really want to because now you can show them your blog and say “look what I can do.”

And because you were so smart to learn from your mistakes, you can be called an advanced IM consultant and get around $80,000 a year salary.

All that without a debt, knowing a real skill that can earn you money, not some bullshit like English, Philosophy, Art, Sociology or fucking Gender studies!

Then you can invest the money you earned in PPC, Facebook ads or something different. Maybe you learned programming or got a Network Administrator certificate. All of these options would be better for you than an MBA degree.

You have to forgive yourself.

You can’t sit and cry. No one has ever got rich by crying. You need to forgive yourself and your parents. They really can’t know all this stuff; they were born in different times where college actually meant something.

It’s not your fault, you didn’t have much choice to decide. But now you have. You can start your own business right now and four years from now, grow something that you can be proud of.

I always looked at a college degree as something you do to not put shame on your family. So your dad can say “yes, my son finished his MBA” and feel good about himself. So, if you finished your MBA or you are close to it, at least your indoctrinated parents would feel happy.

But please don’t continue down that road. An additional 2 years and $17000 debt will not make your situation better. There are a lot of things you can learn in 2 years, all of that for free.

Instead, you should look at how can you educate yourself for real.

First, you need to find your niche. It can be Marketing, Economics, Finance, Art or anything else.

Second, find a way to make money with. You usually have two options:

  1. Start your own business.

This requires you to be mentally strong, hard working, persistent, patient and brave.

It can be anything from a startup, company, agency or just simply an online blog. If you have any idea about affiliate marketing, you can start your own online business in a niche you know something about.

The main benefits of this are freedom and not having to put up with liberal crap on your work.

  1. Get real certifications for your job

This means to start learning. If you are into the economy, you can find really good courses for your job. But first, you need to know what your job is really going to be. Accounting? Finance? Marketing? You have a bunch of courses and certificates on all that stuff, and then when you apply for a job, you can show it to them and do the tests right.

If you are into IT, there is Udemy academy and many more that offers you knowledge for very little cash.

Today, you can find courses for everything and they are usually better than what you can learn in college because professors lack real experience. They might know the theory behind it but you can’t know how things work exactly unless you actually DO some of the stuff.

Two years of experience working in accounting will teach you a lot more than two years of college. And for those two years working, you can even finish some additional courses over a one month period, show it to your boss, ask for a raise or simply move on to the next company.

Debt and Conclusion

Debt is a serious problem nowadays. When you look at how much the US government is in debt, and how much US citizens are in debt, you know something is not right. Who on earth is going to pay for all those educational loans almost every girl in college has? This is why you need to watch out, girls on college will try to be your girlfriend so you help her out. What is going to happen when the dollar gets weaker and is not used in global trade? Power is shifting to Asia, and while the US is still the No.1 superpower in the world, things are a lot different then they were in the 90s. And it’s only going to get worse. Financial markets are not stable. This means inflation; this means more debt; this means most people will lose their job. And yes, people with an MBA are going to lose their job first, or they will simply not be able to find one with that degree.


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