The Top 8 Unattractive Traits In Men

Women rejects a man with unattractive characteristics


As we already know, all unattractive men have one thing in common, they are all insecure in themselves. There are a lot of types of insecurity and unattractive traits. People tend to stay away from these men, simply because they are a bad influence.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see these unattractive traits in a man. Maybe he is good looking, and at first sight, the girl would think that he must be cool. But after a few minutes, she realizes that beauty isn’t helping him because he is empty. He has no value. Looks matter, but not if your inner game is too weak. Ugly guys need a better inner game, but being ugly can’t be an excuse, that just means you will need to pass a lot more shit tests to get what you want.

What I want to achieve with this post isn’t to categorize people or to make it easier for you to spot them. This post is for you, to look in the mirror and see if you find these unattractive traits that I will mention because if you do, you need to get rid of them ASAP.

That being said, let’s get on it. Top 8 unattractive traits in men are:

1. People without patience


 woman push unattractive man

The most common unattractive characteristic. Seduction is a game. The time that it takes, going out, meeting, winning some psychological battles, that whole dating thing is a kind of foreplay. Impatient people don’t feel like this, they want to fuck a chick without talking to her first. Sure, sometimes you will be in a situation where you can get laid in 5 minutes. But that is a rare thing. Girls want the whole movie, guys want to skip to the sex part. Most of the time, if a woman feels you are in a hurry for sex, she will test you and make you wait. Your reaction will tell her everything.

2. “I already love you” kinda man

Highly sensitive guy

This is a kind of man that gives validation too quickly. He admits everything and says how much he loves her after a few dates. He is literally crazy for her. This guy gives validation too soon, and she doesn’t appreciate it because she didn’t deserve it, she got it for free. This is a red flag for girls, as they don’t want to be with a guy that is insecure and inexperienced. I have seen extreme cases like this where a guy would do anything his girlfriend asked him, he just agreed with whatever she said. They don’t stand for anything.

Don’t be “me too” or “whatever” guy. It’s very important to have your own boundaries. If you are scared to get into a verbal conflict with a girl you are dating, you probably don’t deserve her. From all the unattractive traits, this one is the saddest.

3. Miser

These type of people want to save every cent they can. They would rather eat shitty food than a good one, just to save a few dollars, even if they are rich. But it’s not about money, these people are always in their head, there’s always something wrong with them. They don’t like the place, they don’t like the food, they don’t like this or that. They just can’t relax and let go and they are typically closed as persons; can’t open to other people, always suspicious about something.

I am not saying that you should buy every girl a drink or dinner. I’m just saying to relax a bit if you recognize yourself as a miser. Don’t pay for everyone, don’t be naïve. Just enjoy and don’t think too much about money when you are having fun.

4. The highly sensitive man

A lot of times I read on forum threads about people that are just too sensitive. And I am not talking about crying and asking for help. I talk about people with a fragile ego. You say some personal joke about him and he gets all serious. That is a bad sign. Those guys will bitch and complain about their lives too much. Learn to take a joke. Smile, joke back. If you are too sensitive, know that it is a sign of a weak ego and get over it. I find this to be the most often of all unattractive traits.

5. Moralist

We all know them. Even if religion is saying that you shouldn’t judge others, that’s all they do. There is no place for that in this game. When I wrote that post “I Love Women, Do You” I wasn’t talking only about guys that hate women, but also men that use moral to feel above you or to get you to feel less worthy. You, me or anyone else doesn’t have the right to say this is bad because god (or whoever) says so. No woman wants to hear how she is sinful because she gave a blowjob to some dude and likes to get fucked. If a girl senses that you are slut-shaming her, good luck putting her in a bed.

If you want to have a lot of girls, there is no place for this. Choose one side, moral or pussy. People that are real Christians would never judge anyone because there is one rule above all others in this religion and that is to love everyone because we are all sons of one father. If you are a Moralist, try to be open-minded at least when it comes to girls.

6. Vulgar man

Guys that are very vulgar have two bonus unattractive traits in common that are very anti-seductive. First one is that they love to talk around. They love to brag. Those guys would tell the whole world when they got laid. Remember, women will do anything with you, all kinds of dirty things, only if you are discrete. You can fuck best friends of your girlfriend, cousins, colleagues, only if they aren’t afraid for their reputation.

The second thing about someone that’s vulgar is that he doesn’t have a feeling for small things. In seduction, small things are important. Things like a smile, eye contact, body language. It’s not only about what you will say and this man doesn’t know that. Silent attraction, that is the key. Learn to control your tongue, learn to control what you say when you are around girls, pay attention to details. I will reveal a little trick to you. Next time when you are at the date, try to sound like no one should know about it. Like it’s your little secret. They will feel safer with you, knowing that no one is going to shame her for things that she will do with you.

7. People that are too much in their head and too much reserved

quote by Robert Montgomery

When I meet someone like this, I can’t help but notice how defensive they are, and that they only think about themselves. These guys are mostly very selfish. Their sickness is that they can’t get out of their head, because their focus is always on them, instead of focusing on what is happening around them. They non-stop worry about things. Spend some time with them and you are in the same shoes with them. You start to worry too because their sickness has passed on to you.

People that are too much in their head only think about themselves, how they look, how they talk. When you talk about something, their response usually starts with “I”. They see everything through them. This mindset kills attraction very fast as when you are in your head, your “success rate” with a girl drops. If this sounds familiar, change it.

8. Perfectionists

Do you have a friend that when he met some chick at first he is okay with her? But soon, these perfectionists tend to find only what is wrong with that girl. And not only with girls, but they also do it with everyone. Their explanation is that they are looking for an ideal girl for them and that’s why they are so picky. But the truth is, these people won’t find an ideal girl because she doesn’t exist. I am not saying you should be with every girl you meet but if you get laid once a year and the remaining 350 days you are ‘choosing’, then the problem isn’t in them, it’s in you. These guys are scared to let anyone meet them because they don’t like themselves.

This is similar to that phrase people call “social robots” where they will be with a girl half an hour and then come back because there is something they don’t like about her. It’s always something. And like I said, they won’t find an ideal girl, because there is no ideal girl for them. They actually remind me of a dog that is running for a car. The dog sees a car, he runs for it, catches it, keeps looking and soon he starts to run for another one. The dog doesn’t know what he wants, he is lost.


Those are the eight unattractive traits that are so unattractive it’s almost sad to watch. It was even hard for me to write all this. So, if you recognize any of those in you, start doing something about it. Find what’s wrong and change it. It’s not going to be easy, but no one told you self-development is easy. Kill those unattractive traits if you want to be the best version of yourself. If you do that in the right way, you will see how much better you become, how much better you will feel and how it’s easier for you to seduce women. Because attraction is not a choice.

Good luck.


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